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At an unknown date he also bought Mildenhall. However, the courts can move their cases to Family Court where the law can treat their matters as Juvenile Delinquency cases in certain circumstances. The sword swallower act is a remarkable one, the Chevalier passing blades twenty-one inches long down his throat and then bending his neck in all directions. Petitioner encountered series of delays and failures to respond to request, despite repeated efforts of petitioner, appealed to records access officer and asked that appeal be forwarded to appropriate person. Archived from the original PDF on February 15, Accessed January 10, He was especially bothered by the fact that somehow Genting had obtained his personal cell phone number and as part of his discovery demands, he asked them how they had obtained it.

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I copied off him, and it took me about three months to learn it. I began with a sword first - of course not a sharp sword, but a blunt-pointed - and I didn't exactly know how to do it, for there's a trick to it. At first it turned me, putting it down my throat past my swallow, right down, about 18 inches. It made my swallow sore, very sore, and I used lemon and sugar to cure it.

It was tight at first, and I kept pushing it down further and further. There's one thing - you mustn't cough, and until you're used to it, you want to very bad, and then you must pull it up again. My sword was about three-quarters of an inch wide. At first I didn't know the trick of doing it, but I found it out this way. You see, the trick is you must oil the sword - the best sweet oil, worth 14 pence a pint - and you put it on with a sponge.

Then, you understand, if the sword scratches the swallow, it don't make it sore, 'cos the oil heals it up again. When first I put the sword down, before I oiled it, it used to come up quite slimy, but after the oil it slips down quite easy, and is as clean when it comes up as before it went down. The knives are easier to do than the sword because they are shorter.

We puts them right down till the handle rests on the mouth. The sword is about 18 inches long, and the knives about 8 inches in the blade. People run away with the idea that you slip the blades down your breast, but I always hold mine right up with the neck bare, and they see it go into the mouth 'atween the teeth. They also fancy it hurts you, but it don't, or what a fool I should be to do it. I don't mean to say it don't hurt you at first, 'cos it do, for my swallow was very bad, and I couldn't eat anything but liquids for two months whilst I was learning.

I cured my swallow whilst I was stretching it with lemon and sugar. I was the second one that ever swallowed a snake. I was about 17 or 18 years old when I learnt it. The first was Clarke as did it. He done very well with it, but he wasn't out no more than two years before me, so he wasn't known much.

In the country there is some places where, when you do it, they swear you are the devil, and won't have it nohow. The snakes I use are about 18 inches long, and you must first cut the stingers out, 'cos it might hurt you. I always keep two or three by me for my performances. I keep them warm, and I give them nothing to eat but worms and gentles. I generally keep them in flannel or hay in a box. I've three at home now. When first I began swallowing snakes, they tasted queer like.

They draw'd the roof of the mouth a bit. It's a roughish taste. The scales rough you a bit when you draw them up. You see, a snake will go into ever such a little hole, and they are smooth one way. The head of the snake goes about an inch and a half down the throat, and the rest of it continues in the mouth, curled 'round like. I hold him by the tail, and when I pinch it, he goes right in.

You must cut the stinger out or he'll injure you. The tail is slipppery, but you nip it with the nails like pinchers. If you was to let go, he'd go right down, but most snakes will stop at two inches down the swallow, and then they bind like a ball in the mouth.

I generally get my snakes by giving little boys ha'pence to go and catch 'em in the woods. I get them when I'm pitching in the country. I'll get as many as I can get, and bring 'em up to London for my engagements. When first caught, the snake is slimy, and I have to clean him by scraping him with a cloth, and then with another, until he's nice and clean. I have put 'em down slimy, on purpose to taste what it was like. It had a nasty taste, very nasty. When I exhibit, I first holds the snake up in the air and pinches the tail, to make it curl about and twist 'round my arm, to show that he is alive.

Then I holds it above my mouth, and as soon as he sees the hole, in he goes. He goes wavy-like, as a ship goes, that's the comparison. I always hold my breath whilst his head is in my swallow. When he moves in the swallow, it tickles a little, but it don't make you want to retch.

In my opinion, he is more glad to come up than to go down, for it seems to be too hot for him. I keep him down about two minutes. If I breathe or cough, he draws out and curls back again. I think there's artfulness in some of them big snakes, for they seem to know which is the master. I was at Wombwell's Menagerie of Wild Beasts for 3 months, and I had the care of a big snake, as thick 'round as my arm. I wouldn't attempt to put that one down my throat, for I think I might easier have done down his'n.

It was a f'urren snake, all over spots, called a boa-constrictor. Performed Died Donnell was sword swallower with a side show in the Pittsburgh area in and was sought by his mother, Eliza Donnell. Mother seeks James S Donnell. Stewart was a Scottish recipient of the Victoria Cross , the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces. Stewart was 26 years old, and a Captain in the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders when he was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions at Lucknow.

On October 19, , while at Hythe, Hampshire, Stewart was giving a demonstration of sword swallowing. His demonstration went fatally wrong and he died from internal injuries a week later, on October 26, at the age of Stewart is buried in a vault at St. Mary's Church , Grandtully, Scotland. Born Performed Died July 26, He became so skilled as a rider that he toured Europe with the circus. Benedetti began learning sword swallowing at the age of 14 in , and eventually became proficient at it by the age of 20 in According to an article dated May 30, in the Daily Phoenix: Maury introduced to the faculty and students Signor Carlo Benedetti , a professional sword swallower, on whom he proposed to make a surgical examination.

Benedetti first swallowed a sword blade twenty-three inches in length, and bending over, completely bent the steel.

Next he placed a sabre, measuring twenty-nine inches in length down his throat to the hilt. The medical examiners discovered that the blade of the weapon stretches the oesophagus and distends the lower wall of the stomach.

Benedetti then swallowed six thin, light swords at once, then extricated them with such ease as to excite the wonder of all the beholders. He next took an ordinary musket, weighing eleven pounds, with a common bayonet afixed.

