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The strongest starting hand in poker, pocket aces are a strong pre-flop favourite over any other two cards and a 4: If any other member of the chiefs of staff was his equal in every way, it was Tsien. Some random masher from New Zealand bubbling the final table! However, it is also worth bearing in mind that if you don't connect with the flop, then you just have ace-high. In a sense, Hatcher's injuries had been very much to their advantage. MLB Power Pros

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The expansion was done via the franchisee Hardee Northern, Inc, which was a subsidiary of Acme Markets, a prominent grocery store chain based in Philadelphia. Hardee's purchased Sandy's in with the last of the restaurants converting to Hardee's by Hardee's was purchased by Canadian company Imasco Limited in Remaining restaurants that did not convert to Hardee's or new names and branding simply closed.

A new management team, in the early s, seeking to cut costs, changed the signature burger recipe and eliminated the flagship menu item, the Big Twin. The Big Deluxe continued to be offered throughout the s. For a few years after acquiring the Roy Rogers Restaurants fast food chain in the early s, Hardee's outlets sold the popular Roy Rogers Restaurant fried chicken recipe, hoping it could compete with Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The merger created a chain of 3, restaurants — 3, Hardee's outlets in 40 states and 10 foreign countries and Carl's Jr. In April , Hardee's announced the opening of its th restaurant in the Middle East with longtime franchisee, The Americana Group. Combined sales would rank the two at No. As of March , CKE has a total of 3, franchised or company-operated restaurants in 44 states and 37 foreign countries and U.

In January , Hardee's had a challenge filed against it with the U. The reissue of the Big Shef has also utilized the Burger Chef name and logo in advertisements in the markets in which it is offered, and claimed to provide Burger Chef fans with their Big Shef "fix".

On April 16, , River West Brands dropped their petition for cancellation and both parties agreed to pay their own attorney's fees. Due to a trademark dispute with Canada's Harvey's burger chain, the Hardee's brand name cannot be used in the country. Hardee's also marketed special Super Bowl celebratory pins in the early s. Several Hardee's ad campaigns in the s have been criticized by groups including Parents Television Council for their sexually suggestive nature. A campaign titled "More Than a Piece of Meat" featured scantily clad women appearing to receive sexual gratification from consuming Hardee's products, and "Name Our Holes" — an ad campaign and website promoting Hardee's Biscuit Holes.

In January , Carl's Jr. The ad features McKinney walking around a farmers' market , implying that she is "all natural" and uses double entendres to suggest that she is naked with strategically placed items in the market until it reveals McKinney in a bikini eating the All Natural Burger. Critics suggest that the ad "sets feminism back four decades," while others, including McKinney's elderly grandfather, enjoyed the ad.

As of March , the ad has received over 4. In March , Hardee's began to move away from the sexualized ads by releasing a commercial featuring a white bearded character played by Charles Esten as "Carl Hardee Sr. The commercial marked a turning point in CKE's advertising, as the company wanted to move away from its provocative ads and focus more on food and as a competitor to Five Guys , Steak 'n Shake , and In-N-Out Burger. For this campaign, Hardee's restored its logo, now in white; however, the Happy Star still appears, replacing the A in "Tastes".

The previous logo will also continue to be used as well. Many international Hardee's franchises are located in countries in the Middle East and Pakistan, most being owned and operated by Americana Group. The same menu is offered at Hardee's locations in Pakistan, which opened its first location in the country in in Lahore.

In , it opened a restaurant in Erbil , Iraqi Kurdistan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An iron-willed South American plantation owner is determined to prevent a plague of army ants from overrunning his land.

An alcoholic makes a deal with his uncle to kill a man in exchange for future financial support for his family once he commits suicide. A young British Officer stationed in East Africa is befriended by a bigoted, high-handed retired colonel who becomes the target of insurgent Mau-Maus. Upon hearing that his old boat is to be sold for scrap, an ex- submarine captain hires his old crew and steals the ship from under the noses of its owners, intending to lead a life of modern-day piracy on the high seas.

A ton locomotive disappears off the face of the earth on a section of single track between Liverpool and Manchester. Ben Wright plays the Scotland Yard snoop. The simple-minded locals of a remote Louisiana bayou community suspect a newcomer of lycanthropy when a child is found brutally murdered.

George Fotheringay has discovered the secret to performing miracles - all he has to do is ask and it is done. Versions of this story were also produced for Suspense and The Vanishing Point. A New Orleans hotel guest snatches a bible from his room and finds himself the target of some very desperate and dangerous people.

