Beating Low Stakes “Fast-Fold” Poker Games

Much as in a normal cash game, you should be playing tight from early position and loosen up the closer to the button you get. There are multi-level poker tournaments available as well. A poker cooler refers to a situation in which a strong hand, played correctly, loses to an even stronger holding. Who is Fedor Holz? Poker takes five minutes to […].

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This quiz is based on the tactics and strategies revealed […]. Do you have sweet check-raising skills? Do your opponents shake with fear before firing a c-bet? For each question, assume you have no solid reads on your opponent. And make sure you share your score at the end! View all Poker Quiz articles. Who is Fedor Holz? The announcement comes at a time when PLO is […]. Timestamps summary of September 30th, episode. Which One Are You? By Michael Brady September 28, Take this […] Read More.

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By Geoffrey Fisk September 24, Kassouf and friends were drinking and playing roulette at the Grosvenor Leeds Watergate Casino when the incident took place, with Kassouf apparently palming and pocketing the chips after a […] Read More.

By Natalie Faulk September 23, The Wynn Poker Room at the Encore: The largest online poker site in the world offers PokerStars. There is no deposit required and all games are played for chips only. In addition to numerous promotions running throughout every month, players can use a range of platforms — PC, Mac, iOS, and Android mobile and tablet devices — to play poker for fun.

There are tournaments, sit-n-gos, and cash games offered around the clock. Under the Amaya company umbrella, FullTilt. No deposit poker is available for all players, and chips are awarded to every player who sets up a new account. The site is completely free. With a name like WSOP , which is also owned by Caesars Interactive, the company is a trusted and reliable one, legal for anyone looking to play poker for fun.

No deposit is required for this purpose. This means you can take more stabs at the pot on the flop with a continuation bet, yet you should be less inclined to fire bets on the turn and river without holding the goods.

The majority of players are eager to fold their marginal or weaker hands on the flop. Why would they want to spend time analyzing a marginal spot to call when they can fold, start new hand right away, and promptly replace that tough decision with a much clearer one? Due to this fit-or-fold nature, you can often continuation bet or steal blinds from the button with smaller bet sizes, as your fold equity is larger than a standard speed cash game.

These are a few of the differences between fast-fold and regular games that affect strategy. However, there are still plenty of aspects of fast-fold poker that remain the same as a standard cash game. While it is easy to forget that fact, I suggest you commit it to memory. Position is still king and always will be. Much as in a normal cash game, you should be playing tight from early position and loosen up the closer to the button you get.

You should also be taking as many notes as you can on your opponents, because reads are difficult to make in this format. Knowing if a player is a habitual defender of his big blind or will let you steal it with a min-raise from the button is a great piece of information to have available to you. What strategies have you employed successfully in fast-fold poker cash games?