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I bought Words With Friends from the Apple store. Kevin Waugh, Carnegie Mellon University ; et al. You Be Illin [80]. More specifically, with my bonus chips from tge daily slot. White, Microsoft Research ; et al. Several times as it attempts to force me to see an ad so that zynga can make some money, the ad never fully deploys. So, as Kubrick later said, 'it was a disaster of Homeric proportions.

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She's Leaving Home Part 1 []. She's Leaving Home Part 2 []. You're My Home []. I Choose You []. Old Time Rock and Roll []. The Me Nobody Knows []. The Sound of Silence [] []. All I Want is You []. Unbreak My Heart [].

My Next Life []. All Eyez on Me []. Odd Man Out []. I Am Not Waiting Anymore []. When It Hurts So Bad []. I Wear the Face []. There's a Fine, Fine Line [].

Catastrophe and the Cure []. I Ain't No Miracle Worker []. Both Sides Now []. Why Try to Change Me Now []. The Room Where It Happens []. None of Your Business []. It Only Gets Much Worse []. Back Where You Belong []. Be Still, My Soul [] []. In the Air Tonight []. Don't Stop Me Now [] []. Leave It Inside []. Ring of Fire []. Break down the House [] []. I have spent monies to quickly build my farms and cities and so hate to give up the games but will no longer spend anything to advance my games.

That only benefits you and your company. Guess that is your game because no one has a positive thing to say. I like to think that I would get a response but my expectation are not high at all. How the hell do you get a hold of anyone on Zynga? I want to go back to my original Farmville Farm. I went to clean it last night and another farm popped up. Who the hell do you talk to or get a hold of to help? I use to be able to go to zynga support. Please respond to email address I gave.

It seems even harder to email, or contact Zinga!!!! I used to enjoy Castlevillle …. Either fix it or take it off. I can not get my notifications. What can I do???? Paid for ad-free and faster coin refills. How can faster coin fill up be restored?

Zynga gets paid alot of money to not be available for customers and make it as difficult to get a hold of anyone to help. I lost over , coins with goods sold, then crash and did not get credit for them. Also my owls that I wanted to keep on my farm are gone… many crashes happening. Please address these problems.

I will not spend money on farm cash if these problems are not resolved… thank you for your time.. I have contacted you 3 times today and got one response back telling me to update my firefox and flash player which is all done I am playing 12 games on Facebook and all are working properly and loading properly except for Farmville 2.

Went to support no email connection or live chat. Sent a report which was all I can do and nothing else I will quit playing all zynga games if this keeps up. There is nothing wrong with my computer but when you go to Zynga support site it said intertubes not currently working.

You need to get your stuff together and make the games work properly not just some games but all games. Please read my Email. I had a problem with your web. I know it is fake money but I hard work I deserve my chips back. I am 75 years old ,been playing Fameville 2 country Escape for about 4 month, and really enjoyed. Now for some reason I can not update it, why???? There is truly nothing worse than Zynga support.

I have been trying for days to get help. They have the wrong user name for my Words with Friends and there seems to be no way to correct this. Your company sells apps to Kindle Fire HD ie: When I spoke to the technician as to can then help me, he Ben he conveniently disconnected me….

I rate your customer service a zero. Hi everyone I can t open my castle 7 months ago. The quest with the Vineyard is the problem. There is not the little vineyard in my castle. Please help me to take my game back. I will never start a Zynga game again… its the least customer friendly site out there!!! Zygna has already been sued by Digital Chocolate for the use of the Mafia Wars name. According to another employee, lawsuits have been accounted for, with the company mindful of possible settlements.

You have 13 individual cards, each individual card has 4 suits. If you were to play real poker with real cards, it would take a very long time before you noticed any type of pattern, if there is a pattern at all.

The way the scam works is that when you first start, odds are in your favor, and you will be allowed to build up a significant bankroll. All in the hope that you will give in and buy chips. LoveFarmville1 asks I Just beat sweet acres and i did not get my shipping license or anything the other day the beat sweet acres botton show up i just need 1 thing i got it done tonight and i did not get anything what is wrong and what should i do i play to beat farms and i beat this can you please give them to me add them to my farm.