Story by John and Gwen Bagni. Two versions were produced for Escape and one version for Suspense. A WWI ship's captain's unsupported claim that he stopped a German invasion must wait many years for the truth behind his fantastic story to finally surface. Hungry for adventure, two soldiers venture beyond British India's NorthWest Frontier in the hopes of founding their own private kingdom.

A version of this story appeared on Suspense. A correspondent in Moscow imprisoned and accused of espionage escapes from a Soviet prison and flees his pursuers toward the Iron Curtain. The first mate of a Caribbean tramp freighter discovers that the ship is carrying a Pandora's Box of rifles, and gets himself entangled with gunrunners, betrayal, murder, and drunken revolutionaries.

The first explorers to land on Mars discover - Earth, and an idyllic Midwest town populated by their long lost relatives.

Story by Ray Bradbury ; part of his Martian Chronicles series. A Mountie and his prisoner must cross a frozen Canadian wilderness without food or warm clothing when a fire destroys their supplies. But it is the prisoner who has the upper hand, for only he knows the location of a cabin they might reach before they freeze to death.

Dutch officials in colonial Bali are faced with a sudden uprising when a trio of English tourists defile a native temple and steal off with the high priest's daughter. In the Philippines in , an American merchant decides to try raiding the lair of headhunter pirates that look like easy pickings.

However, on his way, just about everything that could go wrong does so. Classic tale of a world renowned hunter who gets shipwrecked on an island owned by a madman who shares his passion for the hunt, except that he hunts only the most dangerous of game - human beings. A small time Cuban thug has decided to go straight, but gets involved in one last deal.

Two American smugglers in Haiti are confused by the natives' demands for their merchandise. The first expedition to another planet discovers a world in ruins, where the dominant surviving life form are insatiable hordes of giant hungry rats. Two prospectors in the Old West run afoul of a desperate and murderous claim jumper. A Confederate saboteur hanged from a bridge by Union troops gets a reprieve when the rope snaps; can he evade the enemy's pursuit and reach home?

See also "Present Tense". A straight-up survival tale of four men in a small dory lost in an ocean which is not identified. A commando raid into Nazi-occupied France is endangered by the feelings one of the commandos develops for a girl in French resistance - a girl whose loyalties are suspect. A man offers to help out a lady and what happens? He finds himself embroiled in a covert operation to smuggle a freedom fighter out of his native country, of course.

See also "The Train from Obisfelde" Escape. A remote outpost in British Malaya is the crucible for the only two Englishmen assigned there, both of whom hate one another with every fiber of their being. A test pilot in an experimental high altitude aircraft disappears from radar, only to return safely ten hours after he should have run out of fuel.

He can't explain, but brings a grim warning back with him. A very popular story among radio producers, versions of this episode also appeared on Dimension X , X Minus One , Beyond Tomorrow, and two versions for Suspense. A small-time jazz band leader uses a voodoo song melody to make it to the big times, but can he escape the voodoo curse that comes with it? After an American soldier stationed in occupied Berlin inadvertently murders a German fraulein, he finds himself the victim of blackmail from a pair of stage show mind-readers.

As the good ship Roundabout readies for departure from Shanghai to Bali, a stranger approaches Captain English and asks for passage. The stranger claims to be a Dutch missionary bringing Bibles and religion to the natives; he presents his passport, character references, and offers a healthy 'fee' to alleviate any misgivings the captain might have.

A frontier tale of a man who sets out to seek revenge on the claim jumpers who murdered his brother. A man escorting an old archaeologist who possesses an Incan manuscript detailing the location of a cache of Inca gold ends up in a mess of double-cross, triple-cross, and quadruple-cross.

An American engineer on contract in India has his excessive bigotry tested to the limit when he wakes to find a deadly snake in his bed and must rely on a native doctor to save him.

With Jack Webb and William Conrad. An English colonist in Africa desecrates a native holy site. Naturally, the local witch doctor hexes him something nasty. A version of this story was done for a series called Dark Ventures. An ex-merchant seaman turned violent hood browbeats his way into a place amongst a diving expedition to the Caribbean to retrieve treasure from a city that had sunk in an earthquake centuries before. A thinly disguised take on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness - a safari guide is recruited by Belgian authorities to lead an expedition into the deep Congo to arrest a megalomaniac who has made himself the master of a fanatical native tribe.

