Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Maragondon, Cavite

The longer a pet remains deployed, the longer a maneuver will last. I would classify this pet as the least friendly for new people as most of the gear you make for it is only relevant for this one pet. Be sure to read "Returning to Vana'diel" - our guide of changes to the game! You've Won a Free Spin. Valoredge head does serve its purposes, mainly invincible via Heady Artifice. Optic Fiber - Google sheet. A tank that does more damage with the same enmity tools will generate more hate.

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In the end game, the most common role for pup is to use their pet to tank. This is due to pets PUP tanking excels in situations where there is only 1 monster, or the additional monsters hate is tied to the main. It has very poor AoE hate grabbing potential. With proper buffs Corsair , Sharpshot pet can also churn out very similar or greater damage to that of a Beastmaster.

A puppetmaster should always be familiar with the array of Attachments at their disposal. There is only 1 or 2 roles a pup can play.

From here it is all really dependent on the monster you are fight. The best example would be comparing a solo CP party to a group Ambuscade. The reason being, is they cause the pet to hold TP and wait until it can close a weapon skill.

This example is also true in events like Wild-Keepers where it is considered 1 big party. Since weapon skills will be going off non-stop, your pet will never weapon skill. The abilities you will use the most are 'maneuvers'. They can control which Weapon Skill is used, what spells to prioritize, and how large of a bonus you receive from equipped attachments.

However, they come at a cost. There is an invisible burden tied to using maneuvers. If the burden gets too high, you will overload, and have a gimped pet. There is gear to increase the threshold of burden needed before an overload, attachments to increase how fast burden is reduced, and a mythic weapon that cuts the amount of burden generated.

The duration of maneuvers can be extended from 1 minute up to 5 minutes. The longer a pet remains deployed, the longer a maneuver will last. This is beneficial for zones like Escha, where you can send your pet out to solo for a bit.

Then when you go to engage a Notorious Monster, you will have a pet with 5 minute maneuvers, which means less micromanaging, and no chance of overloading. Since burden decays on a set amount per unit time, the longer you go in between maneuvers, the less likely you are to overload. When setting attachments, it is very important to consider 'What maneuvers am I most likely to use with this setup'. Setting Attuner on a mage pet, that isn't using fire maneuvers will have little affect and just uses up a slot.

This is the highest damage option for sub jobs. This is one of the more practical subs. It offers sufficient utility, as well as healing should you be doing an event where trusts are not allowed or your pet can't be relied on to heal. For enemies with elemental area of effect spells that would wipe shadows, Runefencer is a solid option, because it allows you to resist a spell that would go through a shadow.

For enemies with area of effect spells that don't wipe shadows. This also offers sneak and invisible. Mostly used as a niche sub job, for the sole benefit of generating large amounts of enmity, and then transferring it to the automaton.

Mage sub jobs are still an option since Puppetmaster shares a lot of gear with mages. In recent content, the amount of end game mage gear for Puppetmaster has been slowly decreasing, and as such, Puppetmaster is becoming less and less viable with mage support jobs.

Pretty much all of Rao can be substituted for Taeon with -DT. The Anwig can also be replaced if there is no magical damage since you will likely cap PDT without it.

Some alternatives would be swapping Burana for Riemece. Hoping for your advise. Yun lang problema ko. You can find the list of requirements for transferees on the PUP website. You can probably use this map as a reference, though, or you can also call up PUP Maragondon to ask for directions. Just make sure it was signed by the proper authorities and bears the seal of your school.

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