100 Best Kodi Addons of 2018 for Sports, Movies, Live IPTV & other media

Hot Pursuit 2 Vote Need for Speed: The IMDB contents were mesmerizing. Pool Revolution Vote Cue Sports: With Kodi, we can steam the radio channels from all over the world. All these videos are directly streaming from youtube.


Roku Private Channels Codes List A-Z

Soccer Vote Academy of Champions: Farmyard Games Vote Farmyard Party: The Game Vote Silent Hill: Pop Hits Vote Family Party: Pikachu's Adventure Vote Pok? Are You Crazy Enough? Wildlife Vet Vote Planet Rescue: Wildlife Vet Vote Jurassic: Festival of Fun Vote I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Vote Drawn to Life: Game Time Vote The Beatles: Vote Resident Evil 4: The Movie Vote Blazing Angels: The Umbrella Chronicles Vote Biohazard: Versus Crusade Vote Billy the Wizard: Rocket Broomstick Racing Vote Cars: A Prehistoric Adventure Vote Crash: Ace in Action Vote Chicken Little: Tsuioku no Mirage Vote Detective Conan: The Mirapolis Investigation Vote Kororinpa: Vote Dragon Ball Z: Root of Evil Vote Donkey Kong: Parallel Lines Vote Dragon Blade: Extreme Challenge Vote Gold's Gym: Outdoor Challenge Vote Family Trainer: Party Time Vote Monkey Mischief!

Anarchy Vote Carnival Games: Mini Golf Vote Planet The Game Vote Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law Vote MiniCopter: Slipknot Vote The Godfather: KoRn Vote Kidz Sports: RandomHero's Vote Agent Hugo: All-In Vote Harvest Moon: Overkill Vote Akko De Pon!

Ikasama Hourouki Vote Hannah Montana: Vote Disney Sing It: Road to Hill 30 Vote Diva Girls: Divas on Ice Vote Diva Girls: Princess on Ice Vote Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Vote Ice Age 3: Supreme Cuisine Vote Smiley World: Ruthless Romans Vote One Piece: Challenger Vote Dodge Racing: New Blood Vote Trauma Center: Second Opinion Vote Trauma Center: Slumber Party Vote Bratz: Legendary Warriors Vote Kidz Sports: Armageddon Vote Kanken Wii: Basketball Vote Kidz Sports: International Soccer Vote Kidz Sports: Soldiers of Misfortune Vote Lost in Blue: The Videogame Vote Love is Quest for Infinity Vote Go West: The Last Airbender Vote Luxor: Pharaoh's Challenge Vote Looney Tunes: Heroes 2 Vote Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Vote Monster 4x4: World Circuit Vote The Mummy: Ultimate Alliance 2 Vote Momotar?

Dentetsu 16 Vote Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Vote Medal of Honor: Untamed Vote Myth Makers: Battle Force 5 Vote Legend of Spyro: Dark Legend Vote Obscure: Operation Thunder Vote Playmobil: Lost in the Game Vote Pok?

The Big Adventure Vote Rampage: Total Destruction Vote Peppa Pig: Evil Under the Sun Vote Safecracker: Angler's Dream Vote Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Vote Madagascar 2: Girlz Really Rock Vote Hasbro: Mech Conflict Vote Battle Rage: Zero Gravity Vote Sonic Riders: Brawl Yin Yang Edition 2: Vote Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hack Pack Vote Scarface: System of a Down Vote Broken Sword: Legends Vote Super Monkey Ball: Rokuban Shoubu Vote Star Wars: Table Tennis Vote Tales of Symphonia: Pet Vet Vote Real Stories: Shadow Assassins Vote Tenchu 4 Vote Diva Ballerina Vote Monster Jam: Drum King Vote We Rock: Globs of Doom Vote Animal Crossing: Doubutsu no Mori Vote Animal Crossing: Creepy Crawlies Vote Beach Fun: Summer Challenge Vote Avatar: Back to the Island Vote Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga Vote Valhalla Knights: World at War Vote Monsters vs.

