Sands Bethlehem casino to be sold to Alabama Indian tribe for $1.3 billion

New apply for a Social media is infamous for perpetuating outrageous stories, both true and untrue. See all 25 questions. New apply for a casino card in person at the promotions booth from that point forward you can set up an app on your phone which will then give you all of your comps. There are lots of games to play I seldom visit this casino.

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The casino has a great atmosphere and the We have always visited Sands Casino every time we are in town, and it has never been disappointing! They had a manageable amount of slots and tables. If you happen to when there's an outlet mall connected and you can shop! There is a decent food court too.

Big Casino with a lot of games to play - a great time for all. The casino has a great atmosphere and the venue is clean and well ventilated, especially for a casino.

The casino is attached to an outlet mall. The mall has well known designers Pretty decent size Casino with great slot machines and a great staff. Sands also has a Hotel and The Sands Mall with some great shops on two floors. Lost all our money gambling but still had a good time. Walked around the outlet stores and had some food.

Saw live band Shorty Long and it was awesome! Had a great time dancing. Great place to spend a few hours on I was amazed at how many slot games they had available, they had games I had never seen before! It had a live band which was great and had many options to eat Great restaurants are on the premises like Chopsticks and Emeril's. There is actually a kids club downstairs where it is reasonably priced as well by the hour. My daughter loves it! The Sands Casino has a great modern decor and vibe.

There are lots of games to play I only wish the Poker Room is bigger; and that the Black Jack tables had more of a variety. Lots of high limit tables, but few lower minimum I seldom visit this casino. They contacted her to find out more about the situation. A full-fledged investigation never materialized, however, because the Bethlehem Sands could not supply surveillance video footage from the time of Horn's casino visit.

The story of Horn's wound and doctor visit was posted to Facebook. Quickly it spread and expanded to the rumor it is today. From there, the rumor changed from one patron getting bitten to numerous patrons receiving snake bites while visiting the Sands.

The story became so popular on the Internet that a spokeswoman for the Sands was prompted to make a statement to the public. Corwin also explained in her statement that casino security is tight. If a snake were in the casino, the many security cameras would quickly zero in on its image. Today, surveillance machinery does that work.

Hundreds of overhead cameras channel images from the casino floor back to a surveillance room. A surveillance manager typically oversees this operation. Corwin isn't the only one who has dismissed the possibility of snakes in the casino. Many members of the public are quick to agree that the existence of snakes at the Bethlehem Sands is a long shot. Others suspect a cover up. A commenter on LehighValleyLive. Wal-Mart customers have fallen prey to a surprising number of snake bites over the past decade.

Most attacks occurred in the stores' outside home and gardening sections. The Bethlehem Sands may be pest-free, but other U.