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Up-to-the-minute news, hand updates and videos from PokerListings signature live poker festival, the Battle of Malta. Poker Central is pretty much the greatest background noise for hosting a home game. There are hundreds probably thousands of apps that have been designed to let you play poker, get better at poker or even just watch poker. Click here to view the app instructions. Appeak also offers a couple unique ones such as the Duel functionality where you will face off against another player while representing your country.

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On the app it says "precise ranges, verified by the pros. I've worked closely with a number of pros including Dominik Nitsche and my business partner, Sadan Turker , to make sure these ranges are complete and accurate. Several weeks ago I opened the app to a wider audience, letting pros and poker industry friends beta test before and during the Aussie Millions.

I've had very positive feedback on the app from several of the top ranked players on the Global Poker Index, as well as some good suggestions for improvements, which I've incorporated into the latest version. Do you envision any problems with live players having access to an app during play? Any worries an app like SnapShove could be banned at poker events? I think as long as players respect and abide by the existing rules of no electronic devices while cards are out there will be no issue.

SnapShove is aimed at being a strategic planning and review tool, not a real-time device. In addition, a key aspect of the SnapShove app is the Training mode. Players can use the hand simulations to brush up on range knowledge and speed up decision times when they're away from the table.

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For example, you could make a calling chart based on a pushing chart, but if your opponent is not using that pushing chart then your calling ranges would be wrong. Its look very advanced! I will try it but i watch a lot of your streams and subscribe your youtubechannel and watch your GPL comentating , you coments are the best and you know what are you talking about and your webinar with olivie was best, you ask very good questions in webinars so i know this charts will work.

So simple yet so good: Funny enough the demo hand of 45 suited you used was a shove in the snap shove ap granted it was the very bottom. I went through another dozen hands or so and your charts mirrored theirs. Your ap has many more features like moving positions automatically instead of having to re-key in particulars. One thing about snap shove that I do enjoy is the Training feature. Gives you 10 hands and grades your performance. You can sit there and do that for hours.

The ranges are the same because those are GTO ranges. We are working on a quiz feature that hopefully you will enjoy. Wow what a helpful app to use! I tried the app and IT seems to go backwards when I press Next.

It goes from button to cut off?? Am I doing somthing wrong? It should go from the button to the cutoff as when you are playing, you are on the button, then the cutoff, then the hijack, etc. Now I just need to get Jack Effel to let me use it in-between hands…………………. Nevertheless, just as there are GTO pushing ranges, there are GTO calling ranges — is there any intention at all to extend the app to calling ranges?

We are working on implementing calling ranges but I strongly suggest you do not blindly follow them, especially in tournaments. I am trying to download it from google play store. Sorry, but I do not know. I suggest you contact the google play support.

Good luck with it. You can always open the app directly in your browser. Check out this interview I recently gave to PokerNews India in. Someone recently told me about their "bad beat". When would you have folded? Jonathan Little - live via Restream.

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