This bayonet he thrust into his throat by raising the musket butt into the air. When it was in he bowed all around to the company. He then drew the weapon out gracefully and easily, and explained that the point of leverage fell upon his lower jaw and teeth, which are very strong. The Captain General was present, and the novelty of the evening was the feat of the sword swallower, Benedetti , who attempted to cram an umbrella down his throat.

He swallowed His Excellency the Captain General's sword, a cane, and other articles, but could not stomach the umbrella. Benedetti 's marvellous performance at the Royal Aquarium ". In , Benedetti was described swallowing a cane in the September 30, Atlanta Constitution. In , the editor of a London magazine described Signor Benedetti who had just performed at the Westminster Royal Aquarium and Canterbury Hall at the age of According to the description, Benedetti stood 5 ft 8 inches tall, and swallowed a blade that was About one year ago Benedetti began to give evidence that his mind was affected.

He imagined he was a millionaire and threw his money away. Fifteen years ago he was famous all over the world as a sword swallower. Signor Carlos Benedetti Timeline Joined circus as rider Began learning sword swallowing at 14 Began performing as sword swallower at 20 Tacon Theatre Havana Cuba Royal Aquarium Westminster London Jan 9, 18, July 3, Aug 5: Crystal Palace London New York NY Began losing mental facilities Committed to mental asylum, Morris Plains NJ Senor Franco the "sword swallower and stone eater" performed at Manly Beach, Australia on April 4, Four years later he was performing in San Francisco California on March 12, He swallowed a 23 inch long sword.

Born May 15, Performed Died January 3, He entered the circus business as a sword swallower for a few years around at about the age of He then became an operator and manager of his own sideshow. During the Civil War, he was twice sentenced to be shot for dissertion; the first time, as a mere boy, he was pardoned by President Lincoln ; the second time, succeeded in escaping.

In later years, he was considered one of the best shots in Indiana. Erwin was married once, but the union was not a happy one. He died of pneumonia in Indianapolis, IN on January 3, at the age of Keller was fascinated by the feat and persuaded the sword swallower to visit his clinic and have his throat examined with a laryngeal mirror. Adolf Kussmaul carefully observed the sword swallower, being especially interested in the way he positioned his head for the passage of the long straight sword, and decided to examine him himself.

For this purpose, Dr. Kussmaul had a local musical instrument maker named Fischer fashion tubes 47 cm long and 13 mm in diameter, one being round and the other elliptical in design, the tubes fitted with conical wooden mandarins to facilitate insertion. Using the straight tube, mirrors and a gasoline lamp, Kussmaul inspected the esophagus and the fundus of the stomach, thereby performing the first successful esophagoscopy esophagogastrostomy on a sword swallower in The sword swallower tolerated the long tubes well, but the examination was disappointing because the light was too weak to illuminate the field so far from its source.

Also, despite washing out the stomach, fluid constantly collected around the tube and hindered the view. However Kussmaul was so pleased with his success that he took the sword swallower with him to perform demonstrations in various clinics, and later enlisted other sword swallowers due to their ability to voluntarily relax the cricopharyngeal muscle and form a straight line from the pharynx to the stomach, allowing passage of the rigid endoscope.

Today Kussmaul is recognized as the developer of the first rigid endoscope. Kussmaul died in Heidelberg, and his grave is located in a cemetary in Heidelberg, Germany. Adolph Kussmaul Dr. Adolf Kussmaul later Dr. Adolf Kussmaul Heidelburg Dr. Adolf Kussmaul grave Heidelberg.

According to an article in "The Youth's Companion" dated October 29, A famous French physician lately experimented upon a Chinese conjuror, who swallowed a sword nearly three feet long, and permitted an examination of his body while the blade was in its living sheath.

Fourle such was the anatomists's name was thoroughly satisfied with the honesty of the operation. They traced the point along its downward course, and felt it thirty inches from the swallower's mouth. So we may set down sword and poker swallowing as genuine feats of gymnastics. Article Oct 29, The first known photograph of an Indian Sword Swallower was displayed in England at the South Kensington Exhibition of in an album of photographs entitled "Trades and Occupations of India" in response to English curiousity about the British Empire in India.

Performed Died April 11, According to an article in the New York Herald dated July 15, , and another article in the New York Times dated July 16, , a novel performance was offered at the Olympic Theatre on July 15, by Ling Look , "who disposes mysteriously but satisfactorily of a blade ninety centimetres in length.

A quote from describes Ling Look's performace: How much sword he took we are not prepared to state; but he did not perish. In a showman named Heinrich Kellar , who went by the name Harry Kellar , put together a show troupe that included Link Look.

During this time, Kellar learned some secrets of the business, and began his solo work until the opportunity came to join the spectacle of the Davenports Brothers in From to , Kellar and Fay toured South America. In the spring of , Kellar , 24, along with William Marion Fay , both junior pseudo-spiritualists, left the Davenports show in the spring of and became independent performers, forming a partnership and putting together their own tour throughout America and Europe under the name Fay and Keller.

They were specialists of exceptional merit. Ling Look was known as the "Fire-King" , while Yamadeva was a contortionist of such rare powers that he was known as the "Man-Serpent" , and his movements were as graceful as a cat. Kellar formed a troupe with the brothers under the name of "The Royal Illusionists".

The party went to New York by the steamer Andes , narrowly escaping shipwreck off Hatteras in the March Equinoctial of After a short stay in New York, the trio crossed overland to California, and began an engagement at Baldwin's Academy of Music in San Francisco on the evening of May 15, Ling Look and Yamadeva posed as Chinese and Japanese performers, but in fact, according to various sources, were Hungarian from Budapest or Austrian from Vienna.

Ling Look performed as a fire-eater and sword swallower, and went by the title "King of Fire". With his head half-shaved, and the remaining hair in a long braid, he almost looked Chinese. Some of his feats included swallowing hot coals and red hot swords, then blowing fire from his mouth. Meanwhile, Yamadeva was an accomplished contortionist who performed incredible escapes. He was also known as the Snake Man , due to his serpentine or feline movements.

