Sit and Go Bankroll Management

That Jennifear is so Hot right now! Add pikappraider78 to Rail Reply Quote 3. BRM — the Conservative Strategy Benefits it reduces the likelihood of having to move down a limit downswings hit less hard because they affect only a small fraction of the bankroll. This will probably go down as the greatest br management advice post ever. Style of play and variance. This can be slow, and there is no guarantee you will be able to beat the next level when you do get there. Strategy Basic Bankroll Management.

So what limits should I be playing at?

Your Sit n Go Bankroll — A Starting Point

You need to have enough buy-ins to ensure that you do not go broke due to the natural swings variance of the game. The question is then - what are the swings that a SNG player can expect?

This will depend on the buy-in level at which you play and your profitability. That is not to say everyone will experience this - the nature of an average means that some people will see less variance while others will see more. To many new players, particularly those who start off on a decent run of results, a 20 buy-in downswing can feel hard to believe. Statistics from millions of games, and analysis of the very best players show that this is actually extremely common.

There is no need to be too down about this idea - remember you will experience the good side of variance too! So how can you protect against these swings of fortune?

The answer is to ensure you have a big enough bankroll to withstand them. Most Pro SNG players recommend that the minimum requirement is 50 buy-ins for the level at which you play. Another key to poker bankroll management is your ability to replenish your bankroll should you go broke.

For some people, particularly those who play the occasional game for leisure purposes, this is not an issue - they can simply set aside a portion of their disposable income to cover this. For those people who rely on poker income for example to see themselves through college then it is important to maintain good discipline with your bankroll. It seems obvious that your profits and so bankroll will get a big boost from finding the softest games.

In my experience, players get 'sticky', and end up playing at sites which are full of profitable regulars. If you do one thing for your bankroll this year, spend some time finding the softest, easiest to beat games. For US players, this is a no-brainer, Bovada - with their recreational player policy - are bigger and softer than any other site.

If you are outside of the US, you'll find a lot of sites infested with Eastern Euro nits. Add pikappraider78 to Rail Reply Quote 3. Why aren't threads like this made a sticky? Add Iplaythabored to Rail Reply Quote 5. Originally Posted by Iplaythabored im a little confused about the cashout strategy Originally Posted by pikappraider78 wow this is really good. FouTight international super spy. Originally Posted by DntCaltACmBk So the built in motivator in this system would be that I would force myself to put in more volume so that my daily cashout could be bigger?

Add bdubs to Rail Reply Quote Add pikappraider78 to Rail Reply Quote You can still exercise good bankroll management by playing low limit cash games, and playing a tight style.

Originally Posted by pikappraider78 is there any way you can make it a higher in regards to stakes for mtts. Add Zags to Rail Reply Quote Add fly44 to Rail Reply Quote Originally Posted by fly44 This is pretty genius for people who can follow it. That Jennifear is so Hot right now!

Keep up the good work, Jen. This is a great contribution. Add drobertson to Rail Reply Quote I got a few PMs asking me to explain how I would apply this strategy to cash games. So, without further ado: For the bankroll management part: For the cashout part: Add melbournejoe to Rail Reply Quote Originally Posted by blingATL. Add sobizzle21 to Rail Reply Quote Originally Posted by DoubleS00ted This will probably go down as the greatest br management advice post ever.

Add Nuggett to Rail Reply Quote My wife spent my last cashout on clothes so she'll be delighted to see this. Add thearthurdog to Rail Reply Quote You could be crushing the mid-stakes while your friends are still grinding it out at the micros! Several factors influence whether you stick strictly to bankroll management guidelines — or whether you can be a little more flexible on this.

If you are a recreational player who can easily reload your account with more funs if it all goes wrong, then you should relax with these guidelines a little. Your playing style will make a big difference. At the extremes, tight and conservative players will not have the big wins too often, though will not see such swings in their bankroll either.

If you are loose and aggressive then your win-rates should be higher, though your swings will be bigger — meaning you need to be stricter with bankroll management. The added pressure of needing to make regular cash-outs will benefit from a little more protection from variance. Finally, you really need to be focused on finding the softest games if you are really going to make poker pay.

Check out the Fish-o-Meter widget up-to-date advice on the softest sites around. Poker Loyalty Schemes Comparison Widget - Input your games and hours played and see the rewards of the 6 biggest international sites side-by-side you'll be surprised!! Instead, focus on bonuses and promotions while you build your skills.

Basic rules for Bankroll management