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The statue stood on the opposite side of the river from until , when the Communists ordered it to be taken down. The side entrance has a loggia that reflects the design of the main entrance. For informa- tion call The Inspired Table at Coach Herb is looking forward to an exciting Summer of baseball coaching with East Coast Baseball 18u, an elite travel baseball organization that specializes in college placement. Hypnotherapy is supported on the philosophy, that spell states can be conscientious and utilized to bring out about up modify.

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She was martyred around the age of Over 1, years following her martyrdom, St. Joan of Arc identified Catherine as one of the Saints who appeared to her and counselled her. The Orthodox Church venerates her as a Great Martyr, and celebrates her feast day on 24 or 25 November depending on the local tradition. In the Catholic Church removed her feast day from the General Roman Calendar;[4] however, she continued to be commemorated in the Roman Martyrology on 25 November.

This product is high quality, exquisite workmanship beautiful, clean, easy to carry, is a good decorations and gifts. Robert Campbell tang, aged 7h.

Vernon, where sha re- 1 tided for 30 years. Servian will be held in St. Mark's Church, flrileskina Hoad, on Friday. Canon R Willis ofllriallng. Funeral Directors, In charge ol arrange men's. Now that sorrows cup' drained. And Tune's had time to salve our woe: Memory, paints with Joy that lingers, Scenes from the past, that we loved so.

She leaves three daughters. Miss Agnes Craig, Sldnev. James Hubertaun officiating, lnierment lr. Saak She leaves her mece. E 'Ertoa' Graham of Victoria and her ni-pbew. Johnacet nd Vancouver Sts. I Flowers graiefully de- lined. Though only a youth to the prime to his teens, Be succumbed to this Ufs to his beauty, Uke a half-opened rnoehud with life Just begun.

With a seemingly unfulfilled duty Douglas passed from I hi a land To the fsrswny strand Far hsa Maker had called him away. Though missed -by friends and Paul, his brother. Also rather and mother. Apply National ermi carpentry Knud Thomsen, ph. Uamagea, Engagements, to Me men am Nonces. She leaves her oxugh- ler, Mrs. Peel nf Victoria; her son. Roberta Skye Peel, cue brother. Edward Hughes of Vancouver; two sisters. Miss Gladys of Ham- Biun. Survived by one daughter Mm. C -eve asi George nt Station.

Sask one granddaughter and two grandaons. The late Mr Otrkana was born to Scotland and coma to Winnipeg. He waa Waiting hti son al the time to tm death Mr. In Mamoriam Nut leas. Card' to Thanks not accepted by gri ndxon and nephew.

Llouglaj Oman, who iiaased away Nov. Effie Zapranlt and aunt. Saak Hr it survived by hts loving wife Doris, two daugfilrra, Mrs. November 3Ut at 11 a m. Emerson of Harding, Man. Will Young dl Stratford, tint. Victoria nrJI I a m. Primary, possible Grade J. McCkll t rai Nov. Ads al home, hla asna. Victoria, and Ken- ; nelh P. Terrace; hil i daughlers Mrs. Perry served with ihe P P C L.

Imre wans J 'em. Michael and James all to Victoria, three da ug Ik an. In'mnetit al than Hay Cemetery. Mrs Annie Lillian 1: Gmrgia and Burrapd Sti. Wrila full de- iai! San Francuoa, Lot Apgrlea. K B C net Nox-emher 9. England jf and a restdml of Victoria fnr four gs years: In Winnipeg ur over 40 years.

Wanted la rturrvris a amed in Huy Hmaee I Mortuary Limited OC8. Hold Motel Management Cer plianca conDadiufu. Shove la, drag linea. Lane, to tola on. C Civil Service Commission. SaUsfaction —- —- —- guaranteed. IWnv mltoake when you call TVimmy Pr ','i? Firatudrto triri supertntendeeu to Schntoi.

IMlrlck i yoars, nf Sooke Rd.. Herbert In Meal tie unri p ' m rh. T1 and Vanrouser S's nn Salurdav - si Nnv 73 at 4 to pm. Mr tienrv filial A. Muainana and Ocehaatraa K otrto. Teaching err iN'rteni'rd furnliuie and cams-ra rwiuired. Reply Victoria rtasufleur - unganicn to older or Press, Box NLN'G tong prras, Box , now filled.

Sjiedal admission during clearance 75c Including tour and tea. Civil StoVic wxric rosk wall. Glen ml gs Cislrao: Diane 1 — 1 ' LIS Stephen.