The infernal dinner fire eating 2. The poor of India escape 3. Yamadeva the snake contortion 4. Their show consisted of a spiritualist cabin with Kellar and Cunard performing cage disappearance and escapes from ropes and handcuffs, and contortion by Yamadeva , and for the finale, the fire and sword acts by Ling Look. In Sydney, they played a successful engagement at the Victoria Theater.

During their ten weeks' engagement in Australia they performed to capacity houses everywhere. Sir Hercules Robinson , Lady Robinson and suite were frequent attendants at the entertainments of the Illusionists. From Australia they went to Java, and from there on to Shanghai, China In early October Yamadeva suffered heart pains while playing a pin bowling game in Shanghai China. They were watching a husky sea captain who was using a huge ball and making a double spare at every roll, when Yamadeva suddenly remarked, "I can handle one as heavy as that big loafer can.

But he misjudged his own strength, for he had no sooner delivered the ball than he grasped his side moaning in pain. He barely had enough strength to get back to the ship, where he immediately went to bed. Four days later, he died while onboard the ship heading to Hong Kong. An examination showed that he had ruptured an artery. Shortly after their arrival in Hong Kong, Ling Look underwent an operation for a liver trouble, and died under the knife.

Six months later, his brother Ling Look died on April 11 or 14? In , a fakir with the same name, the same routine, Chinese look, hair and costume style appeared in England and claimed to be the original Ling Look. He wore his make-up both on and off stage, and performed Ling Look's show perfectly.

This performer claimed that the news of his death in was not true, and that he was still alive. In , a commentary in the newspaper La Capital de Rosario , dated August 9, , gave news of an artist with an exotic name who was performing in town. It was Ling Look , who it was claimed, had worked as director of a great illusionist and acrobatic troupe, in their inimitable work with the infernal dinner, and swallowing swords. The same name and the same routines, the one who so successfully passed through Rosario with his brother Yamadeva in ?

But this was not possible, unless the advertised Look Ling had risen, or was a phony. The litmus test was when this Ling Look clashed with Kellar , who had buried the original Ling Look in The imitator had the nerve to stick to his story even when confronted by Kellar. When Keller assured him that he had personally attended the burial of Ling Look in Hong Kong, the imposter broke down and confessed that he was a younger brother of the original Ling Look.

Kellar later said that the resemblance was so strong that had he not seen the original Ling Look consigned to the grave, he himself would have been duped into believing that this was the man who had been with him in Hong Kong. Kellar later confessed to Harry Houdini , that the resemblance between the two was such that if he had not been present when Ling Look died in Hong Kong in , he would almost be unable to refute or verify that this was another person in Seeking photos and more information on Ling Look.

Ling Look and Yamadeva Timeline Olympic Theatre New York Harry Kellar books tour to Rosario Argentina The Royal Illusionists troupe formed Victoria Theater Sydney Australia Ling Look imposter appears in England Ling Look imposter kills boy in audience in gun accident Ling Look imposter in Belfast Ireland August Zorner was a professional juggler and sword swallower in New York City in He and Charles Zorner were arrested as witnesses to a murder on New Years night Performed s Died May 9, Signor Wandana died on May 9, of internal injuries sustained after a sword swallowing feat went wrong.

Inflamation resulted and he died last evening. Inflammation ensued and he died last Sunday evening. Born Performed s Retired s Died August 20, In nineteenth-century Russia, circus was extremely popular among the aristocracy and the people alike, but the Russian circus was developed mostly by foreigners whose names -- Ciniselli, Truzzi, Salamonsky -- became synonymous with Russian circus. There was one notable exception, however: The Nikitin brothers , Dmitri , Akim , and Piotr Nikitin , who became the first true Russian circus entrepreneurs of note, and would remain so until the Bolshevik revolution.

The Nikitin brothers were born to Aleksandr and Alina Ivanovna Nikitin , who were serfs bound to one of the vast lands belonging to the Crown. Tsar Nicholas I began to ease the condition of the serfs of his Imperial estates in , when he established the "quit-rent" system, which allowed them to leave the land to which they were attached in exchange for a rent paid to their landowner, the Tsar. Aleksandr Nikitin immediately took advantage of this new, if limited, freedom and became an itinerant organ grinder.

His first son Dmitri , who had learned to play the balalaika, followed him on the road. Akim and Piotr were born shortly thereafter, and almost as soon as they were able to walk and do a rollover, they joined forces with their father and elder brother, entertaining passersby from village squares to street corners. In time, the Nikitin brothers developed specific performing talents: Dmitri became a strongman; Akim , a front bender, a juggler, and an auguste playing the Russian folk character of Ivan the Fool , always popular among the provincial audiences ; and Piotr , a sword swallower, tumbler, and a foot-juggler.

They also formed an acrobatic trio together, and created a puppet show. The Nikitin brothers were versatile and hard working. When Tsar Alexander II finally freed the serfs by his ukase of February 19, , they began to find work on the country's fairgrounds in the balagans fairground itinerant theaters.

In time, they would create their own fairground show. However, the Nikitins were also ambitious; they intended to escape the stigma of their former serfdom, and move upward. But work on the fairgrounds, even in the best balagans, had no glory. The circus was something else altogether: It was attended and enjoyed by the upper classes, and great circus artists received respect and, sometimes, even riches. Although they were illiterate, the Nikitins were shrewd and had honed on the road a remarkable talent for scheming and survival.

The foreign directors who ran the Russian circuses might have appeared well introduced in aristocratic circles, but the Nikitin brothers knew that, in actuality, they didn't have much more formal education than themselves. Thus the former serfs and balagan entertainers didn't see any reason why they wouldn't grab their own part of the circus pie. The purchase had come replete with tent, carriages, costumes, and horses, and on December 23, , the Russian Circus of the Nikitin Brothers gave its first performance in the city of Penza.

It was, at long last, the first genuinely Russian circus operating in the Russian Empire. The Nikitins' Russian Circus toured the provinces with good success. Money was coming in, and three years later, in , they were able to build their first permanent circus in Saratov, in southern Russia. Located in the center of the city, it was an elaborate wooden structure that stood until It was demolished, and a stone circus was built in its place in ; in , RosGosTsirk , the central Soviet circus agency, replaced it with a brand new, state-of-the-art building, erected in a different part of the city.