Aliens Vote Pirates of the Caribbean: The Williams Collection Vote Pinball: World Kitchen Vote Cooking Mama 2: World Kitchen Vote Wario Land: The Shake Dimension Vote Worms: A Space Oddity Vote Warning: Raw Vote Brave: A Warrior's Tale Vote Runaway: La Maison Vote Transformers: Origins Vote Puzzle Challenge: Summer Vote World Championship Sports: Bash Party Vote Pet Pals: Out of the Chute Vote Arcade Shooter: Life with Horses Vote Active Life: Wonders Beyond Vote Pok? Dodoon to 2 Daime Vote Victorious: Chou Goukaban Vote Monster High: Special Edition Vote Hoshi no Kirby: Star Wars Vote Transformers: Back to School Vote Ben Galactic Racing Vote Gummy Bears: Shadows of Katmai Vote Sakura Wars: Magic Racer Vote Atr?

Samurai Heroes Vote Sengoku Basara: Battle Road Victory Vote Beyblade: The Darkside Chronicles Vote Biohazard: Babysitting Mama Vote The Bachelor: Word Puzzles Vote Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles 2 Vote Call of Duty: Black Ops Vote Wii Play: Infestation Vote Schlag den Raab - Das 2.

Carnival Vote Gold's Gym: Dance Workout Vote Chevrolet Camaro: Family Hits Vote Disney Channel: Wii 8 Omega Vote Sing It: The best Kodi cartoon addons are listed below. This is the only addon you required to watch all your favorite cartoon on Kodi. Cartoon 8 Kodi addon is a wonderful addon, It has all you required to enjoy your favorite cartoon. It is the same team or a person who developed Decado documentaries.

Cartoon8 Kodi addon is available in Tantrum TV repository, Looking glass repository and super repository. Yep, you heard me right! You can also surf all your favorite animes. And equal importance is given to both cartoon and anime. An addon may have lots of contents but how efficiently its delivered and organized is important.

Cartoon8 addon is pretty famous among the old Kodi users. It has a large user base, so sometimes due to heavy traffic, it may show some error. You may receive a stream authorization and it may ask you to pair. Pairing is valid for 4 hours. Enjoy unlimited cartoon and anime by using cartoon8 Kodi addon.

Toons-R-Us Kodi addon is purely for cartoon and cartoon series. This addon was developed by dandy media and available in the super repository. This addon has an inbuilt search option. Since it has a huge database, this will definitely help you to find your favorite contents. And the quality of the cartoon is also pretty good. Toonmania Kodi addon is yet another addon for watching all your favorite cartoon on Kodi.

Toonmania contains movies and cartoon series. The movies section includes some famous anime movies also with all other cartoon movies. It is the best addon for watching cartoon and anime movies. The wast content of Toonmanina is categorized as movies and series.

And sadly overall search could not be made. The streaming quality and interface of the addon is good. Toonmania is developed by Metal kettle. This addon is developed by the same team who have developed decado documentaries and cartoon8. No wonder its performance is so good. Its available in super repository and Tantrum TV repository. It has totally movies and cartoon series. This is a huge collection. Hope you can find all your favorite cartoon on the list.

This addon may be a good choice if you are a cartoon series and movie lover. Compared two other addons the database is small. But the content available in the series category is good. It has got 78 series. All these series are non-famous series. So if you are a type of person who sets out from the crowd, this addon may suit your taste. Cartoon on Kodi addon has some other categories like All content By studio Characters Series If you are a big fan of certain series or character, and want to watch all the content related to that character or series.

Then this will help you. This addon is also developed bt dandy media team and available in the kodil repository. Though there is lack of contents, categorization is perfectly executed. Generally, there is always a rivalry between leading players in the industry.

The developer has efficiently used this to increase their user base. Some of the kids series may piss off the teens and I have experienced a lot in my childhood. If you wonder if there any addons only for kids, actually there are such addons. Brettus Kodi tube addon is the best among them. It has only kids contents. Brettus Kodi tube has 64 famous kids favorite series like Micky Mouse Bob the builder Pokemon popeye Thundercats and lots more This addon is developed by Brettus team and available in Brettus builds repository.

