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They are very similar to Match Play in that the goal is to earn the most points. However, this mode can be played by players, and rather than having a set point goal, the player with the most points after a set number of holes wins. This mode does not support simultaneous play. Castle Club is a story mode where the player's Mii tackles different tournaments similar to the story modes from previous handheld Mario Golf games.

The building is the Mushroom Kingdom counterpart to real-life golf country clubs. To the left and right of the entrance are the boys' and girls' locker rooms respectively. At the center of the lobby are two staircases leading to the basement, where the player can enter regional and world tournaments and ask the purple Toad for advice on golf terminology.

To the left of the doorway to the Castle Club's exterior is the boutique, where the player's Mii is able to use Coins to buy equipment that will affect its stats, such as drive distance and shot trajectory, similar to the Mii customization feature in Mario Tennis Open.

Above the boutique is the Royal Room, where most of the Mario playable characters can be met. Located opposite the boutique is the gym, and on top of that is the trophy room. Just outside the Castle Club is the Caddie Master's booth where the player can sign up for a handicap tournament.

After completing that, the player will be allowed to compete in tournaments, located on the Forest Course , the Seaside Course , and the Mountain Course in that order. To the left of the Caddie Master's booth is the Royal Garden, which has pipes leading to the six Mario World courses, and a passageway to the Royal Room. Entering these pipes will put the player in a practice round on any of the courses, where the player uses the front tees, starts out with a few items and can grab more from Item Boxes around the course, and hits the ball through coins that appear as well.

At the far left of this garden is an aura which will summon Kamek when the player approaches it. After all three course championships are won, Costume Challenges will begin appearing in the Royal Garden, where players can unlock costumes by completing objectives such as collecting a certain amount of coins, finishing in a short period of time, and beating a target score using Club Slots, all on Mario World courses.

Unlike in Quick Round, where the challenges only cover three specific holes and the front or back tees are used, Costume Challenges take place on all nine holes and tournament tees are used.

To the right of the main course entrances is an area with entrances to training grounds where players can take a golf tutorial no gate and practice their drives purple gate , approaches blue gate , and putts green gate.

The practice sessions come in different levels, and the goal is get the ball as close to the pin as possible -- or even sink the ball -- to earn practice points. Succeeding 20 times in the training games each for drives, approaches, and putts will give the player costumes of Bee Mario , Cloud Mario , and Boomerang Mario respectively.

Past the practice grounds is the entrance to Sky Island , where the player takes on the One-On, One-Putt challenge, which requires the player to get the ball onto the green in one shot, then putt that ball in the next for nine consecutive holes.

If the ball misses the green or just lands on the fringe, or the putt is missed at any point, the challenge is failed.

Upon completion, the course will be unlocked and a hole version can be played in Castle Club in its stead. Taking the One-On, One-Putt challenge again and clearing all 18 holes will award the player with a Propeller Mario costume. Hosted by a blue Toad, this is primarily where players can purchase downloadable content. Records for each game mode, including the number of eagles, albatrosses, and holes-in-one made, can also be viewed here.

Players can also visit this booth to learn how to play the game, and see a glossary of golf terminology. World Tour features a variety of online tournaments for players to take part in.

They can either be made by Nintendo with golf gear as participation prizes barring DLC tournaments , by other players from across the world in the form of Private Tournaments, or made by Callaway Golf in partnership with Nintendo.

SpotPass must be turned on for tournaments to be entered. After playing through a tournament, the player must upload their score in order for it to be ranked by score then order of submission in the leaderboard which can be viewed at any time during the tournament period. Tournaments can be played an infinite amount of times until the deadline has been met, allowing for continuous improvement of a player's score. Most tournaments last for two weeks, those on downloadable courses are one week long, and major tournaments last for almost a month.

Gaining a trophy in certain regional or worldwide tournaments will allow the player to enter one of four yearly major worldwide tournaments such as the Castle Tournament or Star Open that reward the player with a more impressive trophy and a larger coin payout.

Trophies earned from Regional and World Tournaments in the Castle Club appear on the shelf at the back of the trophy hall a maximum of ten normal trophies can be on display at any one time , and trophies from major tournaments appear in the glass display towards the center of the room. Gold trophies appear beside the screen in the middle, silver ones are seen farther from it, and bronze ones are placed at the far sides of the hall.

World tournament trophies appear towards the middle and those for regional tournaments are placed at the sides. The higher the end ranking the player got in a tournament, the closer to the middle its trophy is placed.

In the Castle Club's basement, the player's Mii can go into a pipe on the red entry machine to join Regional Tournaments. These restrict participants to those in the chosen region s. The clothing prizes for these tournaments are obtained individually, and are themed after the playable characters not the downloadable ones , and some enemies and items.

Additionally, Callaway Golf has teamed up with Nintendo to produce Callaway-based regional tournaments, which will give the players sponsored Callaway Gear for the Mii to equip during the tournaments and to keep afterwards. On the other side of the Castle Club's basement, the blue entry machine has a pipe leading to World Tournaments, which pit the player against the whole world.

