What is Illegal Gambling?

Luckily, users in Hong Kong still have plenty of options to choose from. The race-course has an area of , square metres and 18, seats for gamblers. Casino Cruise Ships Although casino cruise ships are not allowed to offer games while in Hong Kong territorial waters, the business is booming with dozens of excursions departing established terminals like those in Tsim Sha Tsui and Hung Hom daily. Not only is the HKJC the government-approved entity that oversees legalized gambling, but having an organization of its nature ensures that profits from betting are invested back into the community. It is also an offence under section 7 of the Gambling Ordinance to engage in bookmaking both in Hong Kong and offshore by receiving, negotiating or settling outside Hong Kong a bet which is placed from Hong Kong; or placed by a person who is in Hong Kong when the bet is placed. It has a deal with the Ladbrokes-Coral Group in the United Kingdom to accept bets through their websites as well, thereby increasing their customer base and elevating interest in Hong Kong racing. Roulette with real dealer at live casino online:

Casino gambling in Hong Kong

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Profit-oriented illegal bookmakers lure customers with credit betting, better price incentives, and more bet types, irrespective of their age and financial status. By offering discounts and loans, they encourage customers to chase losses, resulting in heavy gambling debts.

Round the clock gambling opportunities provided by illegal operators often lead customers to bet instantly and continuously, making them more prone to excessive gambling. Fuelled by the advancement of mobile technology and widespread use of smartphones and tablet computers, illegal gambling platforms are more readily available to the public in recent years.

A study tracking web traffic found that at least , local residents patronise illegal gambling websites each month. Should the money be ploughed back to society, Hong Kong people can benefit enormously from the provision of 17, additional public housing units, secondary schools and close to elderly homes.

This growing trend also aggravates the numerous social and criminal problems and activities it brings to the community. Illegal gambling is widely associated with criminal activities, in particular loan-sharking, money laundering, fraud and corruption. Equally if not more damaging is the siphoning of public resources from the community. Illegal gambling operations neither pay tax in Hong Kong, nor make any contribution to Hong Kong charities.

Being a pioneer in responsible gambling practices, the Club implements a wide range of measures to encourage those who gamble to do so responsibly and to prevent underage gambling. It endeavours to strike a balance between meeting the demand for gambling while helping to minimise potential harm caused by gambling.

There are horse tracks and off-track betting agencies, all provided by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, where anyone 18 years age or older can stake a legal bet on horse racing, football, or lottery. The first time gambling becomes a highly debated issue in Hong Kong. Formation of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. It was established with the same basic premise that still is held today. Mahjong business licenses originated by the Hong Kong Police Force, so operators publicly offer organized games.

However, as there was still a conflict with the gambling aspect, a Mahjong license was issued as Mahjong School. Hong Kong Mark Six Lottery was officially launched as a legal game, despite its year existence. Soccer betting was added to the offerings by the Hong Kong Jockey Club to offset the illegal wagering that had been rampant throughout Hong Kong.

Additionally, the broadcasting schedule expanded to accommodate 15 overseas races. As football betting became prevalent, the HKJC became approved to offer it in hopes of putting an end to the illegal and off books betting. The lottery had been running for 32 years, but the intent was to bring it in-house so that it could be regulated. Each chapter in this book covers a one-year period on a specific group of tracks. It discusses the daily lucky numbers and how they equate to racing, trifectas, and superfectas.

The business guide provides more comprehensive information on the gambling industry in the city of Hong Kong as opposed to some light, enjoyable reading. Mahjong is a game that originated in BC and is played throughout Asia.

It can also be played online as Solitaire Mahjong. It combines both skill and chance, and it can offer different stakes. Not only is the HKJC the government-approved entity that oversees legalized gambling, but having an organization of its nature ensures that profits from betting are invested back into the community.

It provides significant tax revenue and has been an integral part of social movements in Hong Kong. Anything offered by the non-profit Hong Kong Jockey Club is entirely permissible by law to customers 18 years of age or older. And, within those parameters is an abbreviated menu of gambling opportunities, just limited to three options:. Even though Macau is just a short ferry ride away and provides Hong Kong residents with access to casino gambling on a massive scale, staking wagers within the confines of Hong Kong is regimented.

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