Serendipity (Final Fantasy XIII-2)

For example, if a player puts down two 3s in the Showdown, they must place two coins at the 3 position. Virsalus View Profile View Posts. The only place I could see it being useful is if you were having bad luck with the rare weapon drops in the steppes but I've managed to grab multiple sets of the weapons now just from the 5 star bonus. This frag you must win 10, coins by gambling either with Slots or Chocobo Races! ZaXoFF7 , Apr 2, In the morning, if you have won 10, coins and Lucky Coin fragment, well and good. Keep me logged in on this device.

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Final Fantasy 13-2 Serendipitous Guide – Slot Machines and Chocobo Racing

I have the machine on "its a hot summer day" Still cant seem to win. Did they break the slot machines for the pc release? Showing 1 - 15 of 36 comments. Wonder if cheat engine can slow down the slots enough to cheat at it? Virsalus View Profile View Posts.

RNG is at it again it seems. Random will be random I'm afraid. I wonder when developers finally learn that bad luck does exist and is a major turn off for anyone experiencing it.

I understand the need for RNG to get some variance into certain aspects of the game, but for god's sake, videogames should not feel like gambling. Developers need to wake up to that reality and implement some sort of cut off for ridiculous RNG induced streaks of bad luck.

As for your problem, try closing the Serendipity gate and enter it while the gate is closed. I don't know if it's true but some people say the first time you enter which is the state of the area you enter with a closed gate you get a "beginner's luck" bonus which supposedly slightly increases your chances of winning. Might as well try that. Originally posted by Virsalus:.

There is a potential to hit a row of microchus in Super Victory Mode and get a maximum pay-out of 50, coins. The slot machine is based on luck and it is impossible to manipulate the slot machine by trying to aim the reels. Though, having the Eternal Crystal item in the player's inventory stops the slot machines from ever having the mood with the worst odds. The slot machine has the best chance of winning when the attendant in front of it says "It's like a hot summer's day".

To have the best odds, the player should keep entering the Historia Crux and talking to the attendant until they get her to say either of these phrases. If she states "That machine's on fire! The game gives an auto-play option, and one way to win coins with minimal effort is to use a rubber band on the controller to permanently push the button that puts the slot machine on autoplay, and let the machine work until enough coins have been won.

Serendipity Poker is one of the two card games unlocked with the downloadable content episode "Heads or Tails? Only Sazh can participate in this card game. The game works in the same way as in standard poker, where players can stake Casino Coins if they think they have a better hand than the other players, or bluff in an attempt to make the other players think they have a better hand than they actually possess.

The player Sazh and three computer-controlled players start the game. First the player must choose a buy-in amount of either 1,, 10, or , Casino Coins subject to funds available. Depending on the buy-in amount, a standard bet is worth 10, or 1, coins respectively. At the start of each game players are designated the following roles: At any time in the game should all but one player fold, the remaining player also wins all the coins in the pot. The following table shows the possible hands in Serendipity Poker, in ascending order of strength.

Should there be more than one player with the same type of hand, the hand with the highest number within the hand will win the game, with the Ace as the highest ranked card except in a Straight of A, 2, 3, 4, 5. Should the hands be identical, if the players have a pocket card that is unused in the hand known as the kicker , the player with the highest kicker wins the game. If this does not separate the players, the players will take an equal share of the pot. Once a player loses all their Casino Coins in their buy-in stack, they are considered bust and must leave the table.

When three players are bust, the remaining player wins a bonus 2,, 20, or , Casino Coins depending on the initial buy-in amount. This means a player can obtain up to six times their investment by winning all the other players' Casino Coins and receiving the bonus payout. The player can also leave the table at any time, and their stack will be added to the player's Casino Coin total. Chronobind is the other card game unlocked with the downloadable content episode "Heads or Tails?