Never again — I will never purchase another game. I have a table but it does not have google play but Amazon and I want to play to play farmville2 escape. I did down load it from mobile1. When are you going to offer this to the people that have Amazon I have zeki Jellybean 4. Please do not shut down Cafe world! Please do not close Cafe World.

I will never play another Zynga game again if this is closed. It is my favorite game and I have been a VIP member from the beginning…. I will be sending multiple e-mails and posting Twitter and every other social media to stop this….. I have played other games, but due to technical issues had to give up… and then another game they closed…. Not only were users able to directly email customer service, the response time was short and the solutions beneficial to the user.

Zynga has now eliminated the ability of its users to contact them in any shape, manner or form. Farmville escape is a ripoff they take your keys and now you can. On July 1 I was playing half way Of my chip my player vanished and so was all My chips.

Can anyone tell me why this is and how I can fix it? I have tried your help and received an e-mail that i had been accepted into your special message account. But the problem I reported is worse then before. Most of your reciepe require salt or pepper. I have had so many problems with Farmville 2 since I started to play about 4 or 5 months ago.

There are a lot of people with my exact complaints. Soooo many of us. I have been trying to get technical support for months , upset yes, I am. I have been trying to get help with Draw2. Sounds to me all you want to do is rake in the money and not take the time to help your supporters!! You have taken away games and tokens that I have rightfully earned. Many of the tokens I bought on Amazon with my money. This morning I had over , tokens and many games were open for me to play.

This afternoon all but five games were closed and I only had 25, tokens available. This is a rip-off. Zynga is a total SCAM! They only allow customers who are Platinum member to email them. I was only a few points short of this level when I logged on one day to find ALL my levels gone and I was back to level 1 I was at It took me a year to get to this level! This is a game where you BUY points! And they still will not resolve or help. Companies should not be legally allowed to sell something with no support and no way to contact them.

I got a bounce back. Am trying to find out why Matching screen blacks out but can hear game playing. Your support says I have a reference that still needs addressed. You support was great in the past, now one can not communicate with anyone. Since I am not on Facebook please do not refer me there. It would be nice to get some response from you.

This is the worst game ever! I rate you guys ZERO just like my coins! How is it after buying hundreds of dollars of chips, I start receiving hands that have a black heart or red spade? What are you guys doing for this matter? Not truely a fair game especially if you are compensating players for your discrepancies.

There are friends from Germany who can not link or play Farmville2 — Its going for the second day. Can you please let us know what is going on. Therefore, there is absolutely no way for me to contact them to get help. I am also banned from the forum. Cant seem to get my correct user name. I have tried everything. I have played Hit it Rich slots for awhile now…. Then game forced update version causing a forced shutdown of the game losing all accumulated points again…. I am extremely dissatisfied with the games now.

Your new version of words with friends is buggy. Several times as it attempts to force me to see an ad so that zynga can make some money, the ad never fully deploys. The ad just sits there with the loading icon going around and around. It does not slow me to get out of it.

I end up rebooting my iPad. I am on level 59 i spent a lot of money on this game. If you sell these things to us after we buy 6 stoves 6 ovens ect. You should give us the room to use them.. Even at level 60 will not have the room dont sell to us if we cant place on farm..

Reaching zynga is like calling the White House! All I want is to be able to play the country escapes holiday missions along with all other missions without problems! I can never finish a mission due to some issues you have and always miss out on the rewards not coins. Please fix , so frustrating!!!! You encourage to buy keys, however, you never fix you problems!

I have played Farmville2 for over two years. It was a great game and I played most everyday. Back in Aug or Sept zynga made changes. Not only did my xps go away but I had to have , xps to go to level That was so unfair.

At one time I enjoyed this game so much but now it is too frustrating. I lose coins,xps, get knocked out of the game and its just not worth my time and energy. Also you support sucks…there is none. I have tried everything I know, I have several problems with more than one of your games, have used support and all I am getting is a run around , why is so diffcult to get on live chat, I stopped playing one game because it just got to the point it was not worth time to get things done, I have had a problem with farmville 2 for more than a year , same problem different quest no one seems to be able to read, I have been playing 4 different games for at least 2 to 5 years and stopped playing one that I played for 2 years would seem that you can do beeter a year is to long too wait for a problem to be taken care of , thank you for listening.

