August 26th, , 7: Up your game with free cardschat membership. Smells nutty for me. ES 32 May 6th, 5: Try playing on some second rate sites with their software crashing and severs crashing all the time. Off peak its a bit better. But I ask you a question and your AQ was suited, would you pay?

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888 poker vs pokerstars – online casinos that accept western union

Some days are easier than others haha. Robert Bresuer leads with , But what have you done lately?!?! Log in P5s Support Login Help. Reply to Thread Page 1 of 1 1 Jump to page: Which one do you like better? Add mitman25 to Rail Reply Quote 1. Sort by raises Sort by date. They are clearly the best 2 sites, and it really depends on what you play.

If you ask me, i would put money on both. Especially if you are a mtt player, both sites have great torneys. The only advantage stars has imo is customer service, and cashouts. By cashouts i mean that the checks come faster from stars in my experience. But you really can't go wrong with either one. Also a lot more donkeys myself included on FTP.

Add cubbies4life to Rail Reply Quote 3. Add Anonymous to Rail Reply Quote 4. I have fulltilt for a few years and like pokerstars tournaments and games but i hate their tables and lobby. Is it maybe cuz im so used to full tilts? But I agree with above poster that you need to put money on both if you want to be serious about MTTs.

Try playing on some second rate sites with their software crashing and severs crashing all the time. I don't really care what the software looks like as long as it works as flawlessly as stars does. I find myself always torn between the two sites. I've read that is a lot softer. I played there a little but didnt notice too big of a difference.

Is stars really that much tougher in micros? Should I play on stars strictly for the sake of improving? Or should I play on to build a bigger roll. Anyone else played on both and want to put in there 2 big blinds? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Thrust me you saved most of your chips unless you get lucky you will lose most of your chips and probably finish your appearance. With your decision you at least have a chance to hit a monster and double your stack. August 26th, , 6: But I ask you a question and your AQ was suited, would you pay?

August 26th, , 7: AQ is a good hand to pay here and realize the equity of your hand that will lose very little here. I myself prob would have called You were losing to any pair. Also losing to AK, while tying AQ. If he had a low pair you were a underdog. I think a lot would depend on your position in the tournament. Overall a tough decision. Sometimes I call, sometimes I fold. Sometimes I fold AQ offsuit preflop so I don't have to answer such quandaries. I think the right choice, because there would be a coin, and it's better to avoid such a stack.

Originally Posted by bc August 27th, , 8: So many times I'd play with AQ and lose. Now I'm trying not to play with this hand on the high bets, if I don't see the flop.

August 27th, , 2: August 27th, , 4: I think with around 20bbs its pretty villan dependent, If you think the villan has been shoving really loose you can call, but against most villans you are probably better folding. August 27th, , 5: Against your 3x open raise from this position I assume you are dominated or you will face many pocket pairs. I may would have called AQs but still you had him covered and he played against you for his tournament life.

Smells nutty for me. How active were you at the table? Did he fight back again? Don't burn your chips by 3x open raise. August 29th, , 1:

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