In Parts Of Africa, Cell Phones Are Everywhere And Landlines Barely Exist

You will have a huge selection of fixtures to bet on The sports betting site can be accessed with the touch of a button on the mobile device of your choice Payments will be quick and easy with multiple banking options available to you. Popular Sports to Bet on in SA While there are a huge number of different sports that South Africans love to wager on there are a few stand out sports that continuously draw in the crowds. Live casino games are a more interactiveoption, and are proving popular with players who like to engage with each other and see the dealer in action. With the rise of mobile technology, online sports betting in South Africa has seen a huge surge in popularity with sports fans across the nation looking to support their favourite national and international teams across a huge selection of sports. Of course, while widespread communication could hardly be considered a bad thing, there's another story about phones in Africa that shouldn't go ignored: Cell phones are bringing parts of Africa into the digital age, allowing some regions to bypass landline development altogether. Live roulette, blackjack and baccarat are all widely available.

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Only 2 percent said they did. In the United States, 60 percent of people still have a working landline in their home, according to Pew. That basically lines up with a National Center for Health Statistics study from last year, which found that 41 percent of U.

Pew has studied cell phone use in Africa for years. It ran surveys in , , , , and , though data wasn't consistently available for each country. Jacob Poushter, a research associate at Pew, told The Huffington Post that a few factors go into selecting countries: The research group likes to have a geographical spread, meaning that countries aren't clustered in one area; and they like to poll the same locations over the course of years to see how their data changes.

Based on the data in Pew's previous studies, it's clear that cell phone use has long been on the rise across sub-Saharan Africa. Even in , CNN noted that more people in Africa had a cell phone than access to electricity. And last year, PBS explained how widespread cell phone use was encouraging entrepreneurship in countries like Kenya, where many people use phones to conduct business transactions. Of course, while widespread communication could hardly be considered a bad thing, there's another story about phones in Africa that shouldn't go ignored: Many of the most important materials in phones and other electronics -- gold, tin, tantalum and tungsten -- come from mines in Congo.

The rush to capitalize on these materials, worth trillions in total, spurred rebels to take control of the mines and perpetuate violence against men, women and children. A report from indicated that many mines are no longer controlled by armed rebel groups, at least in part due to legislation in the U. A previous version of this story stated that Pew's surveys represented data from all "people" in the nations examined, rather than "adults.

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