L iJ IJkLw 'ex! Apply Paul's Crown Reetaurani. I Apply Bca-on Drive mn. Lad ad al ike euy of Vic-! Na ahfacllaa 1 or 3 email children. Cnrnpaalnmhlp tnetnaiody U naked. P Pabrhee Teteecopa Sldeahow J. Helene Butternut Sqaara News Ul: Patches Mnment of Truth J P.

Wild West Ed Allen Mr. Weekdays and Saturday Open from 8 a. Fllntatona Petticoat Junction Smothare Brother. Tbla apaclal atoo avmitable al aur Kaatiog Store.

Building Supplies uactra at KeynUil. H 2 pee Chenerfield Suite. Raraemher our Bay Atrvwt warn hnuar la open weekday. Big load , all band-anllt 31 rorda. X unite M E. Guaranteed no aawduat or bin of bark 12 ".

V Sanded good quality plywood. Trade to your -- for maximum allowance Fietotior Bite.. Scott Piano Service, X IAJ with uurchooi option. In your own bom from I. Stereo Slahd and L P. Cement in anv quan- tiuea Open Saturteit fall 1: S17B i Opp B. Seen any tvenuig after , 17 p. U tip — IMO. V 8 , auto- O O matic.

O lO power brakes, radio. O IO bucket seats, etc. Tar brass, copper, aluminum, bat alio black and grey kittens La terlaa and radiators at Star Oil adult homo. Can be seen at Kurt's Manna at Maple Bay.

Late model Gurney wood milled and palnlad. EV and coal annex heater. Genuine veneer of satin 3 walnut. Two 17' and four IS'' U speakers. May be purchased as Q Jow aa no down payment. Complete 1 year free U aervliw poUey. Regular KSfl, Boor Q model to clear. Q t Released by the Bell Syndicate Inc. X X like new. Apartment X X range. English made, heal offer. O and calf, just? O ITh h h h h h 2 Attractive new paint. Book shelves, 50; Cories and end Ublra. Spree X admiral 6 S m.

New paint, O ,es S O A-l mechanically. O tom radio, attractive O a tic. T A T Variety. T UI fabrics, eeceaieniaii to me. E Cook Street Offers a beautiful display of period pieces. Guided tours daily ]0 a. Final clearance of authentic oil paintings by weki-known Dutch Guild. J; 1 white dreu.

Phone 47b J or 47b V8, uag aTUt to red. GR 6, EV J LL ,Jl E! EV aft er 5 p. Ol Fort a rite and prtne to flt YOU. Nice dutl-pur- poae unit. Ideal for the hunter. Very nice family car. V White with red in- V tenor.. V V Low mileage. Two- V V tone Brown. Low V V mileage. Grey with red V V Interior. Low mile- V V age. Big 6, V V automatic. Big motor, V V 4-speed box. Convert- V V Ible. P British Racing P: Buy this pres- P tige automobile for P only. P P As new.

Fbr Your Best Car Buy! A V really nice car. V8, itandard V V trans. V8, automatic, power steering. V8, P radio, power steer- P ing.

Balance factory P warranty. V8, radio, head- P rests, Pullmanized. Automatic, radio, power steering, power brakes. A classic car for the enthunast. Written Warranty I Best Terms! No Payments 'til Dec. Good for pulling a trailer. Very low mUe- ""y. Automatic, radio, pdwer steering, power brakes Cordovan Brown. P P 1 owner. A-l P P condition. Oppoalte the Memorial Arana! I7 , ard transmission. I EV Vain cor. M M 4-ipeed Iran. Md Miller Jet Dtark. WIU pami to eurt C acliaaer.

Preailge wim dleoel ecunumy GR Ground Daut ofllca approx. NORTH looking for trouble? If you don't look 1F. Heat and hot water lad. LR with Ckl HW beat. Available now Bruwn Boa.

Quaein on bua line. Wlm you need money, tlmra are many sound reaacato wtiy yoo atmuid talk ta: Elec, range Avail, now. Oil range, coal-; wood hot-walar beating Avail now.

Auto oil fcaaL Avail. Secluded, modern JBR hunc Atfo oil heat. Sduol bua at from diior Available now. All wllb IM hatha From to per monih. Rental enquiries from 9 a.

B3 Dmig- By apptontmua only. Large bedroom, living roam. Walking dutmnce to town and ahoppLig. Le undry fad I It lei. Nawiy decorated, w w carpet Dec. Wood furnace Brown Brne. EV mil after 3 P. Ivg ;W Are you looking tor a modern bach isle. Ml per mo unfurn or fvM per mo.

Aim venulalion fans' in kitchen snJ oaUiruum. S on a killing ground. SDerlous ' deluxe S-lied- room suite with diathle olumbins. KV ' the closest apartment to By living. It expenses to and from town.