This list of content is based on most watched kid favorite. Are you curious to know about a lot of things? Then documentaries are the best things to feed your curiosity. Have you ever thought about watching documentaries on Kodi? If so, then these are the best Kodi addons to watch documentaries on your Kodi. At this point, you might be wondering why should I watch on Kodi instead of youtube?

Youtube autoplay feature is based on your watch history. So it might distract us to other contents. But in case of Kodi, all the video are related to the same core under any category.

The best Kodi documentaries addons are listed below. Brettus Documentaries Kodi addon is overall performer under this category. Since youtube is the biggest source of documentaries, other addons stream a collection of youtube playlist.

Brettus Documentary has 72 genres. And each genre has 10 to 50 video in it. Compared to other addons brettus documentaries has a pretty good collection.

All the video are just one click play. So we have to use default search option of kodi. We hope in the next update we may find some of these fixes. The documentary tube is the best Kodi addon to watch youtube documentaries on Kodi.

Documentaries are one of the best entertainment because we can improve our knowledge while running on a treadmill or while cooking. All these videos are directly streaming from youtube. Decado Documentaries is an all-time favorite Kodi addon for documentary lovers. Because it is one of the most famous documentary addons. Compared to other addons of this category, Decado documentaries have a general structure. This addon is developed by MetalKettle and available in the super repository.

One of the best features of this addon is it has Latest documentaries and Highest rated documentaries. It helps you keep your knowledge updated on some hot topic. We hope It would be great If the categorization has made more specific. The developer team of this addon is working well, in adding new contents, removing the dead links and old contents. Documentary storm Kodi addon is very similar to Decado documentaries addon, in terms of interface and categorization.

The documentary storm is developed by MetalChris and available at super repository. Its like competition between two rivals. All these videos are selected specifically to give an overall knowledge to the user.

There is no content repetition. We are pretty impressed by the quality of the videos. If you are an HD freak like me, Then this addon suits you. I love to watch Videos on HD. This is an yet another documentary addon. The special feature of this addon is, all the streams are in HD quality.

This is the only documentary addon which understands the troubles of the user and has a search option. It has 11 genes. Documented HD was developed by Frenchdj and available in the super repository.

All the contents are streamed directly from the youtube. So the availability of the contents entirely depends on the original owners of the video. If Documented HD is updated with a lot of contents in others genes. There is no doubt it will be the best Documentary Kodi addon. We are eagerly waiting to find lot more content in its next update.

And sadly there are very fewer addons for this purpose. So here we had tested some of the addons to watch local channels.

And we would be glad to share this list with you. Most of these addons work if they are accessed from a local IP. If you wish to access the local channels of other countries, usage of VPN is highly recommended.

The best Kodi regional addons are listed below. Dramago is the best addon to watch Korean drama on Kodi. After checking various other addons. My team selected Dramago as the best Kodi addon to watch Korean drama. Dramago was developed by Dknight. Currently, Tamil Kodi is not available in any repository. You have to download and install from zip file.

It has two providers for latest movies. All the movies are categorized based on the providers. In Tamilgun movies are categorized as HD movies, new movies, and dubbed movies. It also has 4 separate streams for Sports TV. Arabic Live TV kodi addon is one of the best addons to watch Arab live channels. This addon was developed by husham and available in the super repository and kodil repository.

This addon streams its content directly from youtube. And this got some other issue like youtube quota limit. If your quota is over, you have to change your IP to continue streaming. It has lots of Live TV streams available but they are not categorized. So we have to search by channel name to find the requires stream. Icdrama is the best addon to watch hong kong, Korean, Taiwan, Japanese and Chinese dramas and movies. This addon was developed by Icdrama team and available in aznhusband Kodi repository.

This repository can be found under addon on repository section in the super repository. Or you can directly download the zip file and install the repository. These are categorized into drama, movies, animation, and variety.

This addon also has an inbuilt search option. The streaming quality is pretty good. We tested some of the links and all the tested links are working fine.

Until this time, Kodi has got undying popularity in Tier 1 countries. So in order to help such new user to watch their favorite homeland contents on Kodi. We filtered some of the best regional addons. One such addon is Zem TV Kodi addon.

