iMac Intel 21.5" EMC 2544 Teardown

We'd like to thank all our contributors, testers and users around the world for their support and help making this release possible. And it's designed to enable your Mac and iOS devices to work together in amazing ways. The original idea was to get a MacMini, but in the configuration we wanted it, we could just as well get an iMac. Pleasure deal with your purchasing from us. No mention of what screws are used in each step?

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Not only is it designed to be intuitive and easy to use, but it's also engineered to take full advantage of the Retina display, so you'll see everything on your desktop with stunning clarity. It features an incredible collection of apps you'll use - and love - every day. And it's designed to enable your Mac and iOS devices to work together in amazing ways. I love my new computer.

It is better than I imagined it would be. MacMall shipped it so fast and it came perfectly packaged and undamaged.

If I had known about MacMall I would have bought my other devices from them. It is unfortunate that I was just introduced to them by a friend. This iMac is pretty great! What I loved about it is that it came with a large 27 inch display. I need a lot of room to work onscreen and its huge screen size allowed me to do just that! It really does compliment my workstation too. And don't get me started on its 5K Retina display.

Working on with this kind of display technology is pretty epic. Because not only do you get accurate detail on every content, image, document, and video you have, you also get to experience a display with exceptional clarity and quality that's really breath taking. This iMac was also able to keep up with every computing task I threw at it, the processor and graphics card are awesome. This is a fine computer for what I do on a home computer. Choosing an optional mouse, which I replaced with my trackball, delayed delivery of the product and the delay time was not accurate on the ordering page.

Completely enchanted with this amazing machine. Speed - Incredible Visuals - Incredible Setup - flawless - although some older apps took some a little finese to get working on El Capitan Backorder wait time - well it's a good thing I wasn't in a hurry If you are going to be doing video editing - this is the machine you have got to have although the older Adobe apps will not recognize the video card and all of its 4GB of memory.

Remarkably well made computer system. Upgrading from a MAC Book Pro was easily accomplished via Time Machine and the operating systems easy "walk you through it" approach to upgrading.

The only glitch is that I have yet to learn from MacMall how I can sign into my Apple Care that was ordered through you. There appears to be a lack of follow through within your organization that needs to be addressed. I usually mentally translate "Thinner, lighter, and smaller" as "Missing internal components, not as sturdy, and unable to operate with adult hands.

Along with a printer I use two, one extra large for graphics , scanner, and maybe another ext. HD, you eat up the input slots very quickly and need to purchase either new peripherals that link with thunderbolt or buy a USB 3. What was disappointing was the thinner, lighter, smaller keyboard. This is for children or narrow-shouldered, skinny, adults under 5' 6" with double-jointed wrists. But don't throw it away; the kids can use it, even if it's missing a bunch of input keys, as it is.

The mouse is fine but you might want a replacement with a scroll wheel. I do a little graphics work but it's not my main usage. Looked at a Mac Pro and was tempted, but it's even more stripped down and priced higher, so I'm seeing if this works for me. Fit and finish seem to be excellent, and though it bows to the odd Apple obsession with "Thinner!!

The screen is also excellent. I want my single key forward delete back! This was a special order and the process went well. I had a concern about state sales tax and MacMall resolved it. I've purchased from MacMall in the past and will do so again. A good company to do business with. I still can't get over it. Worth the extra cost. Also is very fast, and very, very quiet. I love my new iMac. Super fast, beautiful screen and very easy to set up. I just want to thank MacMall for great service.

Customer service rep John Rafael Ocha went out of his way to make sure I got exactly what I needed in a timely fashion.

Very happy with the equipment. Everything is working beautifully for my needs. I am doing professional photo editing and this system is perfect for that. To those of you who may be wondering whether you want to go for the retina display -- go for it! This is the first time I've purchased a computer from MacMall in a long time. The customer service I received was absolutely fantastic.