See also "Eye of Evil" Escape. A condemned murderer on his way to death row for killing his wife is granted a reprieve by fate when the train he is on derails and he escapes to find the man who framed him. Another version of this story also with Price appeared on Suspense. A hard luck, unpopular sub captain seeks to redeem his reputation by taking on a Japanese aircraft carrier and its escort of destroyers single-handed.

A violent alcoholic beach bum in the South Seas is continually rescued from dire straits by his native companion - but what possible reason could he have for going to all the trouble? After tracking down and killing a man for framing him, a murderer flees the remote cabin and inadvertently starts a raging forest fire, which local authorities draft him into helping to quench.

A detective arriving in the jungles of Borneo to investigate a murder narrows down the list of suspects to three. He has a four hour window to figure out which one of them is guilty and take them back to justice. The real question here is who is more clever, the detective or the murderer? A world-weary adventurer longs for what he believes cannot exist: A young woman in a Bentley convertible befriends a hitchhiker who's trying to escape his life as a spy and be a regular American.

Unfortunately, the sinister "left arm" keeps trying to pull him back. Hans Conreid plays the unwilling spy. A scholar engaged in research at the Egyptology wing of the British Museum encounters a mysterious stranger who relates a bizarre tale of love, betrayal and a terrible fate that reaches back to a time before the Pyramids. Scaring off what he thinks are poachers from a neighbor's field, a man accidentally kills one and soon finds himself embroiled with former high-ranking Nazis.

Lucky in love, unlucky at cards describes the lot of a plantation owner in Honduras, but the tables turn when his wandering eye incurs the jealous wrath of a local voodoo priestess. After taking on an unusual passenger, a ship starts experiencing a bizarre string of inexplicable and escalating troubles. A version of this story was done for Columbia Workshop.

An inexplicable and lightning-quick plague sweeps across the world, killing its victims within an hour of the first symptoms. Civilization rapidly begins to disintegrate. See also "Earth Abides" Escape.

A cruise passenger who bemoans the lack of excitement in his life gets more than he wishes for when he gets himself lost in the shadowed alleys of a Mozambique port. Lieutenant Daumier, a young officer in Napoleon's Grande Armee sports an obsession with fighting pistol duels, which brings him into mortal conflict with an experienced senior officer—who just happens to be engaged to Daumier's former lover. See also "The Shot" by Alexander Pushkin. A besotted, ex-Navy drifter is hired by a Chinese treasure hunter to retrieve a cache of pearls from a sunken ship off the coast of Borneo.

A rough 'n ready unemployed pilot in India accepts a job offer to smuggle undesirables out of China, but runs afoul of an Indian manservant who plots his untimely demise. Two mackerel fishermen are sea-jacked by a group of desperate and murderous criminals. Seeking passage from the interior of China to Shanghai, an American journalist manages to get aboard a crowded river steamer, but finds himself drawn into a web of intrigue and violence over the whereabouts of the mysterious Shanghai Document, and the obligatory beautiful woman who seems to be at the center of it all.

A fishing boat skipper in Nicaragua is hijacked by gunrunners to a deadly rendezvous with rebels from neighbouring Honduras. A classic story about two explorer's search for a lost city in the jungles of East Africa and their discovery of the secret of immortality. A trapper connives the captain of a passenger ship into allowing the transport of a bushmaster - the world's deadliest snake - with predictable consequences. Two versions of this story were also produced for Suspense.

A jilted lover seeks escape and forgetfulness among the primitive tribes of New Guinea, but he must first deal with a local chief who is convinced he has come to overthrow him. A young man is lured into a trap by a noble bent on taking action against him for his advances toward the noble's niece. But does the sire have the right man? A 19th century prison hulk delivering convicts to the penal colony of Australia is endangered when the desperate prisoners decide to stage a revolt.

See also "Typhoon" Escape. A wily old hermit in the Ozarks, feared by the locals for his affinity with snakes, incurs the murderous enmity of a backwoods hunter who thinks his wife is having an affair with the 'snake doctor'. A drifter witnesses a woman leap from a car just before it careens off a cliff, and sees an opportunity to indulge in a little honest blackmail.

A crusty English farmer is abducted by a German flyer, who is under the impression he is one of their agents, and taken to Nazi Germany. Later rescued by the British, he is then sentenced to death for spying on behalf of the Nazis. Two men trapped for the winter at a remote research station in the Arctic Circle must contend against each other as well as the elements.

Another version of this story also appeared on Suspense. See also "Weather Station Four" Nightfall. A farmhand takes exception when a notorious gunslinger commandeers his horse and rides the animal to death. He vows revenge at any cost.

