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Being able to be fully immersed in VR technology is the future, and the future is here. Players can play anytime, anywhere and enjoy themselves no matter where they may be. The setup process can be tricky, so be sure to follow the setup instructions provided carefully. It focuses not only on the visual component of the video slot, but also on the surround sound. Virtual reality headsets are not cheap, so be wise with the investment you make. Players can also expect a tethered experience on the Vive.

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This mini release featured enhanced graphics and 3D soundscapes to deliver a truly exhilarating experience to owners of the Google Cardboard tech, which is a VR platform that uses a smartphone head mount to help translate the images on screen to virtual reality. We placed at the end of this article for players to check it out! Play Jack and the Beanstalk online at Paddy Power!

One of the first dedicated virtual reality casinos is Slot Millions, which has designed its own VR space for gamers with and without the requisite headgear and hardware. One of the first titles it has introduced is the classic Starburst. This release from NetEnt was one of the first slot games to really get noticed by wider gamers, thanks to its winning combination of outstanding graphics, immersive soundtrack and unrivalled gameplay. With just ten paylines you might imagine many players giving it the cold shoulder, but such is the high stakes nature of the game that many return for more time after time.

Starburst has stood the test of time to this very day, and its presence as one of the very first virtual reality casino games is testament to its timeless quality. Play for big money with Starburst at Rizk Casino! The classic tale of King Midas was given a major revamp by NextGen with this release; the old king was replaced by the rather more ravishing Miss Midas. Even though the former eponymous hero was renowned for his generosity in turning anything into gold, his female successor is as equally generous in this all-action 25 payline slot.

With it, players can buy extra symbols to help them create additional winning combinations — a feature that has caught the eye of many discerning gamers in the past few years. To add further motivation for giving Miss Midas a spin, it is has now been given a virtual reality facelift to help usher in the next generation of online casino gaming. Play online at Royal Panda! In the cold light of day, Blackjack is a simple battle for supremacy between two parties: He also has the advantage of acting second: It can be the most enjoyable, the most profitable and occasionally the most frustrating of games, but the recent rejuvenation of this old casino favourite as a virtual reality trendsetter adds further excitement to the action.

These times are changing. To point out the obvious, virtual reality is here to stay, and the technology is continuously improving every day. So, it only makes sense that virtual reality technology pairs perfectly with online gambling. Players can strap on their VR goggles and step into a genuinely realistic casino. All with a simple download to their computer.

Other iGaming companies have created VR casino games and concepts in the past. However, SlotsMillion was the first to offer real money gambling. Gone are the basic casino graphics. When you step into the new VR casinos it makes you feel like you are actually in a real casino. Obviously, VR casinos will have it all. Players favorite games like slots, poker, blackjack and other casino specialties are there to enjoy. Our Slotsmillion review has all the details you need before playing this unique VR casino.

SlotsMillion Casino is the first ever VR casino where players can bet and win real money. SlotsMillion is the only casino where players can make deposits and win actual real money at this time. SlotsMillion features some of the most popular gaming titles from these entertainment companies.

These companies are true visionaries. They are helping the phenomenon of virtual reality gambling come true. NetEnt and Microgaming are currently employing the most innovative technology when it comes to VR casino gaming. The company was established in NetEnt pushes the boundaries in VR and entertainment.

Furthermore, NetEnt specializes in developing the most exciting casino virtual reality experiences found anywhere on the planet. Microgaming provides titles for SlotsMillion Casino. Beyond being front-runners in the world of virtual reality, Microgaming is responsible for developing other exciting new casino technology. Microgaming has developed augmented reality for their games. They continually push forward to give players new and unique gambling experiences.

The very first land-based casino opened in in Italy. It was name Casino di Venezia. In effect, it set the standard for how all other casinos were constructed. The basic layout of this first casino shaped the future of land-based casinos, online casinos and even VR casinos. When online casinos hit the scene, players jumped on board because of the fantastic benefits of being able to play from home.

Then, the availability of online gambling became even more convenient with mobile gaming. Players can now play anywhere and anytime. The most significant movement forward is VR gaming. Players can have a truly immersive experience without ever leaving the couch.

Therefore, these casinos released a VR experience for gamers inside the casinos. Basically, players can battle each other for prizes. Of course land-based casino owners are embracing VR technology to entertain and wow guests. There are some essential differences between land casinos, online casinos and VR casinos. Surely, those who play online may miss the social interaction they receive at land-based casinos.

But, they may enjoy the privacy and comfort of playing at home. The crisp graphics in the new VR casino platforms have taken the online casino games up a notch.

Players will enjoy the newly updated VR casino games. They are flashy, realistic and just plain fun! It is important to realize there are specific requirements a computer or laptop needs to be able to run VR properly. So, investing in a proper computer setup will help players avoid compatibility issues with virtual reality casinos.

To enjoy VR gaming, VR headsets are required in addition to having a powerful computer or laptop. There are a handful of excellent VR headsets on the market. It is essential to research and review all of the headsets which are on the market before buying on.

Virtual reality headsets are not cheap, so be wise with the investment you make. Consider which types of games you plan to play. Most importantly review the headset specs, to make sure your computer is compatible. Players who want to play in VR casinos must also have a keyboard or controller to enjoy the casino games. With the current advances in technology, the future is bright for VR.

The technology will become more available and affordable in the future. Here are some of the top VR headsets on the market today….

It has a solid 4-star review on Amazon. The headset comes with touch controllers. Presently, it offers a tethered gaming experience, meaning players must be plugged into a PC. Reviewers have said the headset is lightweight and comfortable, even for those wearing glasses. Moreover, it is perhaps the closest competition to the Oculus Rift.

And can be a bit more pricey. Players can also expect a tethered experience on the Vive. The headset comes with motion controllers. The setup process can be tricky, so be sure to follow the setup instructions provided carefully. Although there are not many current options to play at virtual reality casinos, this will soon change. Currently, only SlotsMillion offers players to use real money at their casino. There are many other virtual reality casino games to play from other developers.

However, none of these games give players the chance to win real money. To enjoy a truly immersive VR experience, players must download the casino software. Indeed, a day in the future will come where players can enjoy a VR experience via an internet browser. However, at this time it is only available to play for those who have downloaded the VR casino software. Some casinos may offer the same games on mobile or desktop devices.

Therefore, to fully experience a VR casino player must use VR goggles. You can enjoy the same games on your mobile phone or desktop computer. However, it is recommended that you play all VR games with VR goggles to maximize the experience. Additionally, the games will be in 3D without the goggles. Coupled with using the VR goggles gives you a completely immersive experience. One of the most exciting features of VR casino gaming is you can play with your friends.

In addition, VR casinos give players the ability to interact with other players, live and direct in the casino. Yes, you will be able to see other players on the casino floor. So, for protection and security, you will not be able to see the personal or financial information of these players.

Presently, no other hardware is necessary. At this time, only specific regions allow VR casino gambling. Before playing, be sure to do your research and find out if playing at these casinos is legal in the country you are in. Unquestionably, not long from now virtual reality casinos will be the norm.

Almost everyone will have VR setup in their homes. They will have the ability to play exciting games and VR casino games. In brief, the VR gaming experience will become much more realistic. Technology advancements will push VR into the future. Playing in VR casinos is a rush and incredibly fun.

In no time we will see more casinos offering VR casino games, and the technology will spread. So, try out VR gaming if you have the opportunity. If you love it, invest in that great VR setup! VR casinos will have an even more extensive range of titles to play in the future. Playing fantastic casino games like slots, table games on VR is unlike anything gamers have experienced before.

Example Video of Virtual Reality Casino Game: Jack's VR World