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Any updates on the hoodie Caled? Not the worst thing in the world but it is annoying when you had 2 million chips saved up. See you at the tables! Find Threads Started by luuuiiigiii. Find Threads Started by anuj


Also, they really should eliminate the 1. Also starting to notice patterns of repeated odds beating by certain players meaning time after time in the same tournaments they defy odds to win.

Not just the occasional bad beat but runner runner over and over again and runner runner runner runner too. Let me know your user ID please to find out what has happened with your balance. A play money app should make all of its income from advertising which there is plenty of on this one , right My biggest complaint is that on the spin and go 3-person tournaments that the most frequent payout is only 1. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

This Slot is oozing with charm and has tons of adorable animals, whimsical sound effects, and one seriously aggravated goat. We honestly have no idea why this dude is so angry.

Maybe he was holding out for a big role and this slot was his fall-back so this is his way of letting the world know he wanted more? Rampage Riches lets you live out your fantasies of laying waste to entire cities with absolutely no recourse!

This game takes place on an alternate earth timeline where scientists got entirely too much grant money and started creating giant Kaiju because, you know, science. We prefer Giga Shell because the idea of a giant snapping turtle wrecking shop cracks us up, but hey we're not going to dictate your destruction, you throw down in any way you want!

More Leagues will help to ensure that you get the chance to have more equal competition at every step of your journey to League Stardom. Rocket-fuel your journey by taking full advantage of both Fast Track goals each Season! Our Poker Leagues are now more rewarding to players by keeping you engaged in multiple ways. We have added weekly Chip Rewards to players who end in the Safe Zone.

Now you can get promoted a potential three times every single Season by completing both Fast Track goals and ending the Season in the Promotion Zone of your Division! See you at the tables! More content and gameplay improvements abound in this newest update!

Join the adventure for plenty of riches in one of the hottest Slots on the planet. We have completely redesigned our poker challenges so now you can complete multiple challenges every day to win rewards! With this update, we bring you: New Slots with BIG rewards! We've added not one but TWO new slot machines to our lobby. Prepare to heat up the reels with Falcon and Red Dragon slots taking your spinning action to the next level! We also bring to you our very first Touchdown Tournament!

Tackle your opponents and practice winning every day on our exclusive tables! Get ready the new season has just begun! Now you can climb up the VIP ladder whenever you play or make a purchase Track your progress by unlocking new VIP levels and receive a huge welcome chip and gold bonus, increased chip purchase bonuses, spin wheel bonuses and much more!

Update now and start building up your VIP status! See you at the tables. Join millions of PokerStars VIPs from around the world and play the best online casino games featuring exciting poker tournaments, free slots minigames and so much more! Aug 28, Version 1. Needs a fix Aug 19, Developer Response Aug 21, Glitches and patterns Feb 11, Developer Response Jun 24, Meh Jul 23, Developer Response Aug 15, Information Seller Stars Mobile Limited. I understand, pokerstars changes would be for the better.

November 24th, , 3: Cashed mine in to be safe. Going to be the first time playing that tourney. Went on a decent run were my hands were holding into a horrible one. So hopefully this game turns it back around. November 24th, , 4: Originally Posted by guicor November 24th, , 9: I've never hear such of things I am play on pokerstars: This is what they want people to think, sure it's better for the people who earn very little fpp's as it stands now. Nice score sir, been using my fpp's for some 6max satties as didn't have a whole lot built up and was the quickest way for me to get a base br going to rebuild after a full cash out.

I guess we shall see how the changes really impact come the new year but I mean for anyone doing any serious playing looking at the rewards on the top tier's or even just as a supernova was always a motivator IMO and without it there are better rewards elsewhere. November 24th, , December 29th, , 5: Join the Conversation at CardsChat. CardsChat is an online poker community of , members in countries.