When my custom order hit a long delay, I was contacted by John Ochoa from MacMall customer service with an immediate solution that allowed my order to be processed very quickly. Thank you John for helping me with my purchase. I couldn't be happier than I am with your recommendation. It is lightening fast and as with most apple products it is very user friendly.

I use my machine mostly for professional level editing of photography and for writing, which it handles quite beautifully. The screen is gorgeous and very accurate color. I couldn't be more pleased than I am with this purchase and with the help and advice I received from MacMall. I have been a big Apple fan for many years, now I'm a big MacMall fan, too. If you want a computer to last and keep you happy for years, buy this one! This is my second iMac, bought the first in and just replaced it in November Speeds right along, usual Apple easy peasy set-up and elegant design.

Used mostly for the usual home use but also for my volunteer work and have never been disappointed. I actually went to the Apple Store in Germantown Tennessee planning to take home a new mac. The sales person was so lacking in knowledge and so rude that I just gave up and left. This is my 27th Mac and I knew what I wanted.

I got in the car and called Mac Mall and had exactly what I wanted the next day. There continues to be a place for you in the Apple supply chain. Great job and thanks. This iMac is excellent. I enjoy photography and the 5K Retina display makes album making easy. The 27" size is perfect. The iMac sits 2. This iMac is fast, has lots of memory and does an excellent job. Best computer I have ever used. I've always had a PC. This is our first Mac. It works great and MacMall made my purchase an easy experience.

I replaced my older iMac 27" with a new one because my wife's older iMac 21" would no longer take software upgrades. I loved this machine so when I got the new one I was disappointed in a couple off aspects with it.

To my knowledge I have no control over the fusion drive as to contents. I'll hopefully get used to the new machine, but I sure miss the other one. I do like the new video resolution. I spent my career as a PC technician building and maintaining over PC's for a large corporation and still today for friends and I can honestly say after about 11 years with my iMac's, I would never go back to non-Apple hardware and Windows. As a Windows user with an iPhone, I was a bit nervous to make the jump to the iMac.

So glad I did! The speed when using Lightroom and Photoshop for photo editing is amazing! The pictures are so crisp and vibrant. A definite 5 star rating! This is the first Apple computer i have ever purchased but after owning a couple of iPhones and a 3rd generation iPad i felt the the time had come.

Upon ordering my new iMac from Mac Mall, the first surprise is that it arrived with in two days. The packaging was superb and everything came in perfect condition. As a die hard PC user i will say that it has taken me a little while to get used to the differences and i have maxed out the amount of ram that can be installed and added a blu-ray burner but overall i could not be happier with my purchase!

I have found it to be a pretty complete machine. Though VLC media player does not have a stand terribly expensive , it is used on many stands by the attending companies. As every year, several of the VLC media player developers were present on the floor and Derk-Jan Hartman made a photo report showing some of the uses, by companies like: It is the industries 'dirty little secret' you could say.

New features are sometimes even implemented in VLC media player for internal development, and then once it works, the engineers write a new program based on their experiences, which they deliver to their customers.

However sometimes VLC media player even makes it into the endproduct. Resulting of 2 years of development, it features many new functionalities, including a new interface for Windows and Linux. A comprehensive list of new features can be found on our our wiki or by reading the release notes.

Binary packages for Windows and Mac OS X , as well as source code tarballs are available for download. Fixes for these issues are available in VLC 0. In the middle of the Wikileaks controversy over the selling of claimed Hugo Chavez emails, we found out that Wikileaks claims to have uncovered a threat letter from DTS Inc to the ECP university , our former and historical home.

This letter was not addressed to the VideoLAN project. We are unable to confirm or infirm the authenticity of this document, or to comment on it at this point in time. We are pleased to announce the release of VLC media player 0.

This release also includes improved audio visualizations on FreeBSD and miscellaneous bug fixes in multiple modules. More information can be found in our Security Advisory and in the Release Notes. Technical details are available in our security advisories. This update also includes reliability improvements in multiple modules. More information can be found in the release notes for 0.