Zem Tv covers contents from India and Pakistan. Some contents are in Tamil, Telugu, and Marathi. This will ne the best regional addon for users from India and Pakistan. Nothing can beat the music when comes to relaxation. Whether you are happy or sad, music will console and embrace you. Even psychology says, hearing mild music while working can increase the productivity. And mild-classical background score while reading, helps to retain information longer.

Music plays a vital part in our lives. Either come to work or party, there is music everywhere. Only very people use Kodi to its fullest potential. We can do more with Kodi like stream your favorite artist entire database from youtube or other repositories. The following are the some of the best Kodi addons for music and live radio. The best Kodi music addons are listed below. Mp3 streams is already pretty famous among the Kodi users. It is one of the addons which comes to our mind after thinking about songs or music in Kodi.

In simple terms, this one addon is enough for all your music needs. And its way more professional in its feature when compared to the other addons. Say organizing, quality, variety in all of these MP3 streams tops the list. You can search your favorite under artist, albums, and songs. It has also had the favorite category. It also has an alternate source. If you have any issue with the streams check the content in the alternate source. Instant mix feature allows you to mix the songs in the favorite section.

I guess these features are more than enough to say Mp3 streams is the best Kodi addon for music. It includes most of the so far released music video. The most addon has the music videos to ensure large customer base. Jukebox Hero Kodi addon has an amazing collection of songs, from the latest hits to old classical. This addon may be a good choice if you listen only to particular artist or genre. JukeboxHero was developed by DandyMedia and available in the super repository and Kodil repository.

If you are a productivity freak and music is always a part of your multitasking schedule, who loves to listen to music while doing other works. Then definitely this addon may suit you. And thunderstruck Kodi addon has also international radio and concerts. If you are doing other works this might come handy. Thunderstruck also has music videos and music. Since the content is less, you can use other music addons for this purpose.

If you are from India, you might have known a lot about Jio Music. Being a diverse country, India has 22 major languages. Surprisingly Jio music allows you access 17 different languages. And you can use Jio music in your Kodi. And this is not available in the repository. You have to download the zip file and install it. Other than this Jio also providing top 20 list, weekly 20 lists and lots more.

Simply Jio has added the best feature from most of the addons. Jio also featuring international artists. So most probably anyone can use irrespective of their country.

Beatz Kodi addon is yet another music addon, by streamArmy repo. Beatz mainly focuses on UK based music. Their contents are categorized as UK top 40 Top 50 Albums Disney soundtracks World radio Random list Music genres Beatz Kodi addon may be a great choice for someone loves to hear the random music.

The random category has a pretty good collection. And Beatz also broadcasting 52 countries radio channels in world radio. No other music addon such wide variety of channels. In the music category, you will find songs and music related to the certain occasion like dance songs, love songs, old songs, and few more. It has an overall search option. You can search for your favorite songs or artists.

Even though there are various sources of music available all over the world, Radio is one of the peoples favorite. Especially internet radio in this technology era. Most people use the radio because there is a minimal interaction with songs. Though radio is outdated, people still using the internet. With Kodi, we can steam the radio channels from all over the world. Internet Radio Kodi addon is available solely for this purpose. Radio also broadcasting news. So it may be a way to save your time.

Since it has most of the channels, all these channels are categorized into All these categorizations are made on the language, type, genre, country of the channels. Wherever you are you can always enjoy music, Internet Radio is developed by Metal Chris and available in the super repository.

Internet Radio is developed by the same team who developed Documentary storm. Tunein radio Kodi addon is simply an alternate for internet Radio.

Though both addon work on the same bases, tunein radio Kodi addon has some user-friendly options. Instead of providing all available channels, tunein radio provides quality channels in a well-organized manner. In browse select location, and select your country followed by the state.

You can also search by using language. It has inbuilt search option so you can just search your favorite channel. Tunein radio Kodi addon is developed by brainhornsby and available in the kodil repository. Health is one of the most significant things that one need to care about. With that being said, if you are concerned about your health, then you must do some regular workouts and exercises to keep yourself fit.