This latter circus, which still bears the name of Nikitin Brothers' Circus , remains active. Owners of a permanent circus building and managing a touring company, the Nikitin brothers had finally entered the circus world's big league.

While Dmitri and Akim increasingly took care of the business, Piotr developed into a remarkable bareback rider he is said to have achieved the somersault on horseback , a flying trapeze and horizontal bars gymnast, a gifted mime, and even a quick-change artist.

Then the Nikitins struck gold: On the occasion of the coronation of Tsar Alexandre III in May , they were invited to erect a temporary hippodrome at Khodinskoye Pole, an old parade ground in Moscow. Barnum 's version of it. There, the Nikitins produced equestrian extravaganzas themed after old Russian legends, as well as chariot races and other traditional hippodrome fare.

At the end of their run, which had been successful, they were awarded the Andreev Order's Silver Medal by the City of Moscow. Then, they hit the road again. Meanwhile, the brothers were trying to expand their circus empire. In , they built their second permanent circus in Minsk.

It passed under city ownership the following year it was destroyed during WWII, a replaced later by another building , but others would come. Then, the wily brothers saw another golden opportunity in Moscow: The old Panorama today, the Mir Theatre , adjacent to the circus Albert Salamonsky had built on Tsvetnoy Boulevard in , was available.

The circular building, which had once housed a panoramic painting depicting The Storming of Plevna, was an ideal fit for a circus, and its location on Moscow's most popular promenade, in the midst of other places of amusement including an already popular circus! Their show certainly didn't have the splendor of Salamonsky's productions, nor his superb equestrian presentations, but the Nikitins knew how to attract a popular audience, and they met with increasing success.

Salamonsky was not amused and he finally bought out the Nikitins in for 30, rubles, a considerable sum for the time. He also had the Nikitins sign an agreement stating that they wouldn't compete with Salamonsky in Moscow. To protect himself from another unwanted neighbor, Salamonsky used the old Panorama for horse training and equestrian exhibitions.

Salamonsky's precautions proved useless: Luckily for Salamonsky, the Nikitins didn't do great business on Vozdzvizhenka Street and, before the end of the year, they left Moscow for Tiflis today Tbilisi, in Georgia , where they built a wooden circus on Golovinsky Prospect today Rustaveli Prospect.

Tbilisi became their homebase, and from there, they created a touring circuit for which they used circuses of bricks or wood that they built over the years in several Russian cities. Piotr Nikitin , the great artist of the family, retired from the circus in the s. He died on August 20, , having outlived his brothers. Akim was left alone at the helm of the Nikitin Brothers's Russian Circus. When his flagship circus in Tbilisi burned down, Akim finally decided to build a permanent circus in Moscow, where he found a vacant lot on Triumfalnaya Plaza and Bolshoya Sadovaya Street.

Dmitri, Piotr, Akim Nikitin c. Started Merged with Ringling Bros Barnum's Grand Traveling Museum, Menagerie, Caravan, and Circus" , a travelling combination of circus, menagerie and museum of "freaks". Coup's Circus travels on a special circus train, and by was billing itself as " The Greatest Show on Earth".

It went through a number of variants on these names: Barnum died on April 7, Delno Fritz was the sword swallower with Barnum and Bailey Circus from to In May , , the Barnum and Bailey Circus played Nottingham, England and travelled between cities on 4 huge trains, each with 17 carriages.

Delno Fritz was the featured sword swallower in On April 11, , owner James Bailey died. Fritz Lecardo performed with Ringling Brothers on a European tour, and was possibly along with Edward Smith part-time sword swallowers with Barnum and Bailey Circus possibly during the years to Winter shows at Olympia in London England Final show at Olympia in London before touring Great Britain Sword Swallower Delno Fritz in England Sword Swallower Mlle Amy in Germany Sword Swallower Mlle Edith Clifford James Bailey dies April 11, Sword Swallower Marie DeVere Sword Swallower Edward Smith?

Sword Swallower Slivers Bowden joins in Omaha Born Performed s? Castle Hill Richmond Yorkshire England. Hayden to the Yorkshire Evening Post , "and one day at the depot of the 7th Fusiliers, at Hounslow, I fell in with Professor Beaumont , who was an expert tattooist and used to work the barracks in and around London. He took a fancy to my sword swallowing turn, and we got to know each other well. He suggested that I might take up tattooing in my spare time, and to fill in the intervals between theatrical engagements, I did, and for some 40 years now I have been in business for myself in various parts of the country, including London and Aldershot.

During the War I was at Felixstowe. SwSw Alfred Hayden reminisces at 75 Born Performed s Died after ? According to a Brownsville Herald article dated January 25, It did him no harm. Longo will turn next week. The Soviet magazine Yunost Youth said Longo , a "famous fakir and dervish," is writing memoirs of his long career as a sideshow artist in Russian circuses.

The magazine publishes excerpts from the memoirs in connection with Longo 's th birthday. In his heyday, the magazine said, Longo "walked barefoot on burning coals and on points of Persian spears or Turkish sabres. He lay down on beds of nails, drank molten tin and conjured spirits.

He also offered a reason for his long life. You will die but once so it is not worth worrying about it. Later he said, he teamed up with a 9-foot giant, and a inch lady. This was in the s, he said, and it was about then that he acquired a French-speaking parrot named Ara. He once had a family of acrobatic cockroaches that performed tricks in a miniature playground.

Russian SwSw Demetrius Longo turns Born Performed Married Died Nov 19, Lady Margurite was a female circus sword swallower who performed in the early s to This photo was taken of her in Davenport, Iowa. According to the October 17, Billboard: Margaret Davis is doing the sword swallowing in the Haag Auxiliary. Slivers Bowden , side-showman is the power of this department.

According to Billboard Volume 29 dated May 9, Fiedler has seen considerable service "Over There. According to the Billboard dated September 18, Margaret and Jess Fiedler rejoined the show at Pueblo.

They opened with the show in the spring, but were compelled to leave on account of Mrs. Jess is selling tickets for the big show, while Margaret is working in the kid show.