More information at http: Official results are available on Google's website. Thanks to all the students who posted an application. Sorry to those who weren't chosen As some of you might have noticed, VideoLAN has been accepted as an official mentoring organization for Google's edition of Summer of Code.

Official student applications will be begin on the 24th and will last until the 31th. Students can apply for VLC related projects and x related projects.

The application deadline has been extended to the 7th of April by the Google folks. Technical details are available in our advisories: The usual collection of assorted changes and improvements can be found here. This release fully supports Mac OS X More technical details are available in our advisory. The full list of changes can be found here. Note that early and broken Win32 binaries have been distributed by third party websites.

Make sure to download from an official VideoLAN mirror to avoid disappointment. See the press release here. The previous VLC 0. If you need to run VLC on restricted accounts, please download the package again. There is no security issue involved and no other platform was affected. Sorry for the disturbance. An updated release of VLC is available which includes a few other fixes as well.

These issues have been fixed on our main FTP and our mirrors will follow soon. From the feedback we have had so far on the latest version of VLC media player, 0. But with a few improvements too.

It includes a new teletext subtitles decoder, new flash video decoders and Mac OS X interface improvements. Have a look here for the full list of changes. We hope you will enjoy that new version.

We have been given 7 slots for 46 applications. The choice was very hard, since many students submitted very high quality propositions. We thanks every student, accepted or not, for their application.

We wish good luck to all our selected students. We are therefore proposing to the students eligible to that program to join us. You will have to register on Google before 24 March and propose applications to our project. Note that you can also propose new ideas. Building on feedback from the 29 million downloads of VLC media player 0.

Other important changes are improved H. Binary packages and the source code are available on the VLC download page. Remember to reset your preferences if you experience problems after upgrading from a previous version.

It's time to bring that machine back to Apple and as a replacement the VideoLAN team has used the donations of our users in order to purchase a new server. The original idea was to get a MacMini, but in the configuration we wanted it, we could just as well get an iMac. Which is what we did. We would like to thank all the people who made donations very much. You people keep the project running. We'd first like to thank the 13 web designers. All the designs were great and we really had a hard time choosing a winner.

So here it comes: We'd especially like to thank Tombigel who was runner up with another great design. There are many things that we would like to improve in VLC, but that we don't, because we simply don't have enough time.

That's why we are currently looking for some help. We have identified several small projects that prospective developers could work on. Existing VLC developers will be able to help you on these projects. You can find the list and some instructions on the dedicated Wiki page. Don't hesitate to join us on IRC or on the mailing-lists. We are waiting for you! Those of you browsing the web with text only console browsers might think that this website's design is great, all the others wouldn't agree some might even dare compare it with VLC's default interface on windows and linux.

We've thus decided to give you the opportunity to change it. Rules are available on the wiki. All discussion and posts relative to the contest will be made in the Website discussion forum. You can have a look at current proposals on this wiki page.

In an effort to help Apple with its Intel transition, the VideoLAN team, distributor of the industry leading cross-platform media player VLC, announced its intent to drop support for the now outdated G4 and G5 based series of Mac computers.

Read the full Press Release. To learn more about this move, you can read our Press Release. During the move, several VideoLAN services will be down: The move should last about 4 hours, starting at 3 PM, Paris Time. We apologize for any inconvenience. The server is now at its new home. If you have some time to spare, drop by and we'll be happy to welcome you on our booth.

This minor update to VLC 0. MusePack is also now enabled in Windows version. We have at least updated the BeOS package.

Thanks to the numerous contributions we received from everywhere, we were finally able to buy a second hand dual G5 1. This will be used to debug sound playback on Powermacs and to host the VLC nightly builds.

This release cumulates fixes for regressions introduced in 0. You are encouraged to upgrade to this new version: The whole VideoLAN team is very happy of this overwhelming result. We would like to thank all of our users, sponsors and partners, who made this result possible. The new nightly build server is now available at http: The nightly builds are back!