Kodi itself has got some addons for fitness and workouts. In this section, we will discuss some of the best kodi fitness and workout addons. Most of these addons will compile a huge list of videos from the popular health-related youtube channels.

Here is the list of best kodi addons for fitness and workout along with its repository information. Merlin Fitness kodi addon comprises of a good collection of videos related to health and fitness.

The health tips from various popular youtube channels and other websites are available in a well-categorized order. The thumbnail preview of videos listed in this addon makes us feel like youtube.

Also, the duration of each video can be viewed in the thumbnail preview itself. Fire Fitness is yet another best kodi addons for fitness. It also includes fitness training videos from the popular youtube channels and websites. This addon is a bit different from Merlin Fitness in terms of UI.

You may find some common categories of videos in both of these addons. But wait, there are some additional fitness tutorials available in the Fire Fitness Kodi addon, which are listed below….

It includes video tutorials from various popular fitness mentors. The list goes like this…. As these addons are built based on youtube you will find continuous streaming without any buffering issues. It has a very limited number of fitness videos from the most popular channels which are listed below…. YogaGlo is an official addon available from the Kodi addon repository developed by Jacobo. This addon is exclusively created for streaming the fitness tips available in the yogaglo.

You will many Yoga related tutorials in this addon. We all know that Ares Wizard and Ares Repo are down due to the recent copyright infringement. But you can still install the Ares Fitness through the Kodil Repository. In the kodi fitness addons which we have come across so far contains only the videos from popular Youtube channels and websites. But Ares Fitness is quite unique from those addons. Ares Fitness includes separate workout tutorials for abs, legs, shoulders and chests.

You would also find separate categories for warm up workouts and stretchings. The only reason for listing it at the last is that it is not being updated regularly. Program addons are the backbone of Kodi. It is the main reason for streaming such large quality of data by different addons.

These program addons are the one which runs in the background to make streaming easier. There are tons of program addons. In this article, we will see about best program addons. Knowing this may help you to fix some of the frequent Kodi errors. The best Kodi program addons are listed below. URL Resolver is the big thing behind Kodi streaming. Most of the contents are hosted offshore servers. Kodi is just a streaming software. When we click content links, the links are decoded and points to the original location.

Most of the streaming contents are same. The only difference between addons is the method of decryption. Depends on the method of decryption, the streaming speed will differ. If the contents are moved to different location, by using certain providers tracking methods URL Resolver can find the location. So its mandatory to update the URL Resolver. This will prevent stream authorization error like thevideo.

This is one of the major error in Kodi. Knowing more about URL resolver can help to solve your problem. Open URL Resolver and update it regularly. In order to keep Kodi at optimum performance, you need some third party addons to do certain tasks for you. Being a media streaming software it must have accumulated lots of caches temporary files. It should be cleared at regular interval for optimum performance.

The thing is we have to know about cache storage location. Like a cache, there are lots of temporary files. Indigo Kodi addon is one of the maintenance addon used for these purposes. Indigo was developed by tv addons and available in the kodil repository. If any error occurs, It will automatically proceed installation with an alternate source.

Maintenance tools help to clear cache, thumbnails, temporary packages, and crash logs in one click. Log viewer helps to view the log, so you can find exactly at which place the error occurs.

Looking glass wizard is an alternate for indigo Kodi addon. Similar to indigo it also has a set of options for optimizing Kodi performance. It also has some additional builds and tutorials. The best thing is, it has a wizard feature. Just open and proceed with the wizard. It will do the task for you. Community builds are custom frameworks which have a different user interface other than the default interface.

Save account info function is like chrome autosave password function. Easy advanced settings Kodi addon is for an experienced user, If you are a beginner you can try this addon at your own risk. In most of the software, protocols are embedded using XML code. In a similar Kodi also has these XML codes. By modifying these codes, we can customize the software to some extent. On the other hand, modifying the core code also increases the risk of frequent errors.

Easy advanced settings Kodi addon enables you to modify the XML code to a certain extent. Though a basic understanding of Kodi streaming is essential. Easy advanced settings Kodi addon is available in the kodil repository and super repository. This addon was developed by kinkin. There is a common quest among most of the Kodi user, whether new user or old user. This quest remains the same. How Kodi can stream such huge contents especially movies?.