U claim that u r suspicious of me chip selling which is far from the truth! I play to enjoy and i got so exited that i reached a certain level with a certain amount of money! Im now complaining and expect of u to re open my account with the money i had sweated for.

I was up to level 90 and then updated two days ago to continue playing. The next thing I find is that all of my games are wiped out, including the one I paid for!! The only real positive thing I can say about this company is that their customer service truly sucks!! I need your help. FV2 On March 1, I had accumulated enough coins 5,, to expand.

I just now started playing it I love the game but how can you play a game that will not let you complete your task. I have attempted to contact them five times nothing has changed what has happened to facebook games. I called because I had made an in-app purchase and shortly after, a promotional pricing popped up. I called to see if an adjustment could be made because I had just made a purchase. I was told they could not help me. They could not document the purchase in relation to the special offer.

I explained I would be happy to send screenshots and purchase records to verify what I was saying. I pointed out that good customer service would be to help the people who made purchase from them. In a nutshell, they refused to help or even consider it. Cannot contact zynga support as there is no email, how is this support? I did the league thing and was in 1st place, how come there were no chips available for this prize or what even happened to my league points?

I have recently been having problems with my Farmville 2 Country Escape on my laptop. The Scavenger Hunt was still running and I could not sell anything and when that was fixed there was left over Scavenger Hunt items left in my barn that also was fixed. I had bought the Key Machine before the left over Scavenger Hunt items were removed from my barn and in the process the Key Machine is also gone.

I contacted Customer Service Via Phone to solve this issue. I talked to a gentleman by the name of David Reed. He informed me that there had been suspicious activity going on with my computer. He asked me to run a remote access for him to run a diagnoses on my computer, I agreed for him to do this.

After he was done with checking my computer out he said that my computer was being hacked through my Microsoft csrss. I was in shock of what he had told me.

I am fixing this issue myself. Thank you, Sherry Dennison. So I get nothing l will go back to King games that work and Pogo I can depend on them to work to bad I really liked Farmville 2. Zynga you really suck. I did not receive them. How do I get them? I am a guest player with no Facebook to contact support. Since they decided to set up leagues,we have a large amount of passing chips. I can tell you how many times I reported them,however there still playing.

Which is great for the company,more money,more money! I have written to them on their site about the same issues over times, and I have been intentionally ignored every single time.

In addition, I have had to deal with nonstop, disgustingly annoying ads that arise after every single play I make. I have followed all instructions given to try to remove them myself, to no avail. I have pleaded with customer service for help. I am being ignored. I absolutely believe there is no such thing as customer service; we have all been lied to. What irritates me the most is what is said to players after we submit our queries or concerns, which is: I want to scream, but there is no one there to hear me.

Please advise me what happening????? Between my husband and I, we have 2 iPads and I even down loaded the game on my iPhone, I paid and bought some credet, all of the sudden all the credits we had on the 3 devises disappeared! Beside we were paying so much money through iTune account for buying coins, the game wizard of oz eat it all! Has this video game set up just to take money, without feeling any satisfaction?

My Facebook is Teri bumgardner and can u put my level 47 back? In this I pad al ready have farm ville I want change with my Facebook please delete data in the other acount. I am in shock. I have never done anything to have this happen. I always have followed the rules. I watch MORE than the 1 min.

I clicked on the site and I was told I was too late. Please be aware I went into the site 12 minutes after it was posted. This is totally unfair. I have not been able to access my Zynga poker going into my second week.

I was playing in your tournament but have not been able to access my million plus chips. What is the problem and can you fix it? Why does it always let me play for extra points…. We do not receive them but they are taking away from our amount of collectables. Please address this problem ASAP. Zynga customer support absolutely sucks!!!

I do not have a Facebook account, nor do I want one. The online so-called support information is of no help at all. More specifically, with my bonus chips from tge daily slot. In a nutshell, I had 3 Zynga dog logos, 3 cherries, and 3 sevens.

