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He says firearms in the US pokies pokies in Australia have a foothold in their communities not gambling elsewhere. Updated April 13, I am in the same position as you in that I can't ban from all the establishments. It started from me working at a gaming venue and I would play after finishing my shift, it progressively got worse over time. You like betting on the horses? I could be helping them.

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I'm desperate to end this but I don't know how, I live in the country so I'm not able to get help as we don't really have a gambling service close by.

I feel so guilty and so lost I just want it to end please help me! Please tell me what would be effective? Why can't I stop? Thanks for your post, it sounds like it is a really important time for you to get some help right now! It sounds like it has been a problem for you for a long time and is now worse than ever, and you're desperate to stop.

I would say the first step is talking to a gambling counsellor over the phone - getting some professional help and advice about the first step. A lot of people have found that working with a counsellor can be such a relief after dealing with something by themselves for so long. The reason you can't stop easily is because the machines are designed to be very addictive and it takes some time and help to be able to start to change.

However most people who seek help find that they are able to see some good changes in time. If you can call you can speak to a trained gambling counsellor, and they can either sign you up for telephone counselling or find a service near you there are some gambling services that have counsellors who travel out to rural locations.

You've made a great step by posting on this forum today, so it is good to acknowledge that this is the first step! There's no magic pill, switch, gymic or answer. I know how you feel. I'm happy to buddy with you daily to give you some strength. I find it hard to sleep at night and i hate the gambling hangover. I did my tapping homework to work on the last little bit.

I was on cloud nine for weeks, I have not played the pokies nor do I want to, since the day I saw Karen three months ago. For those of us who are full time EFT practitioners the successes are too numerous to mention, but there are those that stand out.

One of those for me was setting someone free from a severe gambling addiction in only one session. Paul sold his house and before he'd purchased another home he'd gambled away the proceeds. He was an intelligent and good person, but the gambling was an addiction, something he couldn't stop. After only one session Paul felt that the likelihood of gambling again was low, but to be sure I "prescribed" persistent tapping on himself using the statements we'd worked on.

Even though when I gamble money doesn't mean anything to me and I don't care about it, I care about myself and Even though I had so much luck when I started gambling and I still think I'll always win The middle-aged woman beside me smokes a cigarette, sips her drink and online on her game.

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Anti-gambling campaigners say the machines are designed to online addictive. A landmark case against Crown Australia and gaming machine manufacturer Aristocrat begins today at the Federal Court in Victoria. If successful, it could have significant ramifications. Crown and Aristocrat deny the allegations. Three are slots by Woolworths. Greg, from Mounties Group, thinks only around 2. Nonetheless, he says just one is too many, from his point casino view.

Labor sticking with pokies ban despite Tasmania election loss, Rebecca White says