Fiedler born in Kansas Marguerite Davis born Mighty Haag Shows Auxiliary Howe's Great London Show John Robinson's Circus Side Show Married to Jesse R. Fiedler in Pensacola FL John Robinson Circus Side Show Marguerite Davis in poor health Marguerite Davis dies at the age of in OH First well-known North American sword swallower, Chevalier Cliquot was one of the most prominent sword-swallowers of his time and was known by the description "The World's Greatest Sword Phenomenon".

On seeing an old man swallow a small machete in Buenos Aires, he allegedly took up learning sword swallowing around at about the age of 16 Photo reportedly of Cliquot holding two swords taken in Montevideo Uruguay on July 18, Carver , the fat woman, and her midget son, Major Heard and son, diminuitive dwarfs; Cliquot , the sword swallower, and Clios Adams , the armless man. Cliquot told Harry Houdini that Delno Fritz was his sword swallowing pupil in the early s. It was about this same time that Delno Fritz also claimed he studied sword swallowing from Cliquot while Fritz was also working at the Harry Davis Eden Musee in Harrisburg.

On January 19, , while swallowing 14 nine-inch swords at once in New York, Cliquot had the misfortune to have a skeptical audience, one of whom, a doctor who should have known better, rushed forward and impulsively pulled out the swords, inflicting injuries on Cliquot which incapacitated him for months.

According to a January 20, article in the Ottawa Journal , "A French Canadian sword swallower named Cliquot was severely cut internally in a private exhibition at New York yesterday by a doctor who undertook to draw out fourteen swords that he had swallowed all at once, instead of singly. The sufferer is lying unconscious at an hospital. When he seemed in pain with fourteen swords down his throat, Dr. Hope yanked them out in a bunch. McLone in bed under morphine's influence.

McLone was under the influence of morphine administered by Dr. William Shannon , who believes his exhibition of sword swallowing at the Metropolitan Throat Hospital at West Thirty-fourth Street on Friday brought about slight inflammation of the stomach and oesophagus, and that there are slight lacerations of the throat.

McLone is a handsome little man, with a physique that is like that of Rowell, the walker. He was born in Quebec in , and when a schoolboy became fascinated with a circus show and ran away from home to become an acrobat.

A family of saltimbancos attached to a circus took an interest in him, and taught him to tumble and do feats of strength. He had just become expert enough to be worth a salary when he saw Battin the sword swallower perform some of his feats, and detected him in trickery. McLone experimented with himself, first with a wire with a knob at the end, until he had overcome the muscular and nervous resistance of his throat.

Then he practiced with a sword until he was able to swallow a blade of about twenty inches up to its hilt. Constant practice made his throat callous to or familiar with intrusion, and fourteen years ago, when the United States man-of-war Lancaster was at Algiers, and a minstrel show was given on board, he appeared as the "American Acrobat" and gave an exhibition of sword swallowing without using a "sheath" or any device to lessen the severity of the ordeal to which his throat was put.

His pseudonym was given him two years later in a Paris cafe, after a bottle of "The Widow's" had been splashed over him. He last appeared in public in Pittsburg three weeks ago and was to appear in Montreal to-morrow, but the date has been canceled.

To kill time, he and his manager had gone to Boston, and his ability to swallow almost anything, except an insult, was demonstrated before Dr. Keith 's office in the Gaiety Theatre. Bowditch , at the end of the exhibition asked: They say that he was brought there by his manager. They are familiar with the feats that a throat accustomed to distension will endure, and say that, physically considered, what McLone did on Friday was startling, but not especially wonderful.

He first caused the 22 inch blade of a Chassepot sabre to disappear up to the hilt, and then swallowed four sword blades twenty inches long. The swords were made for the purpose, and the hilts were in the same plane as the blades, which fitted into each other like a nest of spoons.

Then, taking the sabre, Cliquot fastened at right angles to the hilt a hollow rod of iron, four feet long, and to each end of the rod attached a dumbbell maker "14 pounds.

While the sabre was in his oesophagus McLone gave the bar a half twist, something he had never before attempted, according to Manager Howell. The doctors were asked if they wished to see a fowling piece attached to the bar and discharged while four inches of the sabre were out of the juggler's mouth, so that the sabre would force the blade down to the hilt, but they declined, and McLone prepared to do the next feat, that of swallowing fourteen swords, the blades of which were like those used in the second feat.

Howell admits that when the sabre with the bar and the dumbbells was drawn from its living sheath, McLone appeared to suffer and retched, and that he should have then desisted, or have been made to do so. The fourteen swords were swallowed like the bunch of four, and the ordeal was little more severe, except that the distention of the throat was greater.

Before swallowing the swords, McLone said that if any one wanted to draw them, it should be done one by one and not in a bunch.

The swords were not half their length in McLone 's economy when he appeared to be suffering and turned pale. Howell had turned his back when they were beginning to disappear, and he heard one of the doctors say, "My God, this is going too far.

Hope grasp the swords by the butts, and sharply withdraw them, instead of pulling them out quickly, one by one, as a card player deals cards, and as McLone does on stage.

McLone gave a groan and leaned forward. He appeared to be in great agony, and could not speak for several moments. He then complained of severe pain in the stomach and throat. After a hypodermic injection of morphine had been given to him he was taken to his hotel in a cab.

It was at first feared that either his throat had been lacerated or that there was a puncture of the stomach, and that an operation would be necessary, but there was no hemmorhage, and his condition had so far improved yesterday afternoon that he was able to drink some kumyss.

Manager Howell was convinced that the new trick of turning the sabre with the bar and dumbbells attached was too great a strain for organs that had been strained and stretched to fit them for abnormal uses. He expected, however that McLone would be able to go to Toronto to fill an engagement at the end of this week. His wife, who aids him in his performances, was so satisfied with his condition that she went out for a walk with a friend.

The staff of the hospital say they were not responsible for McLone 's collapse. Before he gave his exhibition, his throat was examined, and while it was found to have become distended, it appeared to be healthy.

