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Optimizing Your Site for Google Image Search

Roulettes Chaise - Lot de 5 - Dimensions du colis: Bande de roulement en PU polyurethane tres resistante a l'abrasion et non lubrifiante Ces rouleaux ont une surface en TPE souple et sont donc appropries pour une utilisation sur des sols sensibles, par ex.

Parquet, stratifie, marbre, sols en pierre. Ce rouleau a un frein au sujet de la charge. Assise extra-large x mm en mousse PU noire pour un excellent confort d'assise. En standard, roulettes pour moquettes. Dimensions L x H x P: This will help you a hell of a lot. Your next port of call is the ALT tag which is in your image source tag. This is alternative text for blind people to have the image read to them by the browser, among other things.

What would blind people want to know about the image? What do you want to help blind people to visualise? Help Google to help blind people and you have done your job. They are good folks who work up there in Google spider heaven.

Using an image name relevant to the page makes a big difference. Words in image names should be separated by dashes just like in other URI elements eg running-shoes. I would actually avoid using underscores as in the balloon example above. Awesome tips about optimizing images; simple yet effective. I never realised about the pixel sizes etc needed to be in that format.

Yes Google images traffic might not be the greatest but is some traffic. The question is how to get ranked with your images. Hi i read the article and was wondering how power the traffic from google images have. I was also wondering how i can improve my website with what you have written. Any help will ba appreciated. I never really cared to look into it but google images actually can bring in some traffic. After reading this I went into my logs and checked how many visits I had from google images alone.

Not much I know, but I can probably tweak sites more to take full advantage of this. I tried to optimize recently without knowing about this article. I added a relevant Alt and Title the same one for both , but I may have a problem: Experience tells that Google indexes the final image, but is this the best way? Thanks for the tips. I never thought about using google images to bring more traffic to my website.

I noticed that I had last month 20 unique visitors from image search. I will try to implement this and see how many more it will bring me.

This might be somewhat off-topic, but any tips for how to make images on photo hosting sites like Picasa show up in a Google image search? Nor do I usually put height and width unless the image is the wrong size. Does the placement of the info inside the img element matter? What I mean is if I have img, alt, src, width, height, title or img, src, alt, title, width, height.

Does it make a difference? Thanks, I found this helpful. Angela, placement of the attributes does not matter.

I also beilieve that alt tags are vitally important ranking factor, especially since robots can see images and only the tags. And although it is not an essential ranking factor it is often overlooked which means if you do optimize your images it gives you a good chance of more traffic because this terrain is less competitive. Thanks again for the post!

Chris you never cease to amaze me. You have inspired me to write articles everyday for my webiste! These are really helpful tips i can put to use right away.

By the way, love the graph, nice touch. Does this convert well for businesses that are selling stuff? Interesting little read this. Although im not sure of the conversation potential of visitors coming via image search, there traffic itself serves to improve things and you never know who is going to convert really do you…. Is the traffic that effective? Great tips on using image search. Hopefully I can save someone else from searching for that option. Should be basic info for a web designer.

I have blog with image as article, is that affect to the seo performance, such as indexing by search engine better that text article? I fail to understand how image searches contribute to that much of your total search referrals? We both you and me are not in an industry type where the Universal search would mix images alongside the web results. Does anyone here understand the purpose of ALT tags? Only reason Google loves them is because it has to.

If you make ethical use of this knowledge, you will find yourself rich in the accessibility aspect. If you name your files intelligently the words picture, image, etc, are implied by the file extension jpg,png,gif,etc this will help you to provide Google with more surety that your images have not been generated robotically.

Basically, my advice, is to prove to Google as far as possible that you are human, and that you are not keyword dumping. And yes, Google does not like underscores, for one main reason. A dash is easier because it is human and does not affect your coding, and does not require you to push the shift key two keys at once for underscore. Dashes are easy for humans, so dashes help to prove you are lazy flesh and blood. And… the million dollar question… does everybody search the way you do?