A doctor, responding to a distress call from a sailing yacht in the Caribbean, becomes embroiled in a deadly game of betrayal, greed and murder. Peter and Kyra Vaughan meet Shiravieff while vacationing at Zweibergen, a small village in the Carpathian Mountains, during the Summer of Three local men have vanished during the past week and the townspeople are convinced a werewolf is responsible. Vaughan and Shiravieff take turns acting as bait to lure the werewolf out so the other can kill it.

An insurance investigator on the trail of a con man in Chile gets caught in his target's web of betrayal, deceit and murder.

See also "Operation Fleur-de-Lys" Escape. A pilot takes an interest in a beautiful woman during a layover, only to have her hijack him to fly her to a remote location in northern Mexico to evade the law. A mild-mannered geological surveyor on a train from Istanbul to Cairo helps out a woman and soon finds himself embroiled with wartime spies.

Three men are besieged in a lighthouse when a ship wrecks on the shoal and releases a horde of starving rats. Other versions of this story were produced for Sleep No More and Suspense x2. Also, a version was created for an independently produced series called The Grip of Terror.

A classic story of a man who travels into the distant future and discovers a Utopia of idle leisure which hides a terrible secret. A man with a toothache seeks help for his ailment and in so doing ignites the American Revolution. An spy assigned to escort a defecting nuclear scientist on a train across the Iron Curtain discovers that there is an enemy agent aboard carrying a bomb with which he will blow up the train should it reach its destination. See also "The Orient Express" Escape.

A Carribean island serves as the backdrop for an unhappy couple who go into business with a third man and find out that a paradise retreat isn't all that it is cracked up to be. Their plan is to have a resort getaway and seed it with old "treasure" for guests to find, but a resident hermit acts as the proverbial fly in the ointment, hoping to dissuade progress and the onset of civilization.

A merchant sailor recovering from a head wound in Calais suffers a blackout after which he finds himself in England and the target of an unknown enemy out to kill him.

A man gets sucked into a treasure-hunting scheme by an old war buddy whose life he once saved and his buddy's unfaithful vixen of a wife. The hunt takes them to remotest New Guinea, but jungle fever and headhunters soon turn out to be the least of his worries. A British journalist must try to arrange the escape from Russia of his Soviet ballerina wife. An old tramp steamer in the South Seas faces a triple threat—a shipload of angry migrant workers, an impending typhoon, and a captain who refuses to heed warnings.

See also "A Sleeping Draught" Escape. Two men on a business trip to India find their venture disrupted when one, a germophobe, becomes convinced he has contracted leprosy from a street beggar.

Just prior to WW II, an American ex-submarine captain accepts a commission from the Chinese government to repair an old sub and take it into action against Japanese convoys supplying their war in China. See also "Pressure" Escape. In a pre-war Paris hotel, an Englishwoman returning home from India with her daughter is struck by a sudden critical illness. The daughter rushes off to fill the doctor's prescription, but upon returning finds her mother gone and the hotel denying she was ever there.

On a remote South Seas island, a besotted miscreant and womanizer meets his match in the prudish stalwart daughter of the local pastor. An American plantation owner in a banana republic becomes the prey in a deadly manhunt when a petty thug he once humiliated resurfaces as the leader of a successful revolution and now seeks revenge. Sinbad the sailor relates one of his adventures from his youth, when he took a wife in a distant land, and fell victim to a unique form of native barbarism when she dies of a sudden illness.

A mobster's bodyguard narrates the story of a blind gangster who, following the cryptic clues of his dying brother, goes hunting treasure. A ruthless treasure hunter murders a whaling ship's first mate to get his hands on the man's treasure map, then usurps his post as part of a plan to seize the vessel and then the treasure buried in the Panamanian jungle.

Classic story of two thrill seekers in Victorian London get more than they bargained for when they join a secret society and find themselves unwilling members of a suicide club. The first of three tales that make up the story cycle called "The Suicide Club". Neighborhood children invent a new game called 'Invasion' - or is it just a game?

Escape was a long-running series hosted and starring for the most part William Conrad, a voice almost as synonymous with OTR as Orson Welles. A spinoff series from Suspense, Escape ran on CBS from to , broadcasting a wide range of stories—science fiction, horror, murder mysteries—though it seemed to display a fondness for adventure tales set in the tropics or on the high seas.