Coma in and see. Avaflahle De Adults treferred. U arti— laundry faellHIci. No bidden char roe brortiurae and Informal write or telephone: Renta from MS Share halhroom Men preferred. Realty Limited Victoria, H.

Irnanls more value ami more living 3x Beacon Hill Park, large 1-bedcxim auiie, Tuu ft. Cl-ae to senuil and rtore aupplled. Pb E t a. Hill, all-year pok sauna and aa The rant I10o per nvxsto AaallsWe preseo bar. Rent par month. EV after 4 p. Do oil a a. Euher for, 1 HMC B. Donald Smith Maurice Smith R. Inut irwa and V lk ,.

Thu M truly a very m and ,ou ihould aee'ibe r. M mod buy af na. Phene for lnfordatlon on thu exclUMie lilting. Araxtic IF living rm. High tocallcci amongst mahogany panelling. Plenty of storage area, cup- [raster, teing. High tormtlcei amongst I mahogany panelling.

FuB heap men 3 Bed Mrs. To does an ealate. ALOW down lj , vatoroom. Fully in- handy to everything. U 0 t credt; GOOD? Cabinet kilchen; 12 u 0 aqigre feet of plaesurr. High earner lot replace in ine spour.. Hllla find your home lnmrerow. Mec lulrrien wilh tile fioor.

Large living nxxn wftn Human His FP. Economical heavy oil hoi- waler healing. A 3-bedroom home that has been very well remodelled. New kitchen couriers new plumb- inf and haihmim fixtures. Vamnt fur ouldi posses slon. Only 5 years old. ROOM Living room with wall-towali carpet. SB A vary allroctiv.

You will sere-', it living room and during room. Situated on higher ground, among. Ideal foe family lit 5 sq. In absolutely limn V. GR ,, rirswnvi recreation room in a writ developed the main floor. Sun deck, new furnace, wiring, half block to sea. Good terms 2 lirre b. Please ask for Mr. EV , EV Short room when necessary.

There It Llv, rm. For full details Ojll S 'Orrjck or R. U l wns SKSaafi 2 bedim. UOO cases Antique furnished dining room. Wired tor washer and dryer. Tastefully , '" 1 bev. Extra washroom In Ihe basement. Whyle EV anytime. Lovely cabinet elec- ind unulu. EV 3 w1lh or without basement. Two lias well landscaped. Move tola this comfortable tide- firing room. Convenient I ora- with Fireplace. Ideal lor small EV tide hat own package oil furnace.

Pricaj -r—— NHA approved coos! To view, phnne NHA mnrlgafe. In Nn work bis tn h. SH-anl cr 3X Homes l Hotels and Motela 3. Oil hot water heating. This homa haa been well maintained. National Trust Company Iti. KV nr Res. X- Ulle and ran be i. Mlint muU down payment and a low monthij Cellent location. For an Bargain all 1.

Colony H' me Sales. EV , for i n format ion! Clear title or terms. Will exchahge lor a White stucco bungalow. Good first mortgage al Keqalrra Sivertien at City Brokerage Ltd. Slverliea at City Brokerage Ud. Make a low down Fairfield. Full details A 7T Cleave, payment until Jan. Beautifully bright Abel5 livmg room. A sea view from tha 12 x 12 dining room whirti opens unto a shellered son- deck overlooking the secluded garden. Only 84 Call Audrey Graham. Cell Mr Hutttow to view Ilni proper!

Mil llgmr Sm-S5M or G. Living man bae imutowi tl rep kn r e with ivuehed. Ota , Goad lerma. JDxln' living room with flre- plara. No itepa to F. Ctoae to Oak Bay High and Wlllnw. Den wllb flrepiacw or 4th kilrnato. Fug baaement OOM heat. Large family kitchen, four oednoai! Set on nicely landtctped lot with 3-car lenamte garage and hxdmlntnn coart. Could be 5 bedroomx. Ihewn haa living room with flra- pinie; large kitchen, wired. Up haj two bedroom: Ntae toe Mittor 3 Bednasti — le pay the veara old.

AS rnaana torgw than avataga. Ihli could vary aevR a rrvenae properly. TrangportaUcn at tba door. Spar lotto during area to a large, bright xllrheei Two bedroonto no the main floor and 2 extra bed Really dlflforent. An emH doidrie parage TerrtBc buy. Lk with fexiure fire- tone, altoto hearth. I paiwramlr view, amait elee. UtWty arranged foe Wuher and Dryer. Excellent healing Unit, iterant Asking Please call Mr.

EV VMM or any of ,our repmevtoflvea. Twa gut a ami bad e aa ena. Looking out your back win- ow. It U only U roars old and haa a large L-ahaped living-OLmng roan, cabinet, electric kitchen, two spa clous bedrooms, a separate gataae wtth atuebad tool abed. The tro i to are la beairilfui condHlon.