McLone admitted that frequently after he had been idle for some time, he swallowed food with difficulty, and had several times been almost choked by food.

He also suffered from dyspepsia when not "in practice", but found relief when he swallowed a sword. He was advised not to attempt any feat that would tax his throat more than it had been, and to keep it exercised. William Shannon , his physician, says McLone may sit up in bed today. According to an article in the Chicago InterOcean dated March 20, The sword swallower act is a remarkable one, the Chevalier passing blades twenty-one inches long down his throat and then bending his neck in all directions.

On November 10, , an unnamed year old European sword swallower who had performed for over 20 years was featured in an in-depth article on the art of sword swallowing in the Pittsburgh Daily Post. Based on the description of the sword swallower and details of the feats described, this must have been Cliquot. On February 21, , Cliquot was still pulling in the crowds at the Westminster Royal Aquarium by swallowing 14 swords and a watch according to an article in the Westminster Budget dated February 21, By , Cliquot had swallowed up to 22 inch blades nearly every day for over 23 years at least and possibly beyond that.

Cliquot could swallow a inch cavalry sword without difficulty, and his act included swallowing an electric light bulb connected to an 8-volt battery, up to fourteen inch bayonet swords at one time, and his major trick was to swallow a bayonet sword, weighted with a cross-bar and two pound dumbbells.

In another feat, he would partially swallow a bayonet weighted with a crossbar, and allow the rest of the blade to be "kicked" by the recoil of a rifle which was fixed to a spike in the center of the bar and then fired by his sister. Cliquot was known to have performed with the Forepaugh Circus , did lectures and demonstrations before physicians and students at the University of of Liverpool in England, and finally "reformed" and ended up as a music hall agent in England.

Edith McLone died in March at the age of 47, and was interred in the county of Staffordshire England. After a demonstration many years ago before the Chicago College of Surgeons , he was offered a life pension if he would agree to leave his body for research purposes.

He refused, but a few days before his last operation, he bequeathed his body to the Oldham Infirmary. Born in Chicago, IL? Born according to passenger manifests Born in Quebec Canada? Learned sword swallowing at 16 Fred and Edith Cliquot live in Cardiff Wales Palace Museum , Scranton, PA Delno Fritz meets Cliquot in Pennsylvania, gets passionate about sword swallowing Cliquot move to Scranton PA Huber's Museum NY Mexico City Mexico McVicker's Theatre Casino Chicago Boston Lyceum Boston, MA In-depth article in Pittsburgh Daily Post Delphos Daily Herald article Debuts at The Aquarium in London Westminster Royal Aquarium London Cliquot arrive in Liverpool England Still sword swallowing Gets US Passport Edith McLone dies at 47, interred in Staffordshire, England Performed Died December 20, A Cincinnati Enquirer articles dated January 17, reports on a Cincinnati sword swallower who was injured in January Could this have been sword swallower Harry Parsons?

According to obituaries in the NY Times and the Leavenworth Times , both dated Dec 24, , " Harry Parsons , a professional sword-swallower, fatally injured himself while performing the feat in Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday. Cincinnati sword swallower Harry Parsons obituary Harry Parsons obituary Born Sept 26, Performed Died Gustaf Westerlund born Sept 26, in Oulu Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland and his brother Alexander Westerlund born Sept 6, were born to Gustaf Westerlund and Maria Kaisa , and performed together as circus performers in Finland under the name "Veljekset Westerlund" Brothers Westerlund doing an acrobatic act which also included sword swallowing.

An advertisement from August 5, states that Westerlund " Barnum and Bailey's first three ring circus is staged in New York City in Barnum died in According to a March 9, article in the Los Angeles Herald , " Prof Willio , a world renowned Prestidigitateur and Necromancer will give three entertainments in this city, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday eve'gs, March 12, 13, and The Professor outrivals the Davenport tricks, swallows molten sealing wax, and performs many new and astonishing feats.

He is accompanied by PROF. The book " The World of Wonders: A Record of Things Wonderful in Nature, Science, and Art " gives an account of sword swallower Frederick Smith who sustained a serious injury in the spring of While swallowing a sword, it became embedded in the gullet, and he by motions requested one of the audience to withdraw the weapon.

The man thus appealed to place his hand on the hilt, causing the blade to penetrate the intestines, and the juggler was removed to St.

Thomas' Hospital , where he was for a considerable time in a very dangerous condition. Mason , surgeon at St. Thomas's Hospital , London.

A young man named Frederick Smith , aged 19 years, residing at No. While performing his extraordinary feat before a large audience, the blade of the sword, which is blunt on either side, becoming embedded in the thorax, the performer, by gesture, requested one of the audience to withdraw the weapon for the purpose of testing his bona fide performance, instead of which the party so requested placed his hand on the hilt, causing the blade to penetrate the intestines.

The juggler suddenly collapsed, and it was with difficulty that the sword was extracted. He was immediately attended by the local surgeon, who deemed it expedient to have the sufferer removed to the above institution, where he now lies. According to the book " Bizarre Medical Abnormalities " , in Gussenbauer gives an account of a juggler who had an accident on December 20, When the juggler turned his head to bow an acknowledgment of applause while swallowing a sword, he thus brought his upper incisors against the sword, which broke off and slipped into his stomach.

To relieve suffocation, the sword was pushed further down. Gastrotomy was performed, and the piece of sword 11 inches long was extracted; as there was perforation of the stomach before the operation, the patient died of peritonitis on December 28, According to an article dated June 18, in the Oakland Tribune , "Everybody will be there next Saturday afternoon and evening , and also on Monday evening to witness the unparalleled exhibition known as the "Great National Circus and Equine Paradox of Educated Horses".

It is the most thoroughly trained circus that has visited Oakland for years, containing, as it does, the world famous Morosco Brothers, the Marvels of Peru, Signior Hudson, the daring and graceful bareback rider, Frank Ashford, the amusing Irish comedian, Prof. Milo, the Iron-jawed man. Rohelhorn National Circus Prof. Rohelhorn National Circus He had four sisters: Elisabetha, Johannette, Wilhelmina and Maria.