So, I need the winnings added to my account. This all took place on October 25, , 7: My facebook account is:. Please help I was on level 36 of farmville 2 country escapes and now it wont let me get back on what level I was on.

I have restarted the game and installed and uninstalled and cant get it back. What do I do? I have gave up trying to get any help about Farmville issues. There is no way to get help, I go on Farmville with my Facebook and cant get into any chat with other players. I am missing things on my farm and can get NO help. You have a Help section that…doesnt help!!!

I have spent money on your game and would like some help. I am suppose to have got a furnace, dont have one, now I cant do certain objectives. I have been on your help and support sections over and over…nothing. How about an e-mail and tell me what to do. I have been playing Hit It Rich for a couple of years and was Emerald status. Last Thursday or Friday I was playing, with over 10,, points, and all of a sudden my screen went blank and I was asked to sign in with my email or Facebook Account.

I do not have a Facebook Account, so I typed in my email address. The screen came back, after considerable difficulty, and I lost all of my points, except 75,, lost my Emerald status, all of my Charms, 16 of them, I think, and I am now at the lowest level for earning free bonses. Since it was a glitch in your system, and I did nothing wrong, I would like to know if you are going to reinstate my previous points, status,bonuses, etc.?

My account is my email sign in, and you have all my information. After reading all the negative reports on Customer Service for Zynga,, I am deleting their game site from my tablet. I can see they never resolve problems they themselves create, so I am not going to waste anymore of my time with them. I have a issue with farm bucks, I added farmville countryescapes to my phone and when I went back on my farm it said i was recieving the 29 farm bucks and I clicked on ok ad share.

But no farm bucks. Thank You I hope you can help and fix it. I am not on Facebook and have found it impossible to get any assistance so far. Do not want to join Facebook at this point… Please help. I cannot expand 3 times to the tower. Which the challenges incorrectly wants me to do. Zynga sucks zero ways to complain of game glitches.

I play mafia only the pages stick windows refuse to close. Zynga games are a black hole of disappointment. Last week I played in poker league and finished in 5 place with a weekly winnings of 1. That should have put me at master level. I never received any cash praise or league points. Please correct or I will Take my poker playing elsewhere. The site constantly crashes, the customer support email address bounces back, I go to bet high and the system takes it as a check.

A very annoying site. Hello, my name is sue martin and I was wondering why you guys took cafe world off facebook?. Are you ever going to put it back on because a lot of people play it.

And if you look at the games you have on there know there is way to many that people dont play. So will you Please put it back up please. If you want a supervisor you will not get one. You certainly figure out how to charge for certain things….. I have tried for 3 days to get help about my account being depleted 20 million. I played for a bit betting 2 thousand. I went to shut off lap top and it fell to floor. I am so upset it took forever to get this amount. I would love to continue to keep playing..

Thank You Florence Cipriani. I am ready to delete all of Zynga Always faulty. Wizard Of Oz spins about 5 times then it stops. Hit Rich is a problem when you it big it switches off.

Is anyone out there. I have never in my life know such scandalous customer support. I am so sick of having to wait for something to be done about the problems with my game. It is no wonder that people are leaving the game in droves,if i were to give Zynga a rating out of ten for everything about it it would be 1 because thats all it deserves.

I am not going to spend anymore money until you pull you fingers out your arse and start treating us like people and sort things out. I play hit it rich all the time it seems i cannot play for last 4 hours why is the game broke or am i cut off.

This is pissing me off. I did what they told me to do. It worked once but not any more. Quit taking my fv money, let daily stamps post and correct daily delights. Your program has LOT of bugs — very hard to play daily. Coordinate with facebook for updates. I won the Daily race today did not receive the credit on Hit It Rich. Did no receive credit on games closes on winning Princess Bride games.

Have deleted games in past because of not receiving winnings lost millions of credit points. I had 77 million points and now I have 4 million. This is the second Time this has happened. You can be assured I will never ever buy a dime worth of coins from you.

