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Posted 02 September - I'll occasionally play slots, but I couldn't find my favorite game--Wheel of Fortune. Why Belfast's Titanic Museum is a hit with cruise ship passengers Contains: I enjoyed walking in around and through and under the hotel. Baccarat and slot machines are the better 'value', if there's such a thing inside a casino lol. I only choose RWS cos it's easily accesible, no jam and car parking is relatively easy though sometimes got to walk very far from carpark to casino.

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I came here back in April when I was on vacation in Singapore and decided to stop by since my boyfriend wanted to gamble at least once. The casino here is huge! Which is a plus to accommodate all the tourists that stops around here. When I first stepped in here, I didn't think it would have been this big since the one in PA only has one floor. I love how clean it is. Unlike the many casinos in New Jersey and PA I been to, there are always waitresses walking around serving you drinks.

Has its perks when you are busy playing on a table or on a slot machine. Here, there are coffee machines where you get to make your own coffee. I didn't know that you had to have a passport coming here, so that was a bummer when I first stopped by and couldn't enter.

The second time around I made sure I brought my passport with me! Overall, the casino is beautiful and definitely worth the visit if you like to gamble a lot or even just a little bit! I wouldn't call myself a gambler, but when given the chance I do like to play a couple rounds. Sadly, I lost some money here, but it's okay since it's all in good fun! First off, this casino is especially grand and spacious. Which is what could be said about a lot of Singapore's attractions.

You will need your passport to enter and exit. If you can't stand people who smoke, and believe me there's many smokers here, take the escalator and play upstairs. Sic Bo or big and small is my game of choice, but they have all varieties here. Most players here go hard and I've seen a guy win and lose a couple thousand within 10 minutes. I would say, if you're staying at Marina Bay or touring the hotel it's worth a visit to see the Casino! This is the biggest, continuous casino floor I've ever seen!

There are TONS of tables and open seats. I've never seen so many baccarat and sickbo tables in my life. These are obviously favorites in Singapore. The rules are slightly different from American casinos. They don't have my favorite single deck black jack. The decor is nice and the casino is super clean. However it is missing the Vegas charm of glitz and glittery culture.

Overall it was a nice experience. Huge fancy casino, free entrance for foreigners but you need your passport to enter locals have to pay I think. The staff its not very friendly, people playing are mostly chinese, also you cant take pics once inside! If you come here expecting Vegas rules, don't open your wallet.

Short version of the saga is that the dealer made a mistake and instead of the pit boss making a decision, they made me wait 55 minutes to resolve the issue on a single, small bet.

Walk around, but don't put your money down. It's big, and many Chinese and I don't mean local Singaporean Chinese here. Perks for high stakes gamblers at the higher floors. Sorry, I'm not one of those. This casino is no joke. The floor seems endless.

Don't get separated from your group because you guys won't find each other! Bring your passport if you're from out of town so you don't have to pay the ridiculous fee to get in. There's a ton of high roller tables so come ready to drop some cash! And I am going to say that this - it reminiscent of Vegas at all. Sure it's huge with fancy gold decor and many many tables, it's just not as fun and youthful. What casino even does that anymore? Also, you have to be out before 10pm because the bag drop closes.

Minimum bet starts at 25 SGD: Too many old people: Where be the young-ins? Don't think I saw anyone in their 20s. Overall, definitely going back to Singapore. Don't think I'll be interested in this casino unless my boss is paying. Looking at this property from far away and you're already like Wow look at that architecture..

The infinity pool was probably the worst part of my stay and it wasn't even a bad part of my stay. The pool just had too many children running around and screaming so it was a little hard to relax but the view from uptop is phenomenal.

I stayed in a suite for the weekend and it was nice and pretty large almost sqft we had floor to ceiling views of the bay and in the restroom we had views of the gardens from the 34th floor.

This place has endless luxury shopping stores and restaurants. The casino floor is sprawling with basically every game. The black jack table's shoes were auto shuffled after each hand. I must say MBS had some of the most beautiful chips I've seen and really wished I would have kept some of the higher denominations. MBS has a great location and offers a lot.

You could probably stay here a week and wouldn't have seen a quarter of the property. Would love to stay here again when I'm back in Singapore. I had a really good time gambling here, but it's not the nicest casino ever. You need to wait in line to show your passport, and if you forget to get money from an ATM before entering, you can't by-pass the line even if you just showed your passport.

The hotel itself is gorgeous and casino is as well- though very crowded and busy- arrival by car is a chore thanks to the constant line of traffic in the direction of the hotel. Since I'm not much of a gambler, the best thing about casinos are the free drinks So to realize that rather than vodka tonics, MBS dispenses Milo and water and coffee was a pretty hilarious and sad moment.