Pretty strange folks out there mate, and they have money too. Another tip I can offer is to rename your image to keywords you want to target; that might also make a diference. When you go to google and put in a search term, some shops come up with an image of the product right in the search result to the left of the link to their page with that product. How do they achieve that? Atleast this is what I get with my sites. So simple to use but so underestimated and under utilised! And in started my blog on tumblr 3 weeks or so ago.

I have till now relied on google on all the help in coding. I have no knowledge or experience on HTMl. When you digg things too you should include an image. What a great article. Cant wait to start implementing this. Hi Chris, I am in real estate in Jupiter, Florida selling waterfront and golf homes for a local neighborhood and have been trying really hard to block people from taking photos from my website.

What they are doing is just linking to my web page photos. It is really slowing down my website. It seems to be getting worse. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I do a wedding invitation business and it work great for them as people are always looking for example of invitations to make there own, when some people see them they decided they want them so it drives quite a few order each month through to them just for the likes of butterfly wedding invitation.

I know what you say is true about google image search providing traffic, but there is one problem that I am having and that is people are stealing my images or hotlinking to my images to use on there website, which eats up my bandwidth.

It is a huge issue that needs to be addressed somehow. I have tried different tactics using htaccess file, but they always find another way of stealing my images. I put this in the description box for the picture in media library.

Cam, this is solely dependent upon the filename that you upload. For example, you might upload a file named yellow-balloon. Hmmm I could of sworn that I listed the acual example of what I put in the Description box for the image so that you could see it when you replied back to me….. I have always labeled my images Chris I am just trying to get what you were saying with the alt text and all and where that was actually applied in wordpress media library or if this was something that needed to be done through HTML editor when creating and structuring a post or page.

This will populate the alt tags and help search engines understand more about your images. Thank you for the reply brother! I am a little late getting back with you to say thanks but I have been super busy doing SEO and getting a site built with Thesis finally: I have been informed numerous times that images need to be named something like photo-cityscapes-prague-astronomical-tower-hdr Hi, I am not very technically savvy.

I am 67 year old grandmother and I took a couple of photos of my frog pond. I did the alt alt thing and lo and behold there it is on google images a few days later. Thank you for the tips. I ran across your article and want to SEO a photo on my site.

It looks like this. Hey guys, I came across this post while looking for information on optimizing for Google Images. I run a stock image site for people who make textures for 3D modeling and game development. What I am trying to figure out, is if there is a way to direct the Google Image search results to my site pages rather than linked directly to the hi-res source image? Any tricks or tips would be most appreciated. In addition, the blog loads super quick for me on Firefox.

I recently started my blog on which I posted one of my original artworks…a portrait of American Idol, Phillip Phillips. It popped up on Google Images a few days later, right up there on the first line. Great info, and a popular item by the looks of everyone above. Thank you very, very much for confirming these golden rules! Let me try this, cool info Chris. Google has posted more than a hundred of my photos in Google Images. An image has been placed by an unknown recently that has questionable and even dangerous content.

How can I go about asking Google to remove it. Your help would be very much appreciated. Thats a really nice article.. That means in the same static Page the images will appear in lightbox.. Now is there any ranking drop for using Lightbox? Your help will be much appreciated. Works great when someone uses a smartphone to view a post or page.

Thanks for the post im sure its given many a better under standing of google images and the complexities! May I know how you can set preferences for the number of results for Google images. If I want only 10 images or 20 images to be displayed and not more. How do i do it? One more question please, if now i know where and how do i place them, do i need to do this manually for each and every image on my website?! I am not a developer but somehow i do things by my own.

One question, do you think caption and description are not so important or even not affected at all on how google indexing pictures?

You can always convert images with Photoshop into PNG-8 at 64 or , and if image still looks good you can have a nicely compressed image with transparency. PNG will have times large file size in comparison. I need some help though. I tried out your method and it did help me out a lot. Had to share my opinion. Highly apriciated for sharing this method. This is super great advice!! I am living testimony to its validity because my image was uploaded by an employer following similar optimizing tips and landed my pic as the first image to show up when Google searching my name.

