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Look at those cute nerds making out like nobody's business! Really like your Mildred, PudgeDemon. Posted January 24, Hey look its that hostage everyone forgot about later. Gotta love this podcast Edited February 2, by pcopps. He got pulled under as I was coloring this.

Nerd Poker’s tracks

4th February 2013

Given to Edgeworth when he complained his neck was cold Apollo had managed to remain somewhat decent in his shirt sleeves and trousers. Klavier was shirtless, as was Blackquil surprisingly enough. Who Phoenix admitted looked very attractive. How had he agreed to this as well? Then again, Maya was always up for a laugh or let her hair down after training for so long. The game had now been abandoned for the current heated discussion between Maya, Edgeworth and Blackquil. Apollo was too busy fighting off a tipsy and overly flirtatious Klavier to even care.

I bet that drivel would sever.. However, I believe Fey-domo has a point. The two should meet up and unleash their power upon a new villain that neither can defeat alone. That disgusting excuse for a show! Phoenix had to admit his beloved was extremely adorable when he was drunk. His pale face flushed, his perfect silver tresses slightly dishevelled, and as Phoenix noted, his nipples standing proudly on his milky skin.

My fav part of ep 2 of Nerd Poker! Fan-art for the Nerd Poker podcast! This week the gang continued their exploration of the Archipelago of Many Colors by entering the lands of the Blue Giants. Turns out that includes wolves. From left to Right: JavaScript is required to view this site.

Log in Sign up. Glad you liked him. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Welcome to the new Earwolf Forums! Posted January 9, Has no one submitted drawings for the characters yet? I am going to work on some tonight, while listening to Brian and Jerry argue. Group portrait to come soon. Share this post Link to post.

Posted January 10, I'm gonna pin this to the top of the forum as a challenge to other artistic Nerd Poker fans.

Posted January 11, Posted January 16, There are some brilliant ones on Tumblr Posted January 17, I'm working on some personal art at the moment, but I really want to do this. Posted January 18, Posted January 24, Posted January 25, That's great the final frame really captures the hippy sociopath that was ElRyan. Dry Nicely done, that's hilarious! Posted January 26, He was suppose to be pube-less?

Posted January 28, That picture is friggin' great D. This is some pretty cool art here! Anyone got a drawing of Brians pack virtual nemesis? Posted January 30,

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