The best source for fresh VideoLAN news, previews and insights! We currently have 3 feeds, but hope to have several more very soon. Due to a bit of media attention on various websites, we have had a surge in donations the past 2 days. Almost 1,5 times our original target of EUR has been donated. So finally we can afford to get us that G5 PowerMac that we needed. Perhaps there will even be some money left.

Don't worry, we will spent the money very wisely, we promise. There is still lots of other hardware we would like to support one day. And of course we have our usual server, conference representation and ADC costs. So please keep being kind to us and other Free and Open Source Software projects around the world.

We thank you very much. This release allows proper announcing of RTP streams, performs characters set convertion automatically when needed, selects the most appropriate SAP multicast address automatically and supports manual output interface selection. Some minor issues were fixed. These updates are in adequacy with changes in version 0.

You are encouraged to upgrade to this version: This new release features many imporvements including a full playlist rewrite, improved preferences, Mac OS X Tiger compatibility, a brand new Internet Explorer ActiveX plugin, a port to Pocket PC, mosaic picture in picture system, easy snapshots We will also hold a conference on VLC. The main website, forum, SVN and trac will be down during that time. Sorry for the inconvenience VLC 1.

The developers, forum, trac and wiki websites will be moved to this new server shortly. It will hopefully fix the many problems we've been having durring the last year concerning website avaibility. Photos of the new webserver will be uploaded shortly VLC 1. We thus got a brand new HP laptop and a nice trophy. The laptop is already making friends in the cone community cones watching Roland Garros. Thanks to Lorenzo Milito for the winning design.

Use a standard inkjet printer to get one More info is available on the goodies page. We will also hold conferences on Saturday and Sunday. The main website and downloads will keep working, but forum, wiki, SVN and mailing lists will be down during that time.

Lots of new features have found their way into VLC! VLC is now easy to use and bug free. Look at the posting date before downloading this version. This is an April Fool's Joke. This year's edition is organised with networking associations from more than a dozen French engineering schools and universities. If you are interested, please visit http: If you happen to be near Brussels this week end, we'll be happy to welcome you on our booth. Read the report here. We want to thank you for your multiples usages of VLC media player and all your ideas of future developement.

Our hardware were partialy lent by Apple and help we to tests new features. Photos can be found here. Unfortunately, we lack any good design proposal. Hence, we'd like to ask all of our users with some drawing skills to come up with design proposals.

The winning design will of course be used on millions of T-shirts! Some more info here Update: Submissions are closed VLC 1. The VideoLAN team will welcome you at the booth. VLC's documentation rewrite is finished! The complete user guide for the server aspects of VLC is now available. Following our request, Cinema On Web has removed the download from their web site.

We would like to thank them for their quick response. VLC's documentation rewrite is nearing completion. VideoLAN's main website will be down for several hours on December 4th , between Subversion source code repositories, online forums, mailing lists, their archives and email accounts will also be affected by the cut.

Sorry for the inconvenience. This is mainly a bug fix release. Look here for the list of changes. To download the sources or the binary package of this new version, go to the VLC download page and click on your OS logo!

It has been a long wait, but it is finally there. A plethora of new features for everyones enjoyment. Look here for a complete list of changes. This release doesn't include DTS audio decoding support. This is not an acknowledgement of the validity of the claim. We will be upgrading our Web server today. A few minutes downtime will occur near This release fixes a major problem with miniSAPserver where it was always announcing mp3 streams instead of mpeg-ts vls produced streams.

It also fixes the playlistgroup parameter to be compliant with the SDP standard now. The new style of this parameter will be supported in the next version of VLC. We strongly advise all users of miniSAPserver to download and upgrade to this new version. If you are interested, please visit this page. To receive an invitation, send a mail to journee via.

We will participate to the italian hackmeeting in Genova see http: We will hold a conference about video streaming and make demos on saturday and sunday. The new version of VLC is coming up, and we thought we'd show you some pictures of the stuff we have been working on.