Chronobind is played using a standard deck of 52 playing cards, and a "clock" with one hand and thirteen positions numbered 1 through 13 clockwise. To begin a session of Chronobind, the player must first Buy-In with 1k, 10k, or k coins. Depending on the amount chosen, all bets in the session will be made in increments of 60, , or coins, respectively.

Once the player Buys-In, the first game begins. At any time between games, the player can walk away with their current winnings, but if they have the most winnings at the table when a player busts, the session automatically ends, and the player will earn a substantial amount of coins equal to double the buy-in amount on top of their current winnings. In each game, players make increasing bets with each round that passes, represented by four equal Stacks of coins.

The goal of the game is to strategically bide time, then swoop in when the pot is large enough. The longer one waits, the more one stands to win In the Draw phase, each player draws cards until they have five in their hand, and then choose cards to play from their hand. Each player may put down either a single card or multiple cards of a single rank. For instance, if the player has a hand of , they may play a single 3, both 3s, a 4, a 5, or an 8.

Playing multiple cards in a round does not increase their value; however, there are other benefits to doing so. In the Showdown phase, all players reveal their chosen cards. The player with the highest ranking card or cards wins the Showdown.

If two or more players tie for the highest ranking card, no one wins the Showdown. In the Clock phase, if there was a winner in the previous Showdown, the following steps take place:. Finally, in the Bind phase, all players must "bind" one coin to the clock positions for each card they played in the Showdown.

For example, if a player puts down two 3s in the Showdown, they must place two coins at the 3 position. As the deck used is a standard deck of 52 cards, the maximum number of bindings any position can have is four. The game ends either when one player chooses to "clockout" or the dealer runs out of cards in the Draw phase. When the game ends by a player choosing to "clockout", they win all of the coins bound to the clock, plus part or all of the coins wagered by the other players, depending on how many coins are bound to the clock hand's current position.

If the game ends as a result of the dealer running out of cards, all wagers are returned to their respective players, but the coins bound to the clock are taken by the house. Motomu Toriyama has confirmed that the resemblance to the Gold Saucer is intentional, with the camera view set at a distance rather than following the characters closely.

The fal'Cie itself, or perhaps a copy of it, is still present though only visible during a cutscene in Sazh's episode. The theme "Serendipity" plays in the main areas. Lucky Coin you can win if you win over 7 casino coins only. Just use slots to get Lucky Coin, or as a past time! If don't get Serendipity go onto Chocobo Races! After getting chaos crystalStarted with about 10k down to 8, the back up to 24,got around 28,xxx a few days later.

Use this pattern if you want to reset the slot machine's pattern if you don't like the results or if the 7's.. I spent 2 hours today manually trying to get the lucky coin fragment. With Silver Chocobo just "google ffxiii-2 silver chocobo"lucky-coin-fragment-one-sittinghttp: The name comes from the letter of Horace Walpole to Horace Mann in which Walpole mentions that he read a book about the Three Princes of Serendip where accident caused fortune to those who weren't looking for it, and this "accident" he calls "serendipity".

In the Japanese version the location is called Xanadu. Italian explorer Marco Polo is widely believed to have visited Xanadu in In the poem, Xanadu is constructed as a paradisaical garden isolated by walls. Sep 11, 0 Comment. The AI event of the year for growth marketers.

The best in AI. An invite-only executive event. The Last Remnant Long ago, the world was filled with Remnants mysterious artifacts from an ancient civilization. Infinite Undiscovery Mistaken for a renowned hero, Capell is thrust into a conflict to sever the chains that bind the moon to his world.

Fable III Fans new and returning will now embark on an epic adventure, where the race for the crown is only the beginning of yo How to get A Lucky Coin Fragment - YouTube Very weird glitch that I came across while playing the slot machines in FFXIII-2I would put my 5 coins in, stop the last frame first, the first frame second, and the middle frame last and 9 times out of ten I would get a chocobo at the top of the first frame and a chocobo in the middle for the second and third frame.

After getting chaos crystalStarted with about 10k down to 8, the back up to 24,got around 28,xxx a few days later 1 Jun

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