According to other reports, he was born on 6 February, in Smolensk, Smolensk Oblast, Russia and sometimes performed under the name "De Houne". At some point Moses Berg emigrated to America, where according to researcher Jim Yarin , Berg earned a living as an tightrope walker, acrobat and sword swallower.

In , he lost his right leg in the Civil War while fighting with the Kansas 7th Cavalry at the Battle of Middleburg , but later went back to working as a tightrope walker with a wooden prosthesis. In , Berg suffered a serious fall while performing in Indiana, though no specific details were reported.

Two years later, according to an article, Professor De Houne fell from a tightrope when the rope broke. To support his wife and six children back in Texas, he took his showbiz stunts on the road, swallowing swords, swinging on a trapeze and dancing with a table balanced on his teeth.

According to the Mesilla newspaper, Professor Berg walked a tight rope, actually a lariat rope, stretched between Hogan's Saloon and the roof of a barber shop. He did this despite several handicaps: One being the fact he only had one leg, and wore a peg-leg. And another being the fact that some of the uncouth onlookers had been expressing applause by firing their six-shooters in the air. In or some reports , Berg attempted to cross a tightrope stretched over the main street of Corsicana TX.

To make the stunt even more incredible, he added a heavy kitchen stove strapped to his back. A rope was stretched across Beaton Street and Fifth Avenue from the roof of an old frame building which later was the site of the First State bank to a similarly constructed building housing the Louis Hashop Confectionery.

In the first building was Bernard Simon's grocery store, while the Hashop location was known as the "Blue Front" drug store. Tied from roof-top to roof-top, the rope was about 20 feet from the ground, and ranged "catty-cornered' across Beaton Street and Fifth Avenue.

At that time in Corsicana, the opportunity of seeing a daredevil walk a tight rope was a rare occasion, and practically everybody in town had come from near and far over the dusty, unpaved streets and board sidewalks to see the event.

As all eyes were focused on the Simon building, a medium-sized man in his early 40s climbed to the roof, fastened a wood-stove on his back, to begin his perilous trip across the rope. To the amazement of the townspeople, the man had but one leg, the other being a wooden limb. The bottom end of the false leg was notched to fit the rope.

As the rope-walker reached the middle of the street intersection, sliding his notched wooden leg along the rope and cautiously pulling the other after, he became overbalanced, lost his balance and fell to the ground landing on his chest, with the stove crushing on top of his body.

He was badly crushed by the weight of the stove on his back. Some of the older men surged forward in a body to where the man had fallen. Some fathers and brothers took their daughters and sisters inside nearby stores for protection and then joined the other men to give what assistance they could. Berg was taken to the Molloy hotel, around the corner, where Dr. Gulick was summoned and performed what first aid treatment was available at that time.

The broken man told some of the bedside attendants that he was a member of a Methodist church, and asked for a minister of that denomination. Abe Mulkey came and talked for some time to the man. Later in the evening, Dr. Gulick reported the man was dying, and wanted to talk to "a Jew man. Simon , a Jewish businessman and owner of one of the stores, was summoned, and with the dying man, repeated the Jewish prayers in Hebrew. The rope-walker told Mr. Simon that he had been "joking" when he said he was a Methodist, but really was and Orthodox Jew, which was proven to Mr.

Simon 's satisfaction when the tightrope walker repeated his prayers in excellent Hebrew. During several conversations he refused to divulge his name or residence, or any information concerning his identy. No one could persuade the dying man to state his name or whether he had any family. He remained an enigma even as he was lowered into his place of final rest. The local Jewish community then took over the funeral of the nameless wirewalker.

The broken body was laid to rest in the Jewish Hebrew Cemetery through the benevolence of the local Corsicana Hebrews. Not a word was ever learned of the man's identity, and it was some time later before the little marble tombstone was put at the head of the grave, which now may be seen near the Third avenue entrance to the cemetery.

Since his identity was unknown at the time, a nameless gravestone with only " Rope Walker " marks the spot where he was buried. Rachel Mae had witnessed the tragedy as a girl.

As reported in the Tuesday, February 25, Corsicana Daily Sun , most of the details of this story were related by Rachel Mae London , West Sixth avenue, daughter of the late Max London, the record keeper, who as a girl, was an eye-witness to the tragedy.

Moses Berg was about 43 years old at the time of his death other reports claim he was Moses Berg kam am Er hatte vier Schwestern: Elisabetha, Johannette, Wilhelmina und Maria. De Houne fall from tightrope Professor Berg link link link. LeTort was born in as Joseph H. He died in poverty on November 22, in Svendborg, Denmark.

There was also a magician named Niels Edvard Jacobsen who was born in and in took the stage name "LeTort". There is speculation that the two magicians met in and Niels Edvard Jacobsen bought some of Joseph H. Le Tort 's props and even his name, which was not an uncommon practice at the time.

Norra Tivoli, Norrtullsgatan, Stockholm med Bils. Bartlay Letort Timeline Norra Tivoli , Norrtullsgatan, Stockholm med Bils.

Stockholm until Feb 1. Sweden Stockholm 27 december Sweden med avstickare till Norge Hotel de Russie, Helsinki Finland Denmark with Danish magician F. He started poor, and after military service, began studying hatmaking with a hatmaker in Copenhagen.

In , he may have met up with magician Professor Joseph H. Le Tort and bought some of his props. In , Niels Edvard Jacobsen got married, and upon his first child's birth in , he gave up his hatmaking occupation for the life of an artist.

By Jacobsen was working as a sword swallower his seven swords are preserved in a collection. In Jacobsen requested from the king that he be allowed to take the name "LeTort". At first he was known as Niels Edvard Jacobsen Letort. There was also a magician named Professor Joseph H. Le Tort who was born in and performed in before dieing in Swedborg Denmark on November 22 There is speculation that the two magicians met in , and Niels Jacobsen got to buy some of Joseph H.