These movies contents are hosted on the remote servers. Noone knows about its details. So there is a minimum possibility to reach this server. At this point, you might be wondering how the heck Kodi is streaming then?. In order to reach this remote server, there is a portal. By scraping this portal, the contents are added. And while we are streaming movies or any content, first providers list will be scrapped. All these are scraped from TMDB. And actual hosters links the movie in TMDB to its database.

Kodi is just a tool in the big picture. Depends on the number of scrappers the fetching speed may differ. All these fetched links are decoded by URL Resolver to point the actual location.

With these details, your favorite contents are streamed in your device. Open Subtitles Kodi addon is the only addon you required to download the subtitles of all your favorite movies and TV shows. Open Subtitles Kodi addon is an official addon. After installing, open the addon and link it to your account. Now configure your open subtitles Kodi addon by using your user id and password. This addon just acts as a portal to download your subtitles.

For a detailed guide visit this post. But you know what?! Kodi is more than what you have thought. With Kodi, you can even play your favorite games. Yes, it is now possible to integrate various gaming emulators and its ROMs on Kodi. Once you have configured them on Kodi, you can enjoy playing games.

Apart from that, there are also few addons that you can just install directly and start playing the game. This is one of the bulk kodi addons that is built for gaming. The total size of the zip file is around 51 mb. You can either install it from superrepo or directly download it here.

This addon works based on the internet archive. It scrapes the old games from the web archive and integrates them on kodi. The user interface is very friendly when compared to other kodi game addons. Once you have opened the addon you would find a huge list of folders. Each folder has many subfolders where you can find a huge list of games. Once you open a game you will find three options that are download, launch, and exit.

On clicking launch, it will load the game from the web archive. Now you can start playing your favorite good old games. Blackjack is one of the simple addons that is built for kodi. You can directly play this game without any sort of integration. It is one of the best time killer game if you are a big fan of cards. The controls are pretty simple. You will only find the two options that are Draw and Stand.

Based on your predictions you just need to select whether you are going to draw or stand. Hope you spend some good time with this simple Blackjack game on Kodi. Princess Sapphire appeared in episode 3 of this series. There was an original television series called Black Jack TV , featuring 61 episodes that aired from 11 October through 6 March The sequel is Black Jack 21 TV , which aired seventeen episodes from 10 April through 4 September of the same year.

Adapted from standalone manga chapters, Black Jack 21 features an all-new overarching storyline. Though the Black Jack 21 series has never been licensed in the U. The previous two anime, Black Jack and Black Jack 21 , depart somewhat from the manga by changing the setting to the early s, allowing for flat-screen LCD computer displays and other items not present in the manga.

A new anime entitled Young Black Jack , about Black Jack's adventures as a medical student, began to air on 1 October , with twelve episodes planned. More closely following the timeline of the original manga by Osamu Tezuka , the new anime is however somewhat discontinuous with the anime.

While Young Black Jack is set in the late s against the backdrop of activism against the Vietnam War , the anime is set in the early s, representing nearly a year time difference, even though Black Jack appears to have aged less than 10 years between them.

Two OVAs were made for the series: Wizard selected the series as their "Anime Pick of the Month" for August , calling it "one of the darkest and hardest-hitting made-for-video series of recent years. A movie of the series was made called Black Jack The Movie. Another one that was made in the same year is Black Jack: Capital Transfer To Heian.

A 7-minute movie called Dr. The Two Doctors of Darkness movie. The Two Doctors of Darkness movie was released in December While the television series is an adaptation of Tezuka's original manga, the film's storyline is wholly original.

The film describes Black Jack's attempts to prevent a group known as the Ghost of Icarus from starting a widespread, biological war which could wipe out humanity, while working alongside the infamous Dr.

The TV show can currently be viewed for free on Viki website and Crunchyroll. Anime Sols has successfully crowd-funded the first 26 episodes of it for DVD release, starting from Episode 0.

An anime version of the character was seen in an ad teaming up with Dr. House from House for the promotion of the latter in Japan.

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