At least distinct stories were produced. With the exception of "Earth Abides", all episodes were half-hour format. Sources used to create my own log and double-check titles, dates and cast members: Creatures Available for Listening Booth: Adventure Available for Listening Booth: Engaging tale of a man coming to to terms with his own mortality and how he reacts when face to face with death.

Super Science Available for Listening Booth: Weinbaum as John Jessel. Interesting and well-done, but disappointingly lacking in excitement. Unlike the film version 's "She-Devil" , most of the superwoman's crimes take place off-stage or off-mike. Also, the two heroic doctors who try to stop her are never in any real danger. Escape is such a boys' club that even a seemingly omnipotent female gets relegated to a supporting role in her own story.

Occult Available for Listening Booth: Crime Available for Listening Booth: A great story, unfortunately jammed into a half-hour format. I enjoyed it, though it suffered badly under time constraints. Available for Listening Booth: Despite first-rate production and acting, this "animals run amok" story doesn't quite match similar episodes like "Three Skeleton Key" or "Leiningen vs.

Tense, well-crafted episode with a real 'you are there' feel to it. And Vince is great, as always. The suspense builds to climax after climax, the ending is so unexpected it caught me by complete surprise. An enthusiastic performance by Vincent Price provides a very fun ride. John and Gwen Bagni. I found this to be a rather cliched story.

Nothing in it came as a surprise. Espionage Available for Listening Booth: A suspenseful little story on curses with good imagery, fine acting, and a little foreshadowing courtesy of Coleridge.

James with many suspenseful moments. John McIntire gives an excellent performance as a rational man who gradually accepts the existence of the paranormal.

This episode should be in anyone's top ten. An annoyingly inconclusive ending that leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Sci-Fi Available for Listening Booth: Of the series' three versions of adaptor John Dunkel's script, the first—from , with William N.

Robson's stately direction and an eloquent Paul Frees keeping the elaborate narration coherent—is probably the best. Oddly, although the opening teaser promises us that "closing in on you is a band of blind men who want your eyes," only the second version includes a brief scene in which the villagers pursue the sighted hero around their valley.

The not-bad framing story and final twist are Dunkel's, not H. An excellent story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. A nicely done story with an humorous ironic ending. Horror Available for Listening Booth: An interesting start for the series, though I'll bet that ventriloquists really hate these sort of stories.

The opening was quite different, with cheesy organ music instead of the familiar Night on Bald Mountain. A mind-numbingly dull story with annoying characters and a highly cliche-ish ending. A very engaging story, though the mood is broken a bit due to the fact that the title character sounds like the Nazi mad scientist Der Teufel from The Adventures of Superman. Future Earth Available for Listening Booth: Mars Available for Listening Booth: Beautiful language, punctuated with a languid guitar.

It's everything a movie of the mind should be. Perhaps one of the most retarded stories I've ever heard. Interesting and worth listening to, the humor value is too high to dismiss as "retarded" Anonymous A very entertaining episode that skillfully mixes humour with a creepy storyline. Both William Conrad and Elliott Lewis do a fine job in the lead role in different versions.

The supporting performances are excellent. Nice eerie atmosphere in this one. Roderick is pretty over the top at times, but the narrator plays off this pretty well. The part where they're reading The Mad Tryst with strange noises in the background was creepy!

Mystery Available for Listening Booth: The best adaptation of a very strong story. Very typical example of 'Escape' fare - two-fisted hero gets involved with crooks looking to steal treasure from a bunch of silly native cellists, replete with snakes of the legless and legged kind - very common plot for the forties and fifties, and it has been better done than this.

A terrific parable on the stupidity of racism. While this is definitely a morality play, it's also well acted and suspenseful. The story keeps you guessing until the end. It was ruined for me by the portrayal of the general's death. He is supposed to be brilliant, but in the end behaves very stupidly.

A cliched story with so much ludicrous tough-guy talk it veers into comedy. It's almost a perfect prototype for a straight-to-video action movie of today. Pretty standard stuff for Escape; in fact, if you were to pick one episode that could be called representative of the tone of the entire series, "Gringo" would be a good choice. An excellent episode about relentless revenge.

The main character cannot forgive an insult, resulting in a very entertaining program. An animated lead performance highlights this show. Standard 'man with amnesia is now in great danger' story. Unfortunately, for me the episode did not live up to its great title. Supernatural Available for Listening Booth: A rare female protagonist for this macho series; apparently author Antony Ellis wrote it to showcase his actress wife Georgia, who's outstanding.

As usual, the Escape version tops the later Suspense episode. Aliens Available for Listening Booth:

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