That said, my mom and other extended family members have actually had good luck winning some cash on the slots and tables, though they do prefer Sentosa over MBS in terms of odds. So bring your passport, be prepared to stand in line, and to show your ID multiple times.

I'm not a serious gambler and my idea of fun isn't hitting up every casino in Vegas. However, I do enjoy gambling from time to time. The casino is very nice, state of the art, and huge. There are some interesting things like scanning your passport at the front if you're a foreigner, but it's not a huge deal.

If you aren't from a place in the world where things are expensive, you'll see that the casino is not cheap. What do you expect though? Singapore is now the world's most expensive city to live in. If you are strapped for cash, don't even try and gamble here. If you have a few hundred dollars, at least, to gamble with, then this isn't a big problem.

The atmosphere is not super fun as in a more party type of atmosphere, but it is still a good casino worth checking out. Out of this world amazing. Light show over Christmas displayed in the bay over the water and was choreographed with music! The show, similar to the fountain show at the Bellagio in Vegas, was stunning. The towers will dwarf you. The shops will inspire you. The casino will dazzle you and the views from the top I enjoyed walking in around and through and under the hotel.

It was a sight to see and part of what made my Singapore adventure special! You need to bring your passport to get in for free as a foreigner. Locals have to pay, presumably to deter them from gambling, but I guess some love it enough that they are willing to fork over the fee. I didn't think it was appropriate to take photos inside, so I don't have any pics of this place.

Looks similar to Bellagio or any other large casino in Las Vegas though. They have dispensers along the sides for free hot water, Chinese tea, coffee, and hot Milo, yum!

I can't even count how many cups we downed because we were so cold from all the air-conditioning. I'm not a huge gambler, so we just walked around to check out the surroundings and see how large the hands were. I'll occasionally play slots, but I couldn't find my favorite game--Wheel of Fortune. I finally spied a few small banks along one side, but several of the machines were under repair.

I did try my luck on another game, lost it all, and then gained it all back and then some. But I see it as entertainment value for low stakes. Hey, in Singapore, my winnings were enough to pay for a nice meal! I didn't like how the ground floor was smoking, as it's always a bit annoying for non-smokers. But upstairs, the non-smoking section was just around the room in an O formation and didn't seem as impressive as the massive layout on the ground floor.

I'm no gambler, I spend my money on sure things like shoes and ice cream. My review of the marina bay sands casino is from the viewpoint of that girl who sits next to a guy as he gambles and she eventually wanders off looking for shopping or the restroom. The shopping can't be beat. The attached mall has two of everything you could possibly want.

More expensive than in the US, but it's all there. The restroom is average, not particularly nice for what is purported to be a swanky casino. It's a drag to get in. Similar to going thru immigration at the airport, bring your passport have it scrutinized and swiped then move along. The crowd is not for me. Where are all the surgical masks everyone at home makes fun of Asians for wearing?!? The staff at least seems to do a very good job.

They have signs on the table explaining tipping is ok. I didn't see any free booze but there was tea and coffee around. Baccarat and slot machines are the better 'value', if there's such a thing inside a casino lol. If there's a lineup on the main level for registering for this Premier, go upstairs, shorter lineup ; Love the free checkin for any big knapsacks, etc. However the location is quite ulu and it was not lighted up in the night, no uniformed security guard only a bangla was there.

A satellite car park will be operated at Marina South. How much premier dollar have u earn? I find that premeir dollar us better than gaming points becos PD can be use to makan at the casino. Damn, i should buy my annual levy at MBS, seems easy to clock points and get gold status.. RWS seems to lose out in terms of points clocking and benefits. I only choose RWS cos it's easily accesible, no jam and car parking is relatively easy though sometimes got to walk very far from carpark to casino.

I heard the roads and conditions at MBS sucks, esp. Manage to earn only 15 game points and 20 premier dollars.

WTF, never kenna any special cards. First time kenna straights and was paid 4 times, WTF straight not consider special cards. Once kenna 2 tub thought sure win, ccb banker open straight n makan me. Friend came and accompany him play bacarrat.

Didn't know the rules so he taught me as he played. Friend uses his pd and buy me lunch at tong dim. Read a few food blogs that rise restaurant at sands hotel serve good buffet. Posted 09 October - Posted 11 May - HTML mode is enabled. MyCarForum is Singapore's top car forum. Personal Data Protection Statement. All Sections Forum Blog Marketplace.

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