In , Niels Jacobsen LeTort showed a banner at a fair, and at this point became a sideshow tent owner. In he displayed a giant woman, and in he traveled around with a "hairy woman", but he also continued to work as a magician. In , he and his wife were divorced. The County government oversees and administers the following areas of responsibility:. Before , two freeholders from each township were elected annually to serve on the board. However, as this became unwieldy in the late 19th Century during the era of Boroughitis and the creation of hundreds of new municipalities, the State Legislature chose to reorganize the size of county freeholder boards to an odd number between three and nine members.

The size of the board was a reflection of the county's population. As Sussex County was rural and among the least populated counties in the state, for the next 80 years, Sussex County's Board of Chosen Freeholders consisted of three elected members. The board increased from three to five members as of January 1, , based on the results of a referendum.

Sussex County is part of two Congressional Districts: Wirths R, Hardyston Township. Sussex County is a predominantly Republican area, as among registered voters, affiliations with the Republican Party outpace those of the Democratic Party by a ratio of about five to two.

In the U. Presidential election , George W. Bush carried the county by a The southeast corner of Sussex County is represented by Rodney Frelinghuysen. As of March 23, , there were a total of 98, registered voters in Sussex, of which 16, There were voters registered to other parties. In the presidential election , Republican Mitt Romney received 40, votes here Bush received 44, votes here In the gubernatorial election , Republican Chris Christie received 31, votes here Municipalities that do not have their own police departments have services provided by the New Jersey State Police.

One of the primary responsibilities of the New Jersey State Police is to provide police services to these rural towns, for which the municipality is assessed an annual fee paid to the state government [] Troop B of the New Jersey State Police operates a Sussex station located on Route in Augusta.

The other 13 municipalities are rural and rely on State Police coverage. Sussex County has one daily newspaper, the New Jersey Herald , which is published six days each week Sunday through Friday. Its headquarters, and production facilities are located in Newton, New Jersey. It was for most of its existence published once per week. It's Sunday edition, the New Jersey Sunday Herald , was first published on June 11, , and for the next few years it was published twice weekly.

In , after a sale to American Newspapers, Inc. Today, its content includes coverage of local news and sporting events chiefly those in Sussex County and printing selected articles from the Associated Press covering state, national and international events. Service Electric also offers broadband Internet and telephone services through two partner companies, PenTeleData and Ironton Telephone.

It offers two free Public Service Announcements or event advertisements for free to non-profit organizations in Sussex and Warren Counties. It is recognized for providing Korean language programming in the New York metropolitan area but also offers English-language programs.

Before , it operated an analog transmission on virtual channel 63 UHF but has converted to broadcasting its signal on digital channel Sussex County is served largely by radio stations in the New York City metropolitan area. Adult contemporary , Classic rock , and Stations nearby include Sussex County is served by a number of roads connecting it to the rest of the state and to both Pennsylvania and New York. According to the county government, "a vast majority of residents who use single occupant vehicles to travel outside the county for employment.

Thus, the demand for public transportation in the county is minimal. As of [update] , the county had a total of 1, Route a mile south of the village center. As of [update] , Sussex County's sole operating railroad line is dedicated to freight service in Sparta, Vernon and Hardyston townships. NJ Transit is planning to re-open commuter service through the Lackawanna Cut-Off route which passes through Andover and Green Townships in the southern part of the county.

Service from a planned station in Andover into New York City and Hoboken is scheduled to begin in There are four general aviation public-use airports in Sussex County that cater to recreational pilots. Before , Sussex County had over school districts. Most of these districts were in rural townships that each had several districts—each district operating a one-room schoolhouse that served their small neighborhoods. During the forty-year tenure — of County School Superintendent Ralph Decker, the local government began to consolidate these small districts into larger municipality-wide or regional school districts.

The public school system in Sussex County offers a "thorough and efficient" education for children between the ages of five and eighteen years grades K—12 , as required by state constitution , [] through nine local and regional public high school districts, and twenty public primary or elementary school districts.

Because of its distance from other county high schools and the higher costs of busing students one of those locations, Montague Township the northernmost municipality in the state sends most of its middle school grades 7—8 and high school students grades 9—12 to Port Jervis, New York for schooling.

However, in , Montague began exploring alternatives that would involve keeping their students in-state by sending them to High Point Regional High School in neighboring Wantage Township. Several of the county's schools are highly ranked by both state and federal education departments ; some of which have achieved the U. SCCC was authorized as a "college commission" in and began operations the following year. However, declining enrollment and financial difficulties forced the school to close.

New Jersey ranks fifth in the nation in revenues generated from tourism. Local dairy farmers have had to adapt to a declining milk and dairy industry and reacclimate to changing economic conditions by seeking new sources of revenue.

Many Sussex County farms offer corn field mazes, "u-pick" or "pick your own" fruits and vegetables—especially for apples , strawberries , pumpkins and Christmas trees during their respective harvest seasons. New Jersey's wine industry has benefited from the recent easing of state alcohol licensing laws and from new promotional and marketing programs offered by the state's Department of Agriculture. Of the state's 46 licensed wineries , Sussex County is home to three: In the s, Vernon Township became a location for skiing and winter sports.

Sussex County has one large venue for professional sports, Skylands Stadium , a 4,seat baseball stadium located in the Augusta section of Frankford Township near the intersection of U.

Louis Cardinals franchise in They had one other winning season in and in the owners sold the team—which was then moved to University Park, Pennsylvania and renamed the State College Spikes.

The team were League Champions during the season. The team ceased operations after the season. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Geography of New Jersey. List of municipalities in Sussex County, New Jersey. Presidential elections results [] Year Republican Democratic Third parties List of Sussex County, New Jersey fire departments. Crime in New Jersey. List of newspapers in New Jersey. List of television stations in New Jersey. List of radio stations in New Jersey. Transportation in New Jersey.

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The Board expanded from three members to five members effective January 1, , pursuant to voter approval. Accessed October 26, About , Sussex County Clerk. Koch is the chief law enforcement officer of Sussex County. Nominate for appointment Francis A. Accessed February 27, Accessed January 5, Accessed January 26, Accessed October 7, Accessed January 22, Accessed August 31, Under current state guidelines for rural communities, the Stillwater committee does not expect to pay for New Jersey State Police coverage.

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