TWa emild be the oppurtunity you are searching for. Atoo a spachom a—dack. N, furnace, new hot wi: Completely rooovaled kliihru wlih new cahlnrta sink, lighting and oew flmx. On the right track for high-speed logistics.

Flexible cable clamp reduces component diversity in rail vehicles. Roberto Piaia in Marmomac Verona Fair. Hedges of the U. New Royal Decree for drinking water in Spain. Colors and surfaces from another star. Former hedge fund manager Gad Grieve torpedoed by rogue investor. Put the Freeze on Fat. A Comparison of fall, rent trends between 2 cities in Colorado and St.

Show your passion and support. Accur8 Announces Data Warehouse as a Service. Small scale as well as large scale. Professional ski instructor from Park City goes to the highest mountain in Utah and tells of his adventure of backpacking Kings Peak.

Innovative precision tools and systems for productive turning and milling machining at the AMB. Magnifi Brands, a leading Digital Marketing Agency, is offering Amazon Graphic Design Services to business owners that want better visual representation for the business. Service First Permits, a leading permit management and expediting company offering permit management solutions in Colorado and California.

Buying A House In Marbella: Canada Cobalt Announces U. Connecting more people with more content. Innovative precision tools and systems for productive turning and milling machining at AMB. Parking made painless as Passport launches in the UK. Openet launches free data intelligence platform to accelerate delivery of insights.

MobiCom simplifies contracts in Mongolia with fingerprint authentication. Augmented Reality Tour shows off latest trailer technology. Guyana Goldstrike Reports Initial Assays of 0. Protecting originals made easy.

Arturo Di Mascio Consulente finanziario. Computer Assisted Coding Market: Aurania announces intention to extend warrants. Oracle changes business model for Java SE. Innovations for the future: Schneider Electric announces the 10 teams of finalists for Go Green in the City Tractebel strengthens its position in offshore wind engineering with the acquisition of Overdick.

Allround solution for sealing leaks. Hygienic design for plant engineers in Europe and North America. CEE Group adds Knorr-Bremse wins multiple commercial vehicle industry awards. Zadar confirms QSP alteration on E. Industrial E-marking Switches for vehicle applications. Current BIM trends that are important for component manufacturers. Medical aesthetics market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of Suprema to demonstrate biometric access at Adria Security Summit in Slovenia.

Fast on the move. Pasinex makes new zinc sulphide discovery at the Spur Project in Nevada and verifies high grade zinc oxides: Surge of electronic signature in the travel industry. Revival Gold Intersects 1.

Versatile Coating Stripper for Optical Fibers. Reports Channel Sampling Returns 2. New vegan restaurant guide app launches in France. Digitisation of regional trains: PSE Europe focusses on polyurethane, a highly versatile material. Carlsberg launches Snap Pack in Great Britain. ODS launches commercial drone services in Oxford. Greater protection against needle stick injuries.

Innovative mass finishing process increases the efficiency of turbines. MGX Minerals Announces 6. Secucloud participates in trade congress on IT and cybersecurity for the state and public administration. Automated integration of touch sensors by Functional Foil Bonding. CIM Digital Summit tackles the key issues facing marketers today. Power Metals Assays 6. Top Southern California law firm unveils new website to highlight Barstow office and inform those who are cited for traffic violations in Barstow.

Auto Offers Exemplary Service. A majority of recipients of health insurance in Corpus Christi would like the Affordable Care Act to maintain health care provisions. New in the Elparts range: The NRGkick for every electric vehicle. On a successful course without ballast: Airbus in Germany chooses Sentinel 3 RF over fibre system.

EUserv Internet expands its portfolio of services with plan "Domain Parking". Invercote and Incada - when paperboard pros get to choose. A new approach to service. Mace Yampolsky, a criminal law expert, has authored a chapter in Representing People with Mental Disabilities: A now indispensable driver of their lead generation efforts, Interstate Plastics has experie. Insight Venture Partners Invests in Episerver.

Impol Group Slovenia awards final acceptan. Power Plant Simulators Market examined in new market research report. Application-friendly renovation render with expanded glass. Recognising the trend at an early stage.

The right solution for each application. Robots ask for having a seed and dinner is served. Microbiology and chemistry for your cosmetics. Putting Laser Optics to the Test. The lighter way to enjoy life - with a stand. Further development for high-availability electrical supply systems. Knorr-Bremse AG continues profitable growth in the first half of Asian food fanatics looking for the latest information on Fusion dishes.

Natural Power to co-host Quo Vadis.

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