You are a greedy company. It is time to move on to another game that appreciate customers. Like I said you are a greedy company with the poorest customer service. You can also be assured I will tell anyone interested in playing your game I would tell them to find something else. I have tired now since July 5th to get my event fixed and they dont care if it works for not! What did you do to my FarmVille Country Escape?

I keep trying to go to fair and collect my rewards but it keeps kicking me off? You also need to fix your other games but you must not give a shit anymore. I have lost not one amount 75FC but two FC and I am trying to het it resolved through Zynga but I can tell by reading these post that I am am out of luck.

Will someone Please tell me another way to get someone to hear my question. My computer is a new Windows 10, played my games, played Farmville2 after my old computer gave out and I had to save up to buy my new computer. Played every day as I am retired, age 72, and was happy.

Then Adobe Flash popped up and it began from there, pestering on every key stroke to allow once which I would do to get it off and out of my way, then it asked to be always allowed.

I thought, what the heck, okay and did worst nightmare starting. I have tried and tried for about two weeks now and cannot get it back on, nor back to even near the computer it was. Now I am disgusted. I want YOU to just get my game back on, take that damn yellow background off telling me that my flash is not up to date and the graphics are not up to date. It was okay before you all screwed it up. I look forward to playing Farmville2 again soon.

Thank You in advance. I love this game can u please help me. I am trying to get help. I am playing Farmville country escape. I bought Ghoul Boy character with my keys. I have keys and this character is keys. The game took my key and I did not get the character. This game should give me the character and reimburse me back some keys. Not sure if this email will get to anyone, but since I have no other way to complain I will try it. I have been playing Wizard of Oz slot game for at least 3 years and in the beginning really enjoyed it.

Over a year ago, I deleted it from my phone because for some reason, when I played on my phone it would completely freeze my phone. I would have to pull my battery to free it. Now, especially over the past week since you started with your 3 Year Anniversary messages, my iPad freezes. When I go into the game, I get notice after notice to buy credits. When I try to close the screen it will not close. Worse yet, many times it just bounces me completely out of the game.

At this point I am almost ready to delete from the iPad. I did enjoy this game every evening and am sad to call it quits. Are you having some type of problem or is this what Zynga considers improving the game for the 3rd anniversary? Zynga and Facebook support suck! I am wondering what they mean my comment is awaiting moderation? All I did was told the simple truth Zynga and Facebook support suck! From all the other comments I can tell that I was right.

I purchased a stack of keys. I used google play. They show the purchased. My bank shows the purchase. How long am I suppose to wait until I can play. Have played WWF several years. Now games are disappearing regularly. Have deleted and reloaded several times to no affect. About to give up. Can you help me? We are unable to help you any further. Your Cust Svc help is lousy You do not have a contact us link in the game Crosswords with friends?

Are you aware that ads on this game show women being taken as hostages? Please remove these types of ads they are offensive as are not appropriate.

Sniper 3D Assasin is a name of one of the ads. Since there is no customer service, its the worst customer service of ANY online game. No where is there a direct phone number to call for help. No form where ppl answer your questions. No one to fix glitches or tell me how to get refunded for money lost on the game. You make a lot of money on this game, the least you could do is give us LIVE customer support. Very hard to contact anyone they the app on my iPhone!!! My PayPal account and citi card have both said I have purchased them, but I have no coins!!!!!

I should have well over 5 billion. Ever since my phone upgraded to most recent iOS update I have to search the web for a way to contact you! Either give me my coins or refund my money!! Also, all the big jackpot winners are new players!!! I check all the time. Ever since I started buying coins I seem to be stamped as a dupe, so no more big wins.

Loyalty lounge means nothing to you guys!!! I have been playing Hit It Rich for years and today I placed a bet of , and one roll cleared out my balance of 1,,,….. I have been trying for hours to get onto support but there is no such thing on the game itself…who is going to help me with this problem and have the total returned as this has never happened before…please contact me. After playing for two years, I finally got a golden ticket in Wonka this morning.

Your email address will not be published. Im banned from making events for no reason? My farm is not giving me the options to send gifts to my friends and neighbors. I am having problems in simcity with posting request can you all HELP. If you dont pay they dont care. Again you suspend my account please Can you re active it with the chips on Thank You.

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