A Mac OS 9 version is now available as well, and there is a new plugin to stream video to the Spirit Marsrover. Look at the posting date before asking stupid questions. Due to maintainance operations, a network downtime of about one hour will occur this day at about 12AM. After a long time down, the VideoLAN wiki ie, a website that everyone can change is back up, at http: Its goal is to document what is not in the official documentation: S, the graphical interfaces, We hope that the contribution of VideoLAN users will help us keep a documentation as up-to-date as possible.

This new release of VLC media player is a bit more than a bug-fix release as it does in fact include many new features. Go to the VLS source code download page to get this new version now! DTS is a high quality multi-channel 5. The code for dtsdec is still in early development stage, but it is already quite useable. The VideoLAN team will welcome you at the booth and invites you to its conference about reverse engineering and interoperability February 3rd afternoon.

We are very glad to be honored in this way and will continue to strive to making the project, VLC media player and VLS, the best programs out there. You can read more about the award in these builder. The first version of the OS X package didn't include the Flac decoder. If you experience problems with Flac audio, please download again. This new release of libdvbpsi fixes a few bugs and adds support for DVB subtitles descriptor. The VideoLAN team wishes you a happy new year!

Due to a power audit, major disruptions are expected. A rescue line will be set up during the downtime, but due to a very narrow bandwidth, only the main website will be partially up. You can download the sources for this release. The VideoLAN team is pleased to announce the opening of our new webforum http: We hope this will help improve user support, communication between VideoLAN users, and sharing of ideas.

We will have a demo of the streaming solution on our booth! To download the sources or the binary packages of this new version, go to the VLC download page and click on your OS logo! This new release of VLC media player features: Go to the libdvdcss and libdvbpsi web pages to read the Changelog and download the sources or the Debian packages.

Minor bug fix of the miniSAPserver. You can see the trophy on the events page. See the libdvdcss page to download the sources or the Debian packages. We have set up a Wiki ie, a website that everyone can change at http: This release fixes a bug in the command line parsing, adds DVD title and chapter selection with the configuration file and features a new Windows installer. It gives much better results than the Visiontech Kfir card. If you have remarks about it or would like new questions to be integrated in it, post in one of the user mailing-lists.

VLC was nominated at the Free Software Trophies , an international competition aimed at promoting the development of free software, in the category "General Public". This release fixes a bug when trying to stream multiple DVB channels and a bug in the configure script with DVB drivers. To download this new version, go to the streaming page. VLS for Windows is back! The Windows port of VLS has been fixed. To download the sources or the Windows executable of this new version, go to the streaming page.

See the documentation page and report any problem to the user mailing-lists. Support for playing directories and video4linux are other big new features. Karibu has designed a new skin for the Web site: This major release features a new command line interface, support for the new LinuxTV drivers which brings support for the streaming of digital terrestial television channels , MPEG-4 TS support and many bug fixes. Because of a well hidden bug, VLS is not available under Windows any more.

To download the sources of this new version, go to the streaming page. See the libdvdcss page to download the sources or the binaires. See the libdvdplay page to download the sources or the binaires. Please have a look at the download page. It fixes the problem with VLC starting up in a different language than your preferred language and an issue with sound missing on several files that previously worked perfectly.

This is a bug-fix release of VLC with a few new features: Unfortunately, this release doesn't fix the audio problems under Mac OS X This is a major release of VLC with a a lot of great new features: This is the first release of libdvdplay, a DVD navigation library.

This library is based on a lot of Ogle's code and features basic read and seek for DVD media, export of the DVD information audio, subtitles, chapters, See the documentation page. Welcome to our new web site: There is a separate site for developers: If you find errors, please write to webmaster videolan. Have a look at the ChangeLog and go to the download page. Check the libdvdcss page, and have a look at the Changelog.

