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Guyver View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Basser ; 17 Jul, 4: Reduces zoom while Aim Gliding. Adds Heat damage to attacks. It used to bug out at 50, but they fixed it.

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question about adding slots to level 30 weapons

Shadow88 View Profile View Posts. Only other way to raise your effective mod capacity would be to use Forma to change the polarities on mod slots, making each mod take up less mod capacity. But then you run into the same problems as you mentioned with the Reactors maybe slightly less - Forma can be earned from Void missions, if you can get a key, while Reactors and Catalysts get put up as Alert rewards now and again, usually right after their Primetime live stream and the alerts stay up for a whole day.

Basser View Profile View Posts. But to get the first, you can either wait for a "normal" alert, or find the rarer "Conflict" rewards, that happen almost never nowadays. Or as a last resort, you could always sell stuff in-game to get the platinum and buy one if you just feel you can't bear with the wait.

Originally posted by B'oh ShadowFighter Last edited by Basser ; 17 Jul, 4: Vazarin is the numeral 5 flipped vertically, or an upside down 3. Penjaga forms the number Unairu does not have a perfect connection to the Orokin Script , though Unairu is perhaps similar to the shape of the vowel "AYE" as in the word "Price".

According to Devstream 55 , the names of the polarities correspond to old Tenno schools. These names are also used for the clusters depicted in the Star Chart 3. The Silver Grove , there was also a Koneksi polarity that was reserved for Fusion Core s, which have since been replaced by Endo.

In line with the naming schemes used by the other polarities, Koneksi does not have a perfect connection to Orokin Script, but it does bear similarities to the vowel "OH" as in the word "Goat".

Start a Discussion Discussions about Polarity ide like to talk about and have it out there for everyone the highest draining mod polarity from high to low so when building you can change the highest draining mod when fully ranked ,so a fully rank 12 messages.

It is white, green and red: Placing a mod in a matching polarity slot halves the cost of the mod. My Lex is now a rank 0 and I have a little star up in the right corner. I have 8 slots and, after a few games, had 10 pts to spend so I added a couple of mods. What happened to all my old mods? Is my Lex back to being a low level weapon with no abilities?

What is the benefit in doing this? Maybe it would've been better to just keep the rank All it did was unequip your mods, and like they explained the benefit is getting a new polarity slot on your weapon if your are going for a specific build that another polarity would benefit. The polarity will cut down the require mod points to equip by half if the mod you equip have the same polarity as the slot. Thus allowing you to fit more mod points into the gun.

Hornet strike with rank 10 is V polarity , you just forma your lex with a V polarity slot. First and foremost is to supercharge your weapon with a catalyst to get 60 mod points instead of 30 before you do any forma'ing. Then you use formas to tweak your build to max.

I think I got it.

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