The clothing prizes for these tournaments are earned in complete sets and designed like Nintendo gaming devices and themed after the major tournaments.

Major tournaments are like the expert tournaments, only that the flight path is turned on. Four of these happen every year. In these tournaments, the holes are played in the regular order. The World Championship takes place on all three courses at once, six holes being played on for each course, and the holes are done in a mixed order. In addition to Castle Club Tournaments, Nintendo has also created Mario Open tournaments which allow the use of Mario characters, and are played on Mario World courses and downloadable courses.

Tournaments in this category cover nine holes, so on the downloadable courses, either the front nine or back nine are played on. All of these tournaments are world tournaments, but they award pieces of clothing for the Mii in the same way as the regional tournaments. Mario Open tournaments are stroke-play or coin-collecting tournaments, and when there are no item restrictions, players start out with three different items. Fixed-character tournaments limit players to using a specific character, and that character is not allowed to have a star rank.

In limited-item tournaments, players can only use a particular item, and they start out with five of it.

Players can also make their own unofficial Mario Open tournaments under rules of their choice for other players to enjoy.

Starts May 2, and downloads new courses and characters as they are released. Dream Team to have a publicly released demo for download. The demo was later released in North America on April It uses blocks when downloaded and offers ten uses fifteen for the North American demo.

The demo lets the player go through a tutorial covering camera and shot control or play through either holes 1, 2, and 3 of Seaside Course , holes 1, 2, and 6 of Wiggler Park , and holes 1, 5, and 6 of Yoshi Lake. The only playable characters available are Mario , Peach , Yoshi , and Bowser.

World Tour has received generally positive reviews among critics. IGN gave the game a score of 8. They praised the game's learning curve, training options, large quantity of unlockables, and multiplayer, but criticized the map in Castle Club, saying it was "confusing".

Word Tour favorably to Mario Tennis Open. He praised the attention to detail that gives the game its charm, such as in Castle Club as well as its reasonable skill curve that allows both novice and expert players to enjoy the game. World Tour currently averages a score of 78 out of a possible on Metacritic. World Tour , the exclamation marks are missing from the animation for Birdie , Eagle , and Albatross. One is present in the Hole-in-One animation, however.

The character select screen also has multiple differences in the distance for each character, as the letters size vary for different versions, with the PAL letters being bigger than the NTSC letters. In some pre-release screenshots, the animations for " Birdie " or " Bogey " had orange circles and letters, whereas in the final game, they're blue. The letters and wording was also different in the final version, with different colors, fonts and sizes.

Many holes where different, either moved or changed completely. Dark transparent boxes were also added behind the wording of certain course information, and some things were moved to different parts of the screen. World Tour was created by staff at both Camelot and Nintendo, with localization teams from both Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe also involved, the latter organization involving sixteen translators to bring the game to a variety of languages.

Both Shigeru Miyamoto and Koji Kondo were involved as supervisors. Finally, while she was not listed in the game's credits, Kerri Kane portrayed Rosalina via recycled and previously unused voice clips from her earlier work on Mario Kart 7. Please upload all related music, sound effects, voice clips, or any videos for this section. See the help page for information on how to get started. Ads keep the MarioWiki independent and free: Retrieved from " https: Articles that need more media Mario Golf: In other languages Deutsch Italiano.

May 1, May 1, May 2, May 2, May 3, Freezes terrain to allow the ball to bounce multiple times. This item also works on water, but not on lava. Turns the ball into a Bullet Bill and blasts it in a straight line. Ignores wind and greatly increases maximum distance. Has the same effect as the Fire Flower, plus gives the player coins for every yard the ball travels.

A course located near a beach with a similar appearance to Blooper Bay. A course set in the sky, where clouds, Para-Beetles , and Jumbo Rays can be seen. All holes are par 3. A Peach's Castle -themed course with pink greens, fairways, and roughs. A course with many pools of standing water, resembling Yoshi's Woolly World and some levels of Yoshi's Story.

A flower garden course with a Big Goomba and other giant characters. An underwater course with Cheep Cheeps and other marine creatures. A Bowser-themed course, with many Thwomps and Bob-ombs which will explode if contacted.

Toad Highlands from Mario Golf , updated with improved music and graphics. Koopa Park from Mario Golf , updated with improved music and graphics. An opponent that makes mistakes frequently, such as making mis-hits, having bad putting and incorrect reading of the green. An opponent that makes mistakes but doesn't do so too often, being able to get out of rough easily on occasion. Toadette takes up the clubs in the first DLC pack for the game. You'll also get two brand new courses to play: This is a really helpful feature, especially for beginners, and means that you will have every opportunity to get three in a row!

Click the Reset button and the auto hold facility will be released for the next spin. The autoplay function is great to prevent you having to keep clicking every time you want to spin. Autoplay offers a smooth and seamless gaming experience for as long as you want.

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