I have a VERY common name. Now, you are obviously very knowledgeable in optimizing an image. So, can you now please help me reverse it? Without having to confront my boss and lose my job? But, for this very reason, I also need no conflict at work. I have the same question as the previous guy. What is a way to get Google to remove a link on the image search page that is a picture of my daughter.

This is very important. The site will not remove it. Learn about website optimization, conversion-focused design, and typography with the Pearsonified newsletter. My name is Chris Pearson. I talk big, and I think bigger. I created Thesis , a ridiculously smart upgrade for the WordPress template system, and founded a company called DIYthemes to sell it. I love being on stage and giving presentations on how to build better websites. I use math—not whimsy—to inform my designs. Check out my Golden Ratio Typography Calculator to learn more!

Home Archives Themes About Pearsonified. The Wild, Wild West! Five month snapshot of Image Searches vs. Total Searches on Pearsonified. Take the Next Step! Share this on Twitter: Tweet Share this on Facebook: Great post, Chris, and a good reminder that valid code is itself part of SEO. Good post but I would always recommend using yellow-hot-air-balloon. I think the underscore provides a clearer distinction, so I prefer to go with that.

Chris P, I have did an experiment with this. Are you laying the guilt groundwork again Pearson? Well I guess you could go play Madden instead…. But does it convert well? I had lots of images already in my blog, but now i added the alt attribute. Always use dashes between words. Keep on Rocking my Brother! How about treating your visitors with a little more respect?

Like, thanks buddy ;-. Google looks at several things when indexing images, including: Now you can go and steal all my Google image traffic. The fact that the earth is flat is common knowledge. That said, you revealed precisely why I was angered by your comment: I admit I intentionally left a slightly abrasive comment to stir up a little drama This is not a snarky blog by any means.

Maybe your dogs may be more important to site traffic than you think… John. Thank you for clarifications Chris. What is amazing is that I did it on a second blog very easily… I will try again… next week. This may be a little off topic but I have a question: Ah, codeland — the only place where adults argue over underscores and hypens.

Another great article, thx! Hi Chris, I wanted to drop a line and give you a heads up. Some friendly but blunt advice, Heather Frunt. So are you actively trying to rank for certain images?

So, back to the subject of images and such… I have a personal blog at http: Anyway, my two cents. Jason, I just completed the verification process and opted into the enhanced image search program. Google crawls your site and pulls all the images it finds. Based on the results of the tagging process, Google is theoretically able to determine the content of the image and rank it accordingly.

My guess is that Google will give a higher priority to these images because it takes gaming out of the system. I answered my own question by looking in my logs. The answer is YES — in fact, often times hotlinked images outperform the original.

Micah, I thought I had answered that, but I just checked through the comments—nada. Matt, I recommend the use of the title attribute because it creates tooltips in Gecko-based browsers read: Rian, I use and highly recommend the open source version of WordPress.

Thanks again for pouring your heart, mind, soul and wit into your posts: Thanks for the great article! This looks like a good discovery… I am going to implement this right now. I have observed a high rise through google images in recent months. Thanks for good advise.

Thanks for this wonderful tip! Is that what the google. It is very informative and helpful. My question to you is this: Anything I can do in the Administrator CP with your suggestion here? Thank you for your response Chris, Legion. Ill report back with the results I get. Where do you go to turn it on and how? Wow great info hear and all for free, congrats on the excellent site dude! Thanks for the info, great stuff. Great post, traffic from images does convert for me.

I vote for underscores. Chris, I am new to all of this. That was an easy fix and totally worked. Thanks for another great tip, Chris! What are your observations? But on the other hand if you are selling a product which might be found with images, you have much greater chances of being found… PS: Google only scans images when the page is 6 months old my observation.

Best Regards Syd Dollman. Great information here, really interesting. Is the Google keyword tool as well the place to go?

Thanks for clarifying for me exactly how it was done. And yeah, nothing worse than a page that shifts and moves while images load. And your killer argument is…? Aaron I have images hosted on wikepedia that bring me traffic so i think it does not matter. Awesome thread, particularly the image optimization. Zarock 61 1 1. That's a great demo. It might be useful to provide a snippet from that here in the event you move or delete that demo page at some time in the future.

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