The pictures and the slides of the Free Software Days in Lyons are online: This event is organized by ALDIL, and you will have all the information about the stands, the conferences and a site map on this page. It can still read from VLS 0. Visit the ChangeLog and the download page. This new release adds IPv6 support, features unlimited channel numbers and auto-reload when the configuration file is changed.

Get-it from the download page! This release requires VLC version 0. Get it now from the download page! This release fixes many issues in the Windows port. This release fixes miscellaneous portability issues, and a bug in the PMT generator which created over-complicated PMTs. Check the libdvbpsi page, and have a look at the Changelog. This release fixes some Windows bugs and is built on the newest libdvdcss.

It also features ffmpeg AVIs playing. Subtitles should be readable again under MacOS X. Also includes a few BeOS improvements, and several other bugfixes. This is a small bugfix release, but also features multicast IPv6 support and new deinterlacing plugins. See the ChangeLog and the download page.

This is mostly a bugfix release with a few improvements. See full ChangeLog for more information. Then go to the download page. Now the playlist and looping options work with TS files. Download it now VLC 1. This release fixes a bug preventing to read DVDs when the disc's region didn't match the drive's. Also, QNX support was added.

Check the libdvdcss page. The students are invited to visit www. It also fixes dozens of causes of crashes and freezes. This release fixed a grave crash with some DVDs. Check the libdvdcss page! This release has full MPEG 2 descriptors decoding and generation capabilities.

Get it now from the download page. It deals in particular with the different streaming methods unicast, broadcast, multicast , the issue of IPv6, the use of channel tools, Video on Demand and the design of a complete solution. It has been written by Marc Ariberti and Alexis de Lattre. This release adds a few convenient options. It is now possible to change the TTL value and to make the vlms repeat its playlist. This new release adds a long awaited Windows port for the vls!

See the events page and the pictures taken during the unpacking party. It is an important document for all the users of vlc. This is a bugfix release which addresses issues discovered in 0. Lots of crashes fixed, see the full ChangeLog for more information. This was due to failure of the ISP.

When the ISP of the main site is down, you will be automatically redirected to the mirror site. Basic skills on Linux and Network should be enough to understand this Quickstart.

It has been written by Bill Eldridge bill rfa. This release fixes an amazing number of bugs and brings a lot of new features as well: Read the ChangeLog and go to the vlc download page. You do not need to upgrade if 1. Otherwise, check the libdvdcss page! Major update, a lot of new features since 0. WinTV-Nova satellite receiver support, IPv6 support, multicast improvement, user documentation and lots of bugfixes. See changelog and download pages. This new release of the most portable DVD descrambler is a lot more robust, includes a new descrambling method, is now in sync with the Ogle group's own version, features an HP-UX port, and fixes many bugs.

Check the libdvdcss page for more information. This is the first official release of libdvbpsi. It is used by vls under Linux but the code is fully portable. Check the libdvbpsi page for more information. Small update, configuration file is now a lot more simple to write but it can only support the newest vlc network syntax udp: See the network page for more information and download.

Read the ChangeLog or go to the download page. Kfir video encoder support, plugins, file output, bugfixes. Check the vls page for more information. The first version for more than one year. Lots of bugfixes, and support for MPEG1 streams. See the vlms page for more information. Minor release, with overlay subtitle support. This version fixes lots of issues discovered in 0. See the usual changelog file for a more complete report on what has changed, or directly go to the download page!

We apologize for the 24 hour downtime due to a power audit. This version comes after a huge bug hunt, almost all critical bugs have disappeared, and all important ones are gone.

See the changelog file for more information. This is also the first public version to use libdvdcss. This new version brings lots of bugfixes, full Windows 98 and Windows support, and a faster DVD key handling. Get it on the libdvdcss page. We apologize for the 24 hour server downtime, but our server's motherboard fried and we experienced additional RAID array issues.

Recovery was, erm, fun. It is the first library based on the vlc codebase, but others are planned. A major step to 0. Check out the download page, and the changelog file. It is available on the IdealX Open Source web site.

The VLAN server is now released. Go to the download page for more information. Release just before we break everything before freeze: A quick bugfix release which solves issues introduced in 0. Get your copy on the download page. We did a port-specific page for each vlc port known to work, so that you can keep track of what is happening to your platform's port.

This is a bugfix release which fixes most of the issues discovered in 0. After a long wait, version 0. Go and get it while it's still hot! We now have a CVSWeb interface on the site. This new bugfix version brings plain X11 support which was broken , enhanced CSS support, a few new interface features including drag'n'drop support, and fixes a few reported bugs.

As usual, download it quickly! Get it from the download section! The website has been simplified a lot, because the old one was reported as confusing.

Unstable has a lot of new interesting features. We have moved the web site to our brand new IBM server. Please let us know if anything goes wrong on the web pages. For our beta-tests campaign on our local network, we have created a boot floppy allowing non-Linux users to boot off the floppy and load the vlc through an NFS mountage.

VideoLAN is not vlc. It's a whole network solution; we are testing again, on our LAN, as many improvements have been done to the three part of the project videolan server, vlan solution, client since we last tested it. We expect about 50 to beta-testers. See the test section if you are a student in the Residence of the Ecole Centrale. We advice you either to take the rpm or to downgrade to gcc 2.

A new version of the VideoLAN client fixes a few display bugs, we now have field images support and the motion compensation isn't buggy any more. Check the download section. The VideoLAN mini server has been released! Check the download section, as well as the changelog file.

Sam wrote a buggy Makefile which prevented code to be compiled with optimizations. We did a TODO list for the 0. People wanting to help might pick up ideas from this list. This mostly fixes an urgent fix for BeOS, see the download section. We are the 12th and vlc 0. Check the download section! The client is being pre-released today! Though the full network solution is not available yet, it already lets you watch your favorite DVD with Linux!

Some screenshots have been put online so that people know VideoLAN isn't vaporware: A beta-test campaign will take place on the VIA network this week. We're getting closer to a release, and we are preparing the web site for featuring dowloads and bug fixes.

Most DVDs are encrypted, but some are not. To encourage this, we provide a list of known unencrypted DVDs. Any body can tell us 'Hey, this cool DVD is unencrypted'! We would like to thank all the visitors who showed interest in our project at the Linux Expo in Paris. Pictures of our stand will soon be available. Our school director still needs to sign one paper. We now can play DVDs at full framerate on a Celeron using framebuffer output, which makes the vlc the fastest available software DVD player under Linux.

According to Meuuh, there're still many improvements that can be done. Some photos of the presentation day are available on VIA's website: A map can be found here: The videolan client now suports the Linux framebuffer output, and has been ported to BeOS.

A presentation day will take place on January the 21st, Everyone interested in the project is welcome to come and see it working. Find out more here! A large scale beta-test period has just begun. All students of the Ecole Centrale are welcome to test the client with us, providing they have Linux and don't mind losing the Windows network neighbourhood for the entire duration of the beta test.

A presentation day will take place in january at the Ecole Centrale, in Paris. We expect to show you our full MPEG2 solution. Find out more when the date has been chosen.

The website has been updated. Expect to find here as much as we are allowed to give away in a few weeks, starting from screenshots or hopefully more.

VideoLAN software is licensed under various open-source licenses: Design by Made By Argon. VideoLAN, a project and a non-profit organization. News archive VLC 3. Wikileaks revelations about VLC. VLC for Android 2. VideoLAN servers under maintenance. VLC for iOS 2. VLC for Android 1. VLC for Android 0. VideoLAN announces distributed codec and conecoins! VLC for iOS version 2. A new year of Google Summer of Code.

CeBit and 10 years of open source End of support for VLC 1. Google Summer of Code student applications. VideoLAN security advisory VideoLAN party next friday! VLC Skin Editor 0. Skins contest vote and VLC 1.

A New Logo for a Brighter Future. A problem with Windows 0. VLC media player wins tim